Deputy Director General at Riyadh International School for Boys & Girls in Saudi Arabia
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Deputy Director General
Riyadh International School for Boys & Girls (Saudi Arabia)

Mar 7, 19
Apr 12, 19


Deputy DIrector General


Direct Manager - Director General




Riyadh Schools is transforming the learning for students through building the educational capacity of staff to teach at higher levels.  The school has set the following directions for improvement to regain the status of a preferred school with high levels of student achievement and parent satisfaction with the educational program for their children.

The key initiatives for the work ahead include:

Home Room

English Language



Arabic Language


Riyadh School Model

Accreditation & External Awards

Engagement of Alumni

Support Services


Summer School

Assessment & Testing




 Position Description


  •  The Deputy Director General is a senior leadership position of the school.  A key part of the position is developing an effective working partnership with the Director General to lead the improvement in teaching and learning across schools.  It also involves working as a team with Director General & Director of School Operations to lead a model Saudi School.     The position is for three years commencing on August 25, 2019.  An extension, by mutual agreement, is possible.
  •  The major focus is leading the improvement in the quality of teaching and learning across the 10 schools that make up Riyadh Schools for Boys & Girls.    A small team of across schools leaders works with Deputy Director General to plan our strategies to improve reading and writing in all disciplines and integrate technology in lessons.  The Deputy Director General will mentor Principals and work with them to complete an annual performance plan.   The Deputy Director General presents a weekly report of key work to Executive Principal meeting to monitor planning and report outcomes.
  •  The Deputy Director General is responsible to summarize school data to enable the Director General to report progress to the Board.  Annual targets for attendance, external examinations and quality programs ensures an improvement culture is across our daily work.   The recruitment of staff to engage students in learning is a significant part of the position.  The annual planning of recruiting strategies and updating of recruiting materials is key work.
  •  The school carries AdvancED accreditation and is a Microsoft Showcase School.    The Deputy Director General leads this work and uses OneNote to ensure we have information spanning three years to meet all criteria.  Regular monitoring of educational and administrative teams ensures we update the materials annually.  They lead the performance planning process across schools and prepare professional learning workshops to improve our practices.  They prepare mid cycle and end of year performance reports for the Director General for all Principals and Managers. 
  •  The Deputy Director General is the leader of the western expatriate team and works in partnership with Manager Human Resources to support them work at the school.  
  •  An attractive package is available that includes travel, housing, medical insurance and daily transport.  It will be discussed with successful applicant at final interview. 

Core Accountabilities

The Core Accountabilities Include:

  •  Together with Director General, lead the development, implementation and review of an annual action plan of key improvement projects for the school.
  •  Act as the key adviser to all Project Leaders and provide feedback to them on progress of their key work at least twice per year.
  •  Leading whole school improvements in teaching and learning, particularly in reading, writing and integration of technology.
  •  Coaching & mentoring a team of Principals to build their capacity to be effective leaders and lead their schools to achieve set targets of improvement in areas such as attendance, student achievement, external testing and quality programs.
  •  Leading the performance-planning program & monitoring SMART Goals based on data driven evidence of improvement in outcomes of students.
  •  Leading the professional development program of the school at the beginning and end of each academic year and for the senior leaders of the schools each month.
  •  Leading, with others, the Riyadh Schools Clubs program, Summer School and Academy Programs for soccer, basketball, self-defense and swimming.
  •  Leading the review and creation of school policies to ensure a consistency of practice across schools.
  •  Together with Director General, develop reports for the Board of Governors and their committees.
  •  Supporting schools to implement a safe, purposeful and inclusive learning environment.
  •  Influencing the impact of a teaching and learning culture on the learning outcomes of students as measured through the assessment, examination and testing regime of the schools.
  •  Monitoring school workforce plans as part of contributing to the planning for the financial, human and physical resources needed by schools.
  •  Other tasks as assigned by Director General.

Key Selection Criteria

The Key Selection Criteria include:

  •  High-level understanding & a proven record of success in improving schools and learning outcomes for students.
  •  A record of success in leading a team of Principals to improve learning outcomes for students.
  •  High Level demonstration of capacity to develop constructive and respectful relationships with staff, students, parent and stakeholders in a culturally diverse environment.
  •  High-level success in applying distributive leadership strategies across teams to build a common culture of practice.
  •  Proven ability to secure the commitment & alignment of staff, students and parents to value excellence and high achievement in learning.
  •  High-level capacity to articulate the schools vision, mission & values to create a common purpose for excellence in learning.

Performance Planning


The Deputy Director General will develop a set of annual key performance indicators based upon the core accountabilities with the Director General.    A summative report submitted to the Director General at the end of the academic year.

