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First-Time Overseas (Virtual)

December 10 - 11, 2022


Fair Organizer: Gary MacPhie



This Fair is specifically designed for candidates seeking their first international school position, outside their home country. Recruiting schools will come from all regions of the world, and are OPEN TO HIRING FIRST-TIME OVERSEAS TEACHERS AND ADMINISTRATORS.


By ensuring a level playing field, this Fair offers a great opportunity for experienced teachers ready to take their first step into the international teaching community.


The First-Time Overseas Virtual Fair takes place Saturday December 10th and Sunday December 11th, 2022. A virtual fair provides a practical, cost-effective option for both recruiters and candidates around the world to connect and interview online. Since it is a virtual fair, candidates and recruiters should not have to take time off work/school to participate.


Candidates will have the opportunity to connect directly with the schools during the live-streamed Q&A sessions. Candidates can listen to the recruiters talk about their schools and ask questions about their programs and community. This is an excellent way to learn more about international schools and living overseas.




  • Open to all Search member schools worldwide, offering any curriculum (including Canadian, American, UK, Australian or New Zealand curricula) which are OPEN TO HIRING FIRST-TIME OVERSEAS TEACHERS AND ADMINISTRATORS.


  • Open to Active Seach candidates seeking their FIRST international school assignment outside their home country.
  • All subjects, including specialists, all grade levels Preschool to Grade 12, and all curricula.
  • Teachers with limited years of experience may also register.
  • Administrative candidates may attend and apply for leadership positions.
  • Candidates with current or previous international school experience outside their home country should not attend this fair. Please discuss other Search fair options with your Senior Associate.
  • For more details, please read the information under the "Candidates" tab on this page.

INVITATIONS: Active Search candidates can request an invitation to this fair starting August 16th, 2022 either directly from their Search dashboard, or via their Senior Associate.


If you are not yet registered with Search Associates, please contact me for information on joining Search and participating in the First-Time Overseas Virtual Fair, or click here to start your application


I look forward to "seeing you" in December!


Kind regards,


Gary MacPhie, Senior Associate and Fair Organizer

Country School
Brunei CfBT Education Services
China American International School of Guangzhou
China Concordia International School Shanghai
China Dulwich College Beijing
China International School of Nanshan Shenzhen
China Nansha College Preparatory Academy
China Qingdao Amerasia International School
China Shenzhen Oasis International School
China Suzhou Singapore International School
China Utahloy International School Guangzhou
China Utahloy International School Zengcheng
China/Hong Kong Causeway Bay Victoria Kindergarten & International Nursery
China/Hong Kong Christian Alliance International School
China/Hong Kong Victoria Educational Organisation
China/Hong Kong Victoria Shanghai Academy
Colombia The Columbus School
Congo, D.R. (Kinshasa) The American School of Kinshasa
Cyprus American International School in Cyprus, Nicosia
Ecuador American School of Quito
Ecuador Colegio Menor Samborondon Campus
Ecuador Colegio Menor San Francisco de Quito
Egypt Ecole Oasis Internationale, Cairo
Egypt Schutz American School
El Salvador Escuela Americana
Guatemala Colegio Maya
Honduras Alison Bixby Stone School
Honduras Escuela Internacional Sampedrana
Indonesia Sampoerna Academy, Jakarta Campus
Kuwait Al-Bayan Bilingual School
Kuwait American Creativity Academy
Kuwait Kuwait Bilingual School
Mexico American School Foundation of Monterrey, A.C.
Morocco American School of Marrakesh
Morocco American School of Tangier
Nigeria American International School of Abuja
Oman Al Sahwa Schools, Muscat
Qatar Vision International School
Saudi Arabia Dhahran Ahliyya Schools
Saudi Arabia International Programs School
Saudi Arabia International Schools Group - American School Dhahran
Saudi Arabia International Schools Group - British School Dhahran
Saudi Arabia Nün Academy, Kunskapsskolan Jeddah
Taiwan Kaohsiung American School
UK ACS International Schools
Vietnam Renaissance International School Saigon
Zimbabwe Harare International School

Did You Know…?

Senior Associate Nick Kendell has worked in Asia, Australia, and Africa as an educator and administrator.