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Nick Kendell

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Region: I would love to hear from interested teachers living in Australia and New Zealand, or international teachers (not previously registered with Search Associates). Email me today (use icon above) to find out how I can help you achieve your dream of teaching overseas.

Fair Organizer: Melbourne, Australia

Nick Kendell is the Senior Associate for Australia and New Zealand. Nick has also taken over the organization and running of the Australasian Fair in January each year. Nick started his international teaching career in 1995 and has since worked across 3 different continents. He began at the Hong Kong International School where he held a variety of positions in the Upper and Lower Primary schools. After spending 9 1/2 years in Hong Kong, Nick moved back to Australia to take up a Deputy Principal role at Scotch Oakburn College in Launceston, Tasmania. After 4 1/2 years in this role, Nick moved to Cairo in 2008 to become the Head of Primary at the New Cairo British International School. He completed his time in Cairo and returned to Australia in July 2011.

Nick and his wife Paula (also a teacher) run the Australasian Search office and together they bring the experience of over 25 years in international schools.

With his very recent experience as a school administrator, Nick provides a unique perspective to the Search team and will be a valuable resource to both candidates and schools.

All candidates previously registered with Rob Graham (or Gavin Allen) who wish to re-register with Search should contact Nick's team at


Paula Kendell, Executive Assistant

Paula Kendell worked in Hong Kong at Hong Kong International School in a variety of teaching roles, the most recent of which was as a Physical Education Teacher for Students from Reception to Year 2. 

Paula was then invited to coordinate a 4 year old program at a prestigious British Kindergarten in Repulse Bay, Hong Kong. 

After having two children of her own, Paula designed and operated her own private play school in Hong Kong for children aged 18 months to 3 years. 

On her return to Tasmania Paula worked as an Early Childhood teacher and music specialist for Kindergarten children in a school that utilised the Reggio Emilia approach to education.

Her most recent role in Cairo was as a PYP classroom teacher in a British International School. Paula taught Reception age children for 3 years and worked on the development of a Literacy strategy for Early Childhood Education.

Paula provides a very realistic view of life internationally and she is willing to offer advice, counsel and share her wealth of experience with candidates and schools. Her experience and expertise in many different educational settings and her love of learning, enable her to fit easily into the Search Associates team

Together, the Kendell's committment to personalised service and their recent experiences in schools make them an ideal couple to run the Australian and New Zealand branch of Search Associates

Office: 613 63311692

Should I attend a job fair? 

Many candidates like to attend job fairs to meet multiple schools in one place at one time and possibly walk away with a job offer in hand.

If it's possible for you to attend a job fair, we recommend joining a Search Associates Fair so that you can meet recruiters in person. During a face to face interview, you can make connections with recruiters face to face and really get a feel for the school and the people who work there.


These fairs account for approximately 45% of total Search placements. 

Before requesting an invitation to a fair:
  1. Check that your file is 'ACTIVE' and complete - all your tabs are blue; that you have read and signed the agreement and contractual obligation, and check that your date of availability is correct. Our job is to help you present your file in the most effective manner.
  2. Your photo creates an immediate impression. Make sure you have one as recruiters like to be able to put a face to a name. Use a head and shoulders shot, with a plain background in great lighting and wear professional work clothes.
  3. Let me know via email if you may be interested in attending any fairs - indicating interest on your application is not a request.

  4. Fair invitation requests can be made now.

  5. Late applications will be considered on a case by case basis. A Request for an invitation may be declined if the fair organiser's criteria is not fulfilled, primarily to ensure that teachers do not waste their time or money attending a fair which may not suit their qualifications/circumstances or result in an interview.

  6. Spring fairs in Bangkok and London are open to all active teachers and invitations can be requested in the coming months.


Choosing a Fair

We find that teachers from Australia/ New Zealand quite often attend one of the following fairs-



  • Traditionally this fair is by far the most successful in terms of percentages of candidates being offered positions. 
  • Recruiters come to this fair expecting to find exceptional teachers who are passionate educators. 
  • Those with previous International experience and IB, MYP, PYP experience are in high demand. (If you are currently overseas and coming home for the holidays, we recommend attending this fair as you will have a unique set of skills and experiences that are valued by recruiters)



  • Experienced international educators only!

  • This fair is extremely competitive and teachers need to fulfil a number of requirements to qualify for an invitation.

  • Please register your interest in the fair via your DASHBOARD by the end of September

  • Singles or teaching couples with international IB experience preferred. Invitations will be offered firstly to active candidates who teach high demand subjects and who fulfil the fair organiser criteria.

