Head of School and Administrative Searches Testimonials

"The American College of Sofia (Bulgaria) retained [Search Associates] to conduct a worldwide search for a new President…one candidate was clearly 'outside the box'….Board took [Search Associates’] advice and offered this candidate the job. He has turned out to be more than anything we could have dreamed of or realistically hoped for. We were and are very satisfied with the job [they] did."
— William J. Williams Jr, Chairman of the Board, American College of Sofia
"Always on top of things…Tremendous capacity to focus on individual searches while multi-tasking other things … Trusted and extremely well regarded throughout the academic community…Available at all hours… assisted us in every way possible…[Search Associates] will do whatever it takes to make your search a success."
— Karen Thomas, Search Committee Chair, American School In Japan
"[Search Associates] worked remarkably hard for our school…Willingness to accommodate our special needs… Personal insights invaluable to us…Thoroughness and patience…Available whenever needed."
— John R. Inge, Search Committee Chair, Yokohama Int'l School, Japan
"…we would not have been able to find [name of new head of school] without you. Your advice on how to design the process, your first selection of candidates and your wisdom guiding us through the different steps has been indispensable. When we had questions, you answered them and at the same time also answered the questions we did not even know we had! On behalf of the entire Board I would like to thank you for your support…"
— Sander Dankelman, Board Chair, American International School of Bamako
"Wow, I continue to be amazed by SEARCH. We are certainly pleased with all of your services to date and the candidates, both admin and faculty, are top notch."
— Jorge Nelson, Headmaster, Chadwick School, Songdo, South Korea
"A meticulous search…Our needs were [Search Associates’] utmost priority…Thorough knowledge of the educational market and key players …Approach[ed] excellent school heads around the world… Accessible at all hours…Worked tirelessly."
— Dr. Uta Coym, Search Committee Chair, Frankfurt International School
"Never did [Search Associates] give us the impression that ours was not (their) top priority… Thanks to [Search Associates] we have identified an outstanding head of school…our school has never been stronger."
— Lis Seeley, Board Chair, American School of Paris
"Uncanny ability to hire outstanding administrators. Years of experience and hard work are the secrets of [Search Associates’] success. They knows how to spot and recruit the best."
— Tom Kessinger, Ph.D, Former President, Haverford College
"After much research, we chose [Search Associates]…International network and up to the minute information extremely useful…Rapidly responded to many e-mails and faxes…Mindful of our limited resources…Outstanding job… [Search Associates] has my highest recommendation, without any reservation."
— Elizabeth Baylies, Board President, Am. Com. Schools, Athens, Greece
"A superbly executed job…Constantly available for consultation."
— Michael Mullins, Board President, Pan American School of Bahia, Brazil
"Attracted a huge pool of qualified candidates…Always available…Invaluable source of information and guidance."
— Cune Bednar-Droue, President of the Board, Rabat American School, Morocco
"We have been particularly impressed by the immediate responses and personalized attention which Search Associates provides, irrespective of location or of the time of day. They literally stood up to their claim for providing round-the-clock efficient service, seven days a week."
— A.R. Ladha, Chairman, Search Committee, Saudi Arabian International School, Riyadh
"Extremely pleased with entire process, especially selection of our new superintendent… Absolute professionalism and advice were invaluable…Always accessible…School owes [Search Associates] a debt of gratitude for his hard work."
— Ms. E. Horesh, Search Committee Chair, American Int’l School, Tel Aviv
"Board extremely satisfied with [Search Associates’] work…We would definitely use his services again."
— Katherine Hertz, Board President, Cotopaxi Academy, Quito, Ecuador
"Many, many thanks for all your hard work. It was my pleasure to work with you, and to try to keep up with you! If I'm ever in a position to look for another school head, you'll most certainly be the one I call"
— Ms. Anne Y. Taylor, Search Committee Chair, Brent School, Philippines

Did You Know…?

Senior Associate Ray Sparks's over 30-year career as an educator has involved working in Canada, Europe, and Asia.