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Global Virtual (First Time Overseas)

December 11 - 12, 2021


Fair Organizer: Gary MacPhie



The Global Virtual Fair is specifically designed for candidates seeking their first international school position outside their home country. Recruiting schools will come from all regions of the world and which are open to hiring first-time overseas teachers and administrators.

Last year, the December Global Virtual Fair attracted 100 schools and over 500 candidates, which proved a successful ratio. We hope to attract similar numbers of schools and candidates this year.  

The Global Virtual Fair takes place December 11-12, 2021. Since it is a Virtual Fair, candidates should not have to take time off work/school to participate. The virtual platform provides a practical, safe, and cost-effective way for both recruiters and candidates around the world to meet and interview for overseas positions.

Please note the following:

  • Open to all Search member schools worldwide, offering any curriculum (including Canadian, American, UK, Australian or New Zealand curricula), open to hiring first-time overseas teachers and administrators.
  • Open to teacher candidates with domestic teaching experience in all subjects and all grade levels.
  • Leadership/Administrative candidates are welcome to attend.
  • New teaching graduates and teachers with limited years of experience are also encouraged to register.
  • Candidates must have an active Search profile to request an invitation.

Invitations will open on September 1st. Active Search candidates who meet the above criteria, should request an invitation to the Global Virtual Fair via their Senior Associate.

If you are not yet registered with Search Associates, please contact me for information on joining Search Associates and participating in the Global Virtual Fair, or click here to start your application with Search Associates.

I look forward to welcoming you to the Global Virtual Fair in December!

Kind regards,

Gary MacPhie, Senior Associate and Fair Organizer

Did You Know…?

Senior Associate Dr. Barry Drake has over 40 years' experience in administration and teaching in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, South East and East Asia.