  • Invitations will continue to be offered up until the fair is closed. (Note: Last years fair filled by October).

  • If you cancel after December 20th, 2015, that will be counted as using you free fair attendance.

  • This is a highly competitive Fair. There may be other Fair options that suit you better.

  • If you accept a place at the fair and decide to cancel, your place cannot be offered to another candidate. Please

    choose thoughtfully.

  • Candidates will only be invited to attend the Bangkok January fair if we consider that they match the needs of recruiters who will be at the fair and stand a real chance of receiving offers.


  • This fair is extremely competitive and teachers need to fulfil a number of requirements to qualify for an invitation.

  • Candidates with international school experience may request an invitation to attend this fair. Exceptions to this guideline are listed below.Those who succeed in obtaining positions typically have taught any of the International Baccalaureate (IB) Programmes, the British International Curriculum - the International Primary Curriculum (IPC), the International Middle Years Curriculum (IMYC), IGCSE, and International A Level.

  • Teachers lacking this experience can sometimes be successful if they offer shortage expertise as first choice - Chemistry, Physics, Early Childhood, Counselors, Elementary Music, Elementary PE, Technology Integrators.

  • This oversubscribed job fair fills up quickly. Registration by October is recommended.


    When you register with Search Associates, an invitation to a job fair is included in the registration fee. Please be aware that there is a US$75 charge for each subsequent fair attendance. Payment is required before an invitation can be issued. A full refund will be given if you cancel prior to the fair organisers cut off date. 

NOT attending a fair?


As technology improves, we are finding that more placements are occurring with the aid of the DATABASE-  teachers applying directly to schools and vice versa, and SKYPE.

Applying to schools directly through the data base:


The daily bulletins that you receive as an active candidate list all new positions as they arise. If you wish to apply for any of these positions you should email the specific school. Please be personal and address the principal of a large school or the director of a smaller school by name. Do not use “To whom it may concern”. The school email address will be listed in the school pages in the database.


Go to the website; 

Enter your username and password and click ‘Submit’. Please check your date of availability on the next page. (If you click that you are 'Not Available' your file will automatically go back into the ‘Inactive’ part of our database – and you will have to email us so we can make you active again).




On the school’s information page there is a 'Send Email' button. Click on that and you can send a letter of application to the school. This automatically comes to us and to the school. You can let them know you are interested in a particular job and point them to the database to retrieve your files. Or you can email them from your personal email account – but please copy us in on the email if you are doing this.

Try to be personal and stand out. Avoid the use of generic emails. When contacting a school via email, please consider the following:

*Address the principal or director by name.

*State your name and that you are a Search Associates candidate registered with the Nick Kendell branch of Search Associates.

*State the vacancy that interests you and why you are a fit with the job and the school. (Maximum 2 sentences)

*Outline your qualification and experience as it pertains to getting you the school and the job. (Maximum 2 sentences)

*State which fair (if any), you will attend, and your availability for a Skype interview.

*Mention the name of the school in the email.

*Add something personal that will stand out from the hundreds of mails they are receiving. Why do you want to work there? What can you offer them? Make sure you have done your research on the schools to which you are applying.

*Always copy us in on the email.



Please respond, even if you are NOT interested.

There are some schools who will ask you to fill in a completely separate application through either their own online management tool, or through a company such as Schrole or Hybridge. Unfortunately, while we see this an unnecessary doubling up, there are a few schools who are insistent and in these cases if you really wish to follow through with the application you may need to comply. If you are not sure you can always alert schools that you have an active file with Search Associates and welcome them to view you online profile through the Search Database.

Skype Interviews- 15 tips to get you ready.

Some of you may have been Skyping friends and family for years, especially if you have been living overseas for a while. Other will barely know how to log on! The main thing is to get up to speed with the whole process BEFORE you’re under pressure to interview as well. Embrace this technology because it will make communicating overseas a whole lot easier. Practice makes perfect!

Before your interview -

1. Write down everything you want to say. Skype and phone interviews afford you a great opportunity to have a few “cheat notes.” This includes highlights of your career, teaching philosophy, the difference that you have made to kids’ lives, etc. Then try to weave this into the conversation. As you do this, make sure you tick it off your list. Also, have some information about the school and have some questions to ask. Whether they be about the country or about the time-tabling of your subject or whatever else are big picture items.

2. Be yourself. Recruiters want a sincere person who will get on well with others and get on with the job with a minimum of fuss. They love people with a “can do” attitude.

