Head of Library at EMASI  in Vietnam
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Head of Library
EMASI (Vietnam)

Mar 1, 2023
Mar 31, 2023


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EMASI is a group of international bilingual schools with American standard facilities that delivers Vietnamese national curriculum and the internationally esteemed Cambridge curriculum, adopting modern teaching methods from developed countries. 

EMASI Schools have eco-friendly campuses located in the hearts of the Van Phuc residential area, in Thu Duc District and the Nam Long residential area of District 7 in Ho Chi Minh City.

The EMASI pedagogy equips our students with the ability to become self-motivated learners.

Both Vietnamese and English are used in the schools. This reflects our clear goal that students will master the Vietnamese language and become as proficient in English as native speakers. Apart from the academic expectation, the schools strongly focus on art and physical education because health is the basic foundation of life, and art helps develop aesthetic taste, promote creativity and enrich life.

The schools are committed to providing the highest quality education to Vietnamese families and to promoting the above-said attributes and attitudes amongst our students, so that they are well prepared for the globalization trend without any barriers of language, culture, knowledge or skills.


EMASI mission is to provide an outstanding education delivered in Vietnamese and English that emphasizes Vietnamese values, academic and personal excellence and fosters global understanding, respect and independent learning.



  • Self-motivated (I want to do it)
  • Self-challenged (I can do it)
  • Always striving for perfection (I’ll do it best)


  • Critical thinking
  • Human sensible
  • Physically fit


  • Love and Compassion
  • Care and Service
  • Fair and Just


EMASI is a school that understands the importance of reading as a skill that helps students reach their potential. Our 1000m2 school library is a quiet and comfortable reading space, ideal for students. The library also takes advantage of natural light with its large windows. An outside reading area allows students to enjoy reading surrounded by green grass, trees and flowers.

We have an abundance of English and Vietnamese books across a variety of genres providing a huge number of learning resources for students, to supplement their class work or to enjoy in their own time. We also provide library classes for each grade, teaching reading, selection and information processing skills, a vital skill in the information technology era.


The EMASI Schools are seeking a Head of Library who:

  • Possesses a familiarity and enthusiasm for integrating innovative technologies both in administrative systems and classroom environments.
  • Has the ability to work well with faculty and staff from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds and be resilient, resourceful and have an optimistic personality.
  • Is familiar with Health and Safety, SEN and Child Protection procedures
  • Possesses effective teaching and learning styles including inquiry.
  • Fosters information literacy skills and digital citizenship
  • Has an understanding of current, new and emerging technologies.
  • Commits and contributes to the school within the context of its mission.
  • Establishes and develop close relationships with parents and the wider community.
  • Creates a happy, challenging and effective learning environment.
  • Communicates effectively (both orally and in writing) to a variety of audiences.
  • Uses ICT in a professional context and to support Teaching and Learning.
  • is familiar with Follett Destiny LMS


The successful candidate will be able to demonstrate:

  • A recognised degree in teacher librarianship with a Master’s preferred.
  • A strong commitment to student welfare and student well-being.
  • Knowledge and understanding of current educational thinking related to assessment, twenty first century learning and the integration of technology.
  • Participation in the establishment of links with parents and other stakeholders.
  • Adaptability, flexibility and a willingness to actively embrace the host country culture.
  • A minimum of three years’ experience with at least one-year experience in a similar role in an international/bilingual setting


Interested candidates should send a formal letter of application which addresses the skills, attributes and personal qualities listed above and include a one page curriculum vitae, a short statement of educational philosophy and the names, addresses and contact details of four professional referees to: hr@emasi.edu.vn

Mr. Joshua James

Managing Director

EMASI Van Phuc, 2 Street No.5, Van Phuc Residential City, Hiep Binh Phuoc Ward, Thu Duc, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Mr. Christopher Mark McDonald

Managing Director

EMASI Nam Long, 147 Street No.8, Nam Long Residential Area, Tan Thuan Dong Ward, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Applications will close on Friday, March 31st, 2023.

Please note that the school reserves the right to appoint before the application closing date if a suitable candidate is determined

Did You Know…?

Senior Associate Harry Deelman was at various times headmaster of schools in a fascinating foursome of global cities: Buenos Aires, Rome, Dubai, and Bangkok.