Chief Innovation Officer at American School of Dubai in United Arab Emirates
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Chief Innovation Officer
American School of Dubai (United Arab Emirates)

Mar 5, 19
May 1, 19




Chief Innovation Officer

The American School of Dubai announces the relaunching of our search for a Chief Innovation Officer and is now accepting applications from candidates who are interested in an August 2019 OR August 2020 start date. The full job description and further information on the application process is listed below. 

Chief Innovation Officer

 Job Description

The American School of Dubai (ASD) is a college-preparatory, Pre-K through grade 12, independent, not for profit American curriculum school, offering what is best about American education to provide learning experiences designed to promote the maximum potential of its students.

Our Mission Statement

We challenge and inspire each student to achieve their dreams and to become a passionate learner prepared to adapt and contribute in a rapidly changing world.

Our Campus

ASD is located in a residential area within Dubai, the global business and cultural hub of the United Arab Emirates.  The ASD campus is a 23-acre, million square foot, wireless, state-of-the-art facility and includes spaces designed to promote phenomenal learning experiences for approximately 1900 students, representing over 70 nationalities.  The campus offers 100 classrooms, two libraries, multi-purpose rooms , a 630-seat performing arts theatre, a black box theatre, a field house, indoor and outdoor running tracks, a climbing wall, regulation soccer fields,  playing fields and play areas, a dance studio, fitness center, two 25-meter swimming pools, six tennis courts and two cafeterias. The facilities provide for band and choir, offers five art studios, nine science labs, three maker/STEAM labs and a student-broadcasting studio.

Teaching and Learning at ASD

Learning is at the heart of the ASD experience.  To support the rich and dynamic relationship between teacher and student, ASD provides guidance and support to faculty by fostering an environment of collaborative professional practice.  The faculty work in teams and departments in support of continuous student learning.  ASD fosters dialogue around research supporting the best practices in curriculum alignment, assessment and instruction.  ASD is committed to student-centered approaches to learning and assessments in accordance with the ASD Learning Principles, valuing inquiry, creativity, collaboration, and collegiality.

Please visit our website to learn more about the school.

At ASD, students remain a primary focus as evidenced by our bold strategic plan – mobilizing us to make disruptive change in areas such as community service (e.g. volunteerism), meeting the diverse learning needs of students (e.g. inclusion) and deepening our relationship with metrics (e.g. using data to inform instruction).  As we consider the work ahead, we are also exploring opportunities to personalize learning by developing “pathways” through the ASD curriculum, where students can go deeper in areas of interest or future-relevant disciplines.  It is truly exciting work and an exciting time to be at ASD.

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Position Summary

The American School of Dubai (ASD) aims to maintain itself at the forefront of technology education that is built on solid pedagogy, and a holistic innovation vision. The Chief Innovation Officer (CIO) will be responsible for achieving this vision through the allocation of resources, planning and implementation of comprehensive professional development opportunities, as well as the ongoing review of programs. He/she will ensure that adults and students have the skills necessary to ensure that all student performance objectives are met. The CIO will embrace the power of technology in order to re-imagine the learning environment, personalize learning pathways, and cultivate collaboration, communication, and innovation within and beyond the walls of ASD.

As a member of the senior leadership team at ASD, the CIO will develop the strategic direction and vision to inform innovation and technology in collaboration with all key stakeholders.


Strategic Leadership

  • Lead the development and the strategic plan’s Research & Development in the area of technology and innovation.
  • Ensure that ASD maintains various types of technology and technology-rich spaces that support diverse learning experiences.
  • Inform the design and set-up of classroom spaces and libraries, ensuring they are consistent and aligned with current research and best practice and encouraging collaboration, creativity and the exchange of ideas and learning.
  • Support the strategic use technology as an effective communication medium and information source by ensuring the availability of a variety of modern tools.

Innovation Leadership

  •  Develop strategies, approaches and initiative to support and encourage innovation across the divisions.
  • Recognize promising ideas and develop ways to introduce them into the school’s future plans.
  • Analyze existing practices to identify areas for improvement or enhancement.
  • Encourage creative thinking in employees and finds ways to nurture innovative thinking across all divisions and departments.
  • Follow stakeholder response to new ideas, tracks and analyzes the success of new products or services, and responds to questions or concerns.
  • Monitor research and development to identify trends in innovation.
  • Monitor the success (and failures) of new technology initiatives to inform plans and use of tools and applications.
  • Allocate resources to maintain the school’s existing agenda while accounting for new projects.
  • Evaluate the progress of innovation and adjusts the pace or direction accordingly.
  • Evaluate and advise on the use of innovative tools to support faculty to better deliver innovative learning opportunities.
  • Keep all new projects in line with the school’s mission and maintain consistency with the school’s message.