3. Try to relax! Call a friend or family member before your interview and just chat. It will help you appear less nervous during your interview. This also gives you a chance to check your Skype connection, microphone volume and lighting in your room. If you do experience technical difficulties, ask if the recruiter would like you to turn your camera off for a few minutes. (Don't forget to include your Skype address on your correspondence). 

4. Dress up. Like with any interview you may have, your interviewer will expect you to look professional. Something conservative and simple works well. Also, make sure your don't just dress from the waist up. You never know if you might have to stand up or walk across the room to get something!

5. Set the mood. Turn off your cell phone and lock your door so no one can come in and distract you. If you wear glasses, you may want to turn down the brightness of your monitor to avoid unwanted reflections. Make sure that you are the only living object in view. Let people in your home know what’s happening and ask them to stay away! Also think about the lighting in the room at the time of day you will be interviewing. Try setting up two lights either side of your computer for the most evenly lit and flattering effect.

6. Look straight into your computer camera when speaking. Some people have the habit of looking at their own picture when they are talking instead of into the camera. This gives the impression that the candidate is not making eye contact with the interviewer. Looking straight into the camera makes you appear more confident. When the interview starts, take a moment to check you look OK, then focus on looking at the camera.

7. Body Language. Make sure that the camera shows your upper body, including your hands. A lot of communication and understanding comes from non- verbal cues. Remember to use good posture.

8. Sound strong and slow down. A USB connected headset can improve voice quality. Also allow for any delay. Wait for the interviewer to stop speaking before you answer.

9. Know your interviewer's name and use it. This gives that personal touch.

10. Make sure you answer the question that is being asked. If you don't understand the question, ask your interviewer to repeat it. Answering interview questions with clarity is imperative to landing your dream job!

11. Ask questions that are school specific. This lets the interviewer know that you have done your homework and researched their school. A school wants to hire teachers that want to be at THEIR school, not people who want a job wherever they can get one.

12. Give your interviewer a chance to brag. Ask your interviewer what they like best about their school and the region or area of the school. This gives them a chance to talk about positive things...that leaves a lasting impression and a really good feeling when they think back on the interview.

13. As the interview is finishing up - ask the question, “Is there anything that I have mentioned today that you would like me to clarify?” It gives recruiters a chance to revisit topics with you.

14. Make sure your Skype call is disconnected at the end of the interview. Summarising the interview to a friend when your Skype is still connected could be quite embarrassing!

15. Send a follow-up email the day after your interview. Include a ‘thank you’ as well as confirmation that you are the perfect candidate for the job.

Good luck and remember that should everything go pear shaped, it was good practice for the next interview....


Please email US if a school has contacted you and requested an interview. We are here to help!


Each year Nick conducts free seminars in various locations around the region.

These Seminars are an ideal way to find out more about Search Associates and also about living and teaching in International Schools.

Interviews are held following the seminars to meet candidates individually, in order to get to know them and be able to recommend them personally to recruiters.

Recruitment fairs are held once a year in Melbourne, Australia. Recruiters from around the world fly in to interview candidates for existing vacancies.

NOTE:  Attendance at an information seminar and an individual interview are usually a prerequisite to attending the Recruitment Fair in Australia or New Zealand, and candidates must be fully registered to be invited.

Please contact Nick to find out more -

2015 Seminar Dates 
Seminars will be subject to sufficient numbers in attendance


Eventbrite - International School Teaching Overseas Seminar- Christchurch 2015

July 16, 2015
July 16- 17, 2015


Eventbrite - International School Teaching Overseas Seminar- Auckland 2015

July 18, 2015  July 18- 19, 2015 


 Hobart Eventbrite - International School Teaching Overseas Seminar- Tasmania 2015  29 August, 2015  August 29 - 30, 2015


Eventbrite - International School Teaching Overseas Seminar- Sydney

 21 September, 2015  September 21-22, 2015


Eventbrite - International School Teaching Overseas Seminar- Brisbane

 23 September, 2015  September 23-24, 2015


Eventbrite - International School Teaching Overseas Seminar- Melbourne 2015

30 September, 2015
30 September, 2015 and October 1st, 2015


Search Associates Australia/New Zealand News:

Nick will be attending the following conferences and job Fairs. He would love you to stop by if you will also be in the area.

EARCOS Conference (East Asia Regional Council of Schools) October 29-31,2015 Bangkok, Thailand

Search Leadership Fair- Bangkok, November 13th to 15th in Bangkok, Thailand.

Search Bangkok Fair- January 8-11, 2016

Nick will also be visiting schools in Hong Kong, Singapore and Macau over the coming months. If you are currently teaching in these countries and would like to touch base with Nick, please contact him at


Candidate News: We would love to post your stories on our facebook site in order to help educate other candidates about different countries and schools. If you would like to contribute, please email us with some details of your experiences and include a photo if possible. There are some examples to look at already, but basics would include information about relocation, school, local environment/ people and staff. If you are already writing a blog, we can simply upload it.

