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    Search Associates responds to Child Protection recommendations with substantial changes to their candidate application. These changes will help us gather the most complete candidate profile possible making the evaluation/hiring process for international schools more efficient and effective.

    London - January

    Hayden, Gez January 21 - 24, 2016

    Fair Organizer:
    Gez Hayden

    January 21 - 24, 2016


    Fair Organizer: Gez Hayden

    Search London-January: the major recruiting opportunity for IB and British International curriculum schools Worldwide.


    Which Candidates Should Attend? Candidates with international school experience may request an invitation to attend this fair. Exceptions to this guideline are listed below.Those who succeed in obtaining positions typically have taught any of the International Baccalaureate (IB) Programmes, the British International Curriculum - the International Primary Curriculum (IPC), the International Middle Years Curriculum (IMYC), IGCSE, and International A Level.

    Candidate Invitations: we open to candidates on August 16. Please request an invitation from your home associate on or after that date. This oversubscribed job fair fills up quickly. Registration by November is recommended.

    Schools: Search London-January is firmly international, attended by 160+ leading international schools from all over the World - Europe, Middle East, South Asia, South-East Asia, East Asia, Africa and the Americas.

    Curriculum: Recruiters attend seeking mostly to hire teachers whose experience is consistent with the fair’s curriculum focus (see above). Teachers lacking this experience can sometimes be successful if they offer shortage expertise as first choice - Chemistry, Physics, Early Childhood, Counselors, Elementary Music, Elementary PE, Technology Integrators.

    Scale: This is the largest Search fair, attended by approximately 650 candidates and 160 schools, of which 75% offer one or more IB programme, and 30% characterise themselves as British International.

    Candidate Support: Candidates attending Search London-January are assigned an experienced advisor from the team of Senior Associates attending, and their offices' colleagues. The advisors provide a listening ear to assist candidates in making decisions.

    Venue: the venue for this Search London-January is the Millennium Gloucester Hotel, Kensington, London.

    Gez Hayden

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    1. Candidate Schedule

    Welcome to the Candidate Information Page for the Search Associates London-January Job Fair 2016

    Thanks for your interest in our London January Job Fair. Candidates may request an invitation to this job fair from August 16 2015 (read below). On this page, find information and updates (as they are posted). We assume you have already read the General Information summarizing the Fair’s nature and candidate fit. If you have not, please do so now. 

    If you wish to attend the fair you must be an activated Search candidate. Request an invitation from your home Associate from your dashboard in your Search account. The bullets below are important. Please read them. 

    • The first attendance day of this fair for candidates is Thursday January 21 2016.  
    • You MUST arrive between midday and 5p.m. on Thursday January 21 for the reasons below. It is your responsibility to make leave and travel arrangements appropriate to that time and date. Candidates may not join the fair late. We will show flexibility ONLY in the event of unplanned travel delay or personal emergency.
    • Here is the "why" of the above. Thursday January 21 is an extremely important day for you. You need to attend an orientation meeting with the Fair Organiser, locate your communication folder and the schools' communication folders, and in advance of Friday's early morning interview sign-up, study the updated vacancy lists posted in the Candidate Lounge, in order to make preliminary contact with schools having vacancies that interest you. All this before Friday's 08.00 interview sign-up - the crucial part of the fair at which you arrange the interviews with recruiters, to take place on the remaining days of the job fair. 
    • The venue is the Millennium Gloucester Hotel and Conference Centre, Kensington, London. Candidates will have rooms in the adjoining, connected Millennium Baileys Hotel. It is more convenient, but not required, for candidates to stay in the Fair Hotel - it affords a private on-site refuge (your hotel room) in which to reflect. We facilitate room sharing for candidates through our Search Associates Facebook page. 
    • The Fair Schedule for Candidates will be available on this page before June 01 2015. 
    • Very near the date of the fair, We provide you via download with a personal digital copy of the schedule and all other documents for the fair, and about all the attending schools. This frees you from reliance on the internet for school information. Limited hard copy only is supplied to you. 
    • You do need to have with you a laptop or tablet. Warning - if you have a tablet, you may be unable to open schools' own information for prospective candidates, which may be provided on an external plug-in drive or disk.
    • Recruiters will have secure access to your full Search file and confidential references during the job fair. It is prudent, however, to hand a résumé to recruiters at interview sign-up and at interviews themselves. This is both an aide-mémoire for recruiters, and a document on which they can make notes about you. 
    • Bring with you 1. 25 2-side maximum A4 or Letter size résumés, with photo  2. a laptop or tablet computer for accessing digital information at the fair. Most information provided is digital. 

     Please email any questions to Amelia Ren-Hayden on ahayden@searchassociates.com 

    Gez Hayden



    1. You must be a fully activated Search candidate, invited to register for this job fair by your Senior Associate. (If unsure of your invitation status, contact your Senior Associate). 
    2. You must have at least 4 references on your file, of which minimum 3 must be supervisor or admin references. 
    3. All reference and contact information on the application must be complete. 
    4. The Bio Notes section of your file must be complete. 
    5. A photograph is preferred. 
    6. You MUST be able to attend between midday and 5p.m. on Thursday January 21 2016. Self-registration, your orientation meeting, contacting and receiving contacts from schools, and personal preparations will mean time is at a premium. You need to get all your ducks in a row for the early morning interview sign-up session on Friday January 22.

      This very competitive fair - Search Associates' largest - attracts schools from all over the world, and traditionally enjoys a strong placement rate. Recruiters are seeking experience in delivering the programmes indicated below. It has an integral Leadership Section.


