Director of Curriculum at International School of Myanmar in Myanmar
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Director of Curriculum
International School of Myanmar (Myanmar)

Dec 2, 19
Jan 31, 20


ISM students are empowered innovators, who positively impact both Myanmar and the global community.
International School of Myanmar, Yangon ISM

POSITION / JOB TITLE: Director of Curriculum


The International School of Myanmar (ISM) is seeking a Director of Curriculum to commence duties mid-July of the 2020-2021 academic year.


ISM students are empowered innovators, who positively impact both Myanmar and the global community. 


ISM, as a community of life-long learners, prepares students with the knowledge, skills, understandings, and attitudes to become independent and socially responsible citizens who are successful in their future learning opportunities and in meeting the challenges of an ever-evolving world.


ISM was established in 1998 by a group of forward-thinking women with the desire of providing an internationally-minded education in Yangon.  From small rented rooms with an initial enrollment of 45 students, ISM now encompasses the entire range of education from Early Years age 3 through Grade 12 and has a current enrollment of 920 students covering 25 nationalities. ISM’s is comprised of a diverse 86-member faculty plus seven administrative staff representing 12 different countries.  Initially fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) in 2008, ISM is an approved Advanced Placement (AP) school through the College Board, a member of the East Asia Regional Council of Schools (EARCOS) and the Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA). Programs are referenced from American standards, taught and assessed using 21st century best practice principles.


Yangon is an emerging city with a rich culture, warm people and a surprisingly fast-rate of growth.  Living in Yangon is like being in a time capsule traveling to its past while living in the present and moving towards the future. Yangon is conservative and yet progressing; convenient and challenging; historical and contemporary.

Crime is very low in Yangon and across the country, resulting in a safe and secure place to live. Climate is tropical with daytime temperatures relatively constant in the mid-30 degrees Celsius between May and October and in the mid to upper 20s the remainder of the year. There is a rainy season from May to October with dry cooler weather thereafter. There is a dynamic restaurant, café and foodie culture offering abundant local and international food and drinks.


Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Instruction (minimum preferred).  In lieu of a Master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction, a Master’s degree in Education, Educational Leadership or equivalent field will be considered.

Certification in K-12 administration is preferred

Extensive experience in education, management and in leadership, experience with for-profit schools

Communication and public relations skills

Previous experience with the WASC accreditation Focus on Learning process

Must have previous Director of Curriculum, or Leadership experience


The Director of Curriculum will provide strong and steady school-wide curricular leadership and management while leading the development and implementation of a cutting-edge curriculum with the assurance of the highest educational standards.

The incumbent must be adept at leading a globally-minded faculty of highly qualified, seasoned and experienced teachers in curriculum and UbD development and possess an innate and detailed affinity for academics and maintaining accreditation based on internationally proven and recognized curricular standards and benchmarks.

The Director of Curriculum will regularly and effectively communicate with all of the school’s constituents and demonstrate the capability to lead/assist this dynamic school through accreditation and into the next phase of growth and development for the whole school curriculum.

The Director of Curriculum will have a keen awareness of global international school curricula, while at the same time possessing the expert level experiential practical skill sets in American-based curricular standards which will be necessary to develop and manage a strategic UbD based curriculum and instruction growth plan, conduct regular audits of the schoolwide curriculum, research, mentor and lead teacher professional development opportunities both internally and externally and comprehensively manage the schoolwide overseas order. 

The Director of Curriculum will have a proven broad range of extensive experience in developing, supervising and assessing an international school curriculum and will work in conjunction with the Director and Principals to keep ISM on the leading edge of academic excellence and highly competitive in the EARCOS region.

The Director of Curriculum will bring forward thoughtful strategic needs to the Director and make proposals to address these needs.



The Director of Curriculum will possess a refined aura of charisma and have a genuine intuitively sage and dynamic nature as well as the diverse people skills in the areas of public relations and communications.  These skills are necessary to represent ISM not only to the School community but also with relationship- building in the broader context of Yangon, as a leading member of the International School’s community. 


The initial appointment will be for a two-year period. Renewal is at the discretion of the Board of Directors.

Salary and benefits package commensurate with professional qualifications, skills, training, and experience.


Curriculum Vitae, Cover letter not exceeding 2 pages, Philosophy of Education letter not exceeding 2 pages along with the names and contact information of 4 relevant and recent references, passport size photo.

Please send your materials via email, in an application for the position of the Director of Curriculum  to:

Mr. Ben Marsh, Director


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