Dean of Academic Affairs at Hangzhou Yungu School in China
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Dean of Academic Affairs
Hangzhou Yungu School (China)

Oct 23, 19
Mar 31, 20


Job Description for Yungu Dean of Academic Affairs


Inspired by its mission “to bring out the best in every child,” Yungu views students as whole people and guides them to become healthy, happy, skilled graduates who are of use to the world. Personalized pathways lead Yungu students to develop clear, differentiated identities, interests and passions and strong emotional intelligence: self-aware and ever mindful of the people and greater world around them, they should confidently manage both themselves and others. Finally, Yungu graduates must internalize and act on an ethic of service and a mindset of constantly imagining ways to help others live better in the future. 

Reporting to the High School Principal and serving on the Senior Staff, the Dean of Academic Affairs must lead colleagues in co-creating a unique, rigorous, progressive program built on a foundation of PRC national curriculum. The resulting Yungu academic curriculum must find a wide range of students where they are, develop in them international perspective, and guide them toward becoming the global graduates described above. Broadly, the Dean is responsible for all aspects of the academic program, including: creating and maintaining curriculum (content, pedagogy and assessment); scheduling courses; managing student records (grades, qualitative reports, attendance data and transcripts); and supporting the academic success of all students. In addition, the Dean plays the leading role in developing and managing a system of regular internal reviews feeding into and out of the recurring cycle of school accreditation. Finally, the Dean must play an important role in hiring, evaluation and professional development of the teaching faculty.

The successful Dean must be committed to offering learning experiences that place students in the center where, through frequent communicating, observing, questioning, reasoning, researching, interpreting, analyzing and making choices, they develop agency. In short, the academic program must create frequent opportunities for students to think critically, independently and creatively, goals best met through experiential learning. Thus, candidates with previous PBL experience—or at least an inclination to explore this and other modes of experiential learning—will be most aligned with Yungu’s mission.

Further, the Dean must be comfortable working in a volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous (VUCA) environment. As a start-up, progressive school in China, Yungu High School expects much to be worked out over its first few years, resulting in occasional instability. Hence, candidates should expect unpredictability that comes with shaping and creating something of potentially great impact on the world.

Finally, the most effective candidates will demonstrate: initiative in working both independently and collaboratively; passion and determination balanced by flexibility and openness to others’ ideas; trust and integrity; responsibility, gratitude and appreciation for the opportunity to shape the lives of students and colleagues; and interest in and respect for both Chinese and western cultures. Candidates who are positive, imaginative, proactive risk-takers with a record of resilience following failure are particularly well-suited for this position.


Specific duties:

  • Lead a continuous process of curriculum co-creation in which colleagues imagine ever better ways to connect with and inspire students to become lifelong learners who are of use to the world. Yungu curriculum should be experiential (e.g., project-based, hands-on, seminar-/inquiry-based) and connect students to the real world
  • Lead the process by which Yungu would achieve accreditation, preferably in 2023
  • Develop and lead a process of ongoing programmatic review through which all departments would set, and regularly self-reflect and evaluate progress towards, goals. This internal review process should organically feed the school accreditation cycle
  • Help lead a continuous process of classroom observation, teacher evaluation and professional development
  • Assist with hiring by articulating staffing needs and helping to identify, interview and evaluate quality candidates
  • Oversee the course request process, class scheduling and course-change process to optimize students’ pursuit of individual programs in which they develop intrinsic interests and passions
  • Coordinate a system for regular student academic performance monitoring, timely communication and, where needed, accommodation policies to support both students who are experiencing academic difficulties and also those with learning differences
  • Supervise a Registrar’s Office that is responsible for producing academic reports, grades, transcripts, student records, and other academic data, and also tracking and, when necessary, providing opportunities for students to recover credits
  • Chair the Curriculum, Academic Standing and Academic Honor Committees
  • Collaborate and work closely and effectively with other school leaders, especially the Dean of Students, Curriculum Institute and School Librarian
  • Act as a liaison between parents and faculty on academic issues
  • Create and eventually oversee working groups such as a Technology Learning Committee, Data Team, and a student-faculty Symposium
  • Oversee promotion and organization of student entry into academic competitions
  • Oversee academic budgets; manage Dean of Academic Affairs Office budget
  • Write and submit to the School Principal periodic reports assessing status/trends
  • Oversee standardized testing
  • Lead staff meetings
  • Special assignments determined by the High School Principal
  • Other duties as assigned


Job Specifications

  • Graduate degree(s) preferred
  • Previous teaching experience
  • Excellent organization, and concise, clear oral and written communication skills
  • High level of patience and diplomacy
  • Strong leadership and managerial skills
  • Ability to multi-task effectively and work efficiently
  • Ability to handle highly confidential information
  • Ability to work independently and also as part of a team
  • Possess the desire to live and work in a residential academic setting


Working Conditions

The worker is mainly in an office environment, and is not substantially exposed to adverse environmental conditions.   



The above statements are intended to describe the general nature and level of work being performed by the Dean. They should not be construed as an exhaustive list of all responsibilities, duties and skills required while in this job.


Application Methods:

1. Log in Search Associates website, find the position at Yungu School and apply for it.

2. Email your CV and cover letter to Yungu recruitment team:


Application Deadline:

March, 31th, 2020

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