Information for Candidates



1. Riyadh Schools for Boys & Girls

A group of parents initiated Riyadh Schools for Boys and Girls in 1970.  They wanted a national school that would create a generation of leaders capable of providing for higher standards in society.  They wanted a school that could take advantage of the emerging information and communication age opportunities.


The schools mission is to prepare students intellectually, morally and spiritually to pursue their aspirations and contribute to society.   The schools vision is to develop thoughtful learners and passionate leaders serving our society.


The Director General sets improvement directions through innovative action plans in key areas, led by senior leaders, using school improvement plans linked to performance planning and reviews to build staff capacity to implement the work.   The current directions include homeroom, information communication technology, Riyadh School Model, support services, assessment & testing, English & Arabic languages, accreditation and external awards, recruitment, Qiyas, Mawhiba, activities and clubs, engagement of alumni and summer school.


We are a system of 10 schools on the one site in central Riyadh offering nursey/kindergarten, elementary, intermediate and high school programs linked to Californian Common Core and American High School Diploma and Ministry of Education national curriculum.   A virtual school is onsite – Riyadh Virtual School (RVS) – reaching students in London, Berlin & Paris with plans to expand into USA & Australia.  An AdvancEd systems engagement review in April 2018 resulted in us exceeding 21 and meeting 10 of the standards in leadership, learning and resources.  Our Index of Education Quality score – 370, the highest in the region.


The school has strategic partnerships with Misk Charity Foundation, Mawhiba Organization, Harvard University, Cambridge University, Real Madrid Foundation, Microsoft, AdvancEd and KSA Judo Federation to ensure a school of international quality providing 21st century learning to Saudi Arabian children in a bilingual environment.


Our distributive leadership structure has two levels.  The systemic leadership has three directors (Director General, Deputy Director General & Director of School Operations) leading a team of Principals and Managers to drive our transformation improvement agenda.  Schools have Vice Principals, Instructional Leaders, Grade Leaders and Student Counsellors to support principals’ improve the learning outcomes for students.


The major focus of our work this year is improving the quality of reading and writing in English & Arabic and the integration of technology in learning for students.   We are a Microsoft Showcase School with a requirement for all staff to attain Microsoft Innovative Expert status over next two years.  All students and staff have their own device daily as part of our teaching and learning program.



2. The Position

The position is Deputy Director General (ADMIN Head of School in Search Associates profile).

The Deputy Director General is the key adviser to the Director General and leads the teaching and learning program across the schools.   A systemic team work with the DDG.  They include

  • Manager of International Curriculum

  • Manager National Curriculum and Assessment

  • Academic Instructional Leaders in English, Mathematics & Science and National subjects

  •  Manager – ICT

  •  Manager – Student Services

  •  Team of 7 Principals

Key work of the team is supporting schools implement key improvement directions, the analysis of school data and documentation of policy, processes and procedures that schools need to use.    A consistent approach across schools is a goal and meetings monitor achievements and set targets for improvement. 

The job description provides more information.



3.  The Selection Process

This is a senior position.  The successful candidate must be able to develop a working rapport with the Director General.   They need to be a self-starter who is well organized and capable of doing most things themselves.  A curriculum focus in literacy and numeracy considered an advantage.

The selection process has the following steps:

  1.  A written application addressing the six key selection criteria- maximum half page response per criteria
  2. A Zoom /Skype / face-to-face interview with Director General & Deputy Director General
  3. A visit to Riyadh Schools – visa, airfare and accommodation provided
  4. Face –to –face interview with Director General & Deputy Director General at Riyadh Schools
  5. Written Job Offer
  6. Recruitment to the position.

4. Deadline for Applications

Application due by Friday April 12, 2019. 

The school may begin interviewing candidates before that date.   The expected starting date is negotiable from August to October 2019.


5. Salary &Conditions

This is a senior position at a prestigious Saudi Arabian school.  The salary and conditions are negotiable with successful applicant.  They include:


  •  Three or four year contract – subject to 90-day probation period.
  • Salary negotiable - 50,000 SAR month reasonable guide, tax free.
  • Fully furnished three-bedroom apartment with internet and utilities all free.
  • Annual return airfare to country of residence.
  • Medical insurance .
  • 60% school fee discount if children enrolled at Riyadh Schools – must pass the English & Arabic entrance requirements.
  • Access to a car and driver seven days a week.
  • Mobile phone and laptop provided as part of package –returned at end of contract.
  • A fulltime translator, personal assistant provided.


6. Further Information

If candidates have any clarifying questions or require any additional information, please contact James Mulraney

Mobile number +966549197307                             Email:



Attention: If you apply for this position, please inform the school and us ( that you saw the notice on the Search Associates website.

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Senior Associate Nick Kendell has worked in Asia, Australia, and Africa as an educator and administrator.