      1. This is a fair where recruiters seek candidates with prior international school experience of teaching the IB PYP, MYP and Diploma; IGCSE and International A Level; UK National Curriculum; IPC & IMYC.
      2. Exceptions: teachers domestically experienced in & seeking shortage subjects/areas : Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics HL, French plus Spanish, Early Childhood and KG, Music, Elementary PE, Elementary Art & Design, Special Education, Counselors, Apple-experienced technology integrators, and Librarians will find success here.
      3. Candidates who can demonstrate a material commitment to gaining IB experience (i.e. training) can also attend, but will find it very much more challenging to get interviews.
      4. Candidates with only domestic school (not international school) classroom teaching experience in the UK and Ireland, North America and Australia/NZ, (often seeking a position in a school in Europe), are typically unsuccessful unless they teach a shortage subject listed in 2.  above.


      1. This fair has a leadership section. Appropriate leadership candidates realistically seek responsibility positions above Department/Subject Head or Chair. They should have previously held a responsibility post senior to that level in an international school. The section includes Counselors and Athletics Directors.
      2. Candidates who have held leadership positions in domestic schools only, even if they have international school teaching experience,  are unlikely to succeed in this context. Such candidates should register as regular teaching candidates only. If in doubt, please consult your own Senior Associate.
      3. Leadership candidates must indicate on their registration form their wish to participate in this section of the Fair. We customised the acceptance form to facilitate this.
      Gez Hayden

    Leadership (Administrative) Candidates are those with prior international school leadership experience*, seeking positions above the level of Department Head/Department Chair, with responsibility spanning at least one year-grade. Leadership Candidates may also interview for regular teaching positions at this fair, in addition to leadership positions. The Section includes Counselors and Athletic Directors. At the Fair itself, there is a dedicated Interview Sign-up Session for Leadership Candidates, before the regular Interview Sign-up begins. Otherwise, the section is integral to the rest of the Fair.

    Examples of leadership positions are: Heads of School, Principals; PYP, MYP and Diploma Coordinators; Grade Level Coordinators; CAS / Community and Service Coordinators; MYP Areas of Interaction Leaders; IB Workshop Leaders and Trainers (usually integrally to another responsibility position); Counselors; Athletics Directors; Year Heads.

    Candidates in the Leadership Section will already have appropriate prior experience and qualifications to fill key positions in international schools with IB PYP, MYP and Diploma programmes, and/or British International System Programmes - IPC, IMYC, IGCSE, and International A Level.

    *Candidates with leadership experience in domestic systems only are typically successful in securing similar roles in their first international post. They should recruit for regular teaching positions only and should not apply to the leadership section.

    Registration for the leadership section is indicated by candidates on their response to the invitation to attend the Fair, sent to them by their Senior Associate. If you are unsure of your eligibility for the Leadership Section, please contact your Senior Associate, or Gez Hayden, for advice, before requesting an invitation to this job fair. 

    Gez Hayden

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    1. Recruiter Schedule

    Welcome to the Schools Information Page for the Search Associates London-January Job Fair 2016

    On this page, schools interested to attend can obtain information and updates on the Search London-January Job Fair. Invitations are issued to schools in early August 2015. If your school wishes to attend this job fair and does not receive its invitation by August 07 2015, please contact me, Gez Hayden. The bullets below are important.

    • Dates: Thursday January 21 to Sunday January 24 2016. We recommend recruiters arrive in the evening of Wednesday January 20.
    • No paper copies of candidate Search files and confidential references are issued at this job fair. This information is provided to you securely on electronic media, when you check in at the fair.
    • A self-print facility is available in the Recruiter Lounge for colleagues who need to read from paper. Candidates will have one-page résumés ready for you, on which to make notes about them.
    • Bring with you 1. Laptop with USB port 2. the appropriate connector for your laptop to a digital projector (for school presentations).
    • iPad users presenting from your iPad – we intend to implement a pre-fair download system to allow you to access the Fair information and Fair Database of candidates on your machine. You will need to have an app for offline browsing installed.

    Incremental updates as printer-friendly downloads, which you can choose to print or (better) save to your computer are posted on this page as they become available after the Fair is launched in August : Recruiter Schedule and Conditions, interim updates for recruiters, and other documents.

    Please email any questions to me on ghayden@searchassociates.com 

    Gez Hayden




    The venue for this job fair is the Millennium Gloucester Hotel and Conference Centre , Kensington, London, UK. The adjoining Millennium Bailey's Hotel will offer accommodation for candidates. Schools/recruiters will be located in the Millennium Gloucester Hotel.

    • Early booking is essential to be sure of a room - booking immediately you accept your invitation to attend the job fair is best. Penalty-free cancellation is possible until 14 days before the date of arrival (excluding Early Bird booking).
    • CANDIDATES should click this link Baileys and use the Promo Codes below.
      *Regular Rate: 14 days cancellation
      SEAB200116 (with breakfast)
      SEAJ200116 (without breakfast)
      *Early Bird Rate: available until 30 September 2015 (Non-Refundable and Non-Changeable)
      SERB200116 (Early bird with breakfast: Non-Refundable and Non-Changeable)
      SEAE200116 (Early bird without breakfast: Non-Refundable and Non-Changeable)
    • SCHOOLS/RECRUITERS should click this link Gloucester and use the Promo Codes below:
      *Regular Rate: 14 days cancellation
      SEA200116B (with breakfast)
      SEA200116R (without breakfast)
      *Early Bird Rate: available until 30 September 2015 (Non-Refundable and Non-Changable)
      SE200116EB (Early bird with breakfast: Non-Refundable and Non-Changable)
      SE200116ER (Early bird without breakfast: Non-Refundable and Non-Changable)
    • SCHOOLS/RECRUITERS - we strongly recommend booking club rooms, which are more suitable for interviewing, carry complimentary internet connection, and Executive Lounge access.

    Gez Hayden