Learning Leadership

  • Ensure that students have appropriate access to technology that enhances their ability to develop their academic and personal learning interests.
  • Ensure that information & digital literacy standards are seamlessly woven into the curriculum.
  • Lead the development and interdisciplinary implementation of technology into all curriculum, including but not limited to K-12 STEAM and computer science curriculum.  This work is done in collaboration with the Director of Learning and Divisional Principals.
  • Ensure that ASD has implemented a technology professional development program that enhances the best pedagogical practices for all faculty and staff.
  • Ensure that ASD provides the structure for teachers to continually expand their capacity to use technology for innovative instruction.
  • Proactively review the organizational structures to ensure that support is available for the  ongoing implementation and improvement of technology and information systems.
  • Provide all students, faculty and staff with access to the devices they need to allow for appropriate communication, collaboration and innovation.

Library/Media Leadership

  • Assess needs and develop long-range plans for elementary and secondary library media and instructional technology programs.
  • Develop policies and procedures, consistent with American Library Association and Common Core standards.
  • Research and recommend appropriate staff, facilities, instructional materials, resources, and equipment to implement the established vision.
  • Supervise the evaluation of the library media and instructional technology programs, including assessment of resources, equipment, space, curriculum, services, and usage.
  • Assess needs and prepare the educational media center and instructional technology department budgets.
  • Participate in the recruitment, interviewing, and assignment of library media and instructional technology staff.
  • Assist principals in the supervision and evaluation of library and instructional technology staff.
  • Facilitate and encourage communication among the library media specialists and instructional technology staff to ensure vertical consistency, coherence and alignment.

Administrative Leadership

  • Actively participate in the planning of a comprehensive orientation program to ensure that all stakeholders are introduced to relevant technology at ASD and to provide ongoing programs of support.
  • Supervise technology staff in the purchase, installation, maintenance, repair, and updating of technology equipment and resources.
  • Collaborate with the Directors in the organization to ensure that software systems provide the necessary data and reporting to move the organization forward with data driven decision-making.
  • Lead the development and implementation of clear guidelines and effective processes for purchasing, renewing and implementation of technology software systems, innovations and applications at ASD.
  • In collaboration with the IT Director, ensure that ASD maintains the technology infrastructure sufficient to support the introduction of an integrated data and management system and related business office operations.
  • Conduct an annual review to ensure that the Technology Vision is being met and evaluate the effectiveness of this vision.
  • Provide leadership in the planning, review, addition and/or elimination of IT tools and programs (databases, programs and applications) in collaboration with members of the IT department and other key stakeholders.
  • Supervise system administrators of systems such as: powerschool (SIS), google (G-Suite), InResonance (Admissions/Advancement), IDP (Data Dashboards,) SchoolsBuddy (Activity registration and payment), Filemaker Pro (Database), Follet/Destiny (library assessment management), document management and all other systems that are part of ASD Architecture.
  • In collaboration with the IT Director, oversee the testing of all new systems and upgrades
  • Collaborate with the IT Director on hardware purchases and manage both capital and operational budget expenditures related to technology
  • Collaborate with the Director of Advancement on oversight of website

Required Qualifications

  •  Master’s Degree and active certification with course work emphasis in a field related to education leadership and/or technology/innovation
  • Prior successful leadership experience
  • Expert knowledge of the Google Suite
  • Solid understanding of and experience with cutting edge technologies and innovations that may be utilized by schools
  • Strong background in IT with the demonstrated ability with systems integration, IT infrastructure, Database administration and network administration
  • Proven skills in leadership, group facilitation, organization, writing, listening and communications

Desired Qualifications and Personal Characteristics

  •  5 years of classroom teaching experience
  • Demonstrated competency in project management
  • Prior experience managing library and media services in a K-12 school setting
  • Experience implementing or working in an environment with an ERP system
  • Student-centered decision-maker
  • Understands and appreciates the importance of diversity
  • Demonstrates cultural sensitivity
  • Demonstrates integrity in all aspects of life
  • Provides evidence of excellent listening skills
  • Develops and sustains trust amongst all constituents
  • Excellent collaborator

Salary and Benefits

Salary is highly competitive and will be dependent upon the qualifications and experience of the successful candidate. Benefits include housing, health insurance, life insurance, home leave, shipping-in and shipping-out allowances, retirement contributions and ongoing professional development opportunities.

Application Process

Interested candidates are encouraged to apply through SEARCH ASSOCIATES by no later than May 1, 2019. Any applications can be sent regarding this position to

Attention: If you apply for this position, please inform the school and us ( that you saw the notice on the Search Associates website.

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