The cost of registering with Search Associates is US $225. GST will be added for teachers living in Australia

We advise using Bank Transfer (no transfer fees within Australia) or credit card (phone: +61 3 63311692). PayPal is available below. Their fees of 2.6% - 3.6% are included under 'shipping and handling.' Please note: Overseas teachers - If your PayPal account is set as an Australian PayPal account, you will automatically be charged GST. 

Bank transfer : ANZ Bank ($300 AUD).

Account Name: Search Associates Australia/New Zealand Pty Ltd.

BSB: 017042 Account number: 261384794

Please put your NAME IN THE MESSAGE and send us an email with the Transfer Reference number.

Pay Pal:

Partner function- name:
Registration for 2nd fair
Registration - Currently NOT residing in Australia.
Australian Registration
This is a thank you note Search Associates and specifically, a 'you are amazing note' for Nick Kendell. I would like to say that, from the very first time I spoke to Nick which was in between flights on his way back from Cairo ( he had had not even reach Australian soil), he was gentleman of his word, he was sincere, and had great integrity and professionalism.

Nick replied to my many, many, many questions both quickly and with great detail. I had already investigated time and effort into collecting information about different international school programs. Also researching how some of the contracts worked but I need to say I really had only just touched on the tip of the iceberg.  Nick is a wealth of information about all those little things that add up and he fills in many of the blanks.

I was concerned about being able to secure a position because this was my first time in the “circuit”, but Nick kept reassuring me that everything would be fine and that the “right” position would come along. His was very helpful with continuous positive and informative feedback on the choices that I was making.

While in Sydney to attend the Search information session and have my interview, Nick was informative, friendly, down to earth and made me feel comfortable. The informational session was very explanatory and it was a nice way to meet other teachers that are also looking at international positions.  Nick also made the interview process unintimidating and an affirming experience.

It is hard to express how grateful for all of Nick’s efforts and I believe he truly gives a service that is above and beyond the call of the role.  If I was to apply for another position again my first choice would be Search Associates, so thanks to the Nick for making my first international school position a smooth and pleasant one, I am now looking forward to my new job in Shanghai in January.


You may be asking yourself the question, why use Search Associates and how can Nick Kendall help?  Our answer would be, why wouldn’t you?  Nick has been such a friendly and amazing associate to work with over the past few months.   He has been a positive force behind us securing amazing positions in a fabulous international school.  From the first moment of meeting Nick, we were confident that he knew what he was doing.  He has the experience and knows the international school scene very well.  What has impressed us the most is his regular and open communication where he is always ready to answer questions, support and be optimistic.  We would definitely love to work with Nick again and we wouldn’t hesitate in recommending him!  


Michelle and Robert

 Nick Kendell is a high-quality Search Associate. His incredibly
professional work ethic ensures he responds quickly to emails, phone calls
and at the Sydney Fair, he worked overtime to listen to and advise
candidates. He paid close attention to my individual needs and offered
objective and honest feedback. Since the Fair, he has maintained regular
contact with me and been available to give advice at the drop of a hat. My
wife and I are very appreciative of Nick and have highly recommended
Search Associates to colleagues wishing to teach internationally.


Thank you so much for your great advice and tips. I will definitely take them on board as I know I will be embracing change and challenging myself to the fullest. I want to say a huge thank you to you personally and to Search Associates for the personal touch that you have shown me .Thanks for going the extra mile. Your support has been fantastic no matter how trivial my questions have been. I have appreciated it! I will always recommend Search Associates highly to anyone interested in teaching overseas.




Please contact Nick Kendell for more information on the following services:

Head of School and Administrative Searches

"Working with Nick Kendell of Search Associates has been a pleasure and has resulted in an excellent outcome for Vientiane International School.  From the beginning, Nick was professional, helpful and ready to help guide our search committee.  He was always available to answer our questions, and his knowledge of both our school and the international education world was invaluable.  Nick made the search process much easier and took a lot of the stress out of the search.  I would be delighted to work with Nick and with Search Associates again."                Meagen Baldwin - Board Chair, Vientiane International School.                                                                                                                     

EMCEE for Principal Meetings/ Conferences  

"Nick Kendell is entertaining and informative. He keeps to time and has everything running smoothly." Steve King                                                                                                                          


Did You Know…?

Robert Barlas, Senior Associate, is the author of Teaching Overseas Handbook.