High School Principal at American School Foundation of Monterrey, A.C. in Mexico
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High School Principal
American School Foundation of Monterrey, A.C. (Mexico)

Aug 29, 22
Sep 30, 22


APPOINTMENT: August 2023

APPLICATION DEADLINE: September 30, 2022


ASFM is a private, secular, non-profit, Nursery through 12th grade, college-preparatory, U.S.-accredited, co-educational institution, which offers both a Mexican and U.S. High School Diploma that serves the local and international population.

ASFM is a community of learners, engaged in the search for open minds, caring hearts, global leadership, and sharing of knowledge and experience among its members.  This community, composed of students, alumni, parents, teachers, support staff, and administrators, recognizes and is enriched by the fact that each member brings their own personal experiences to our institution.  ASFM honors the uniqueness of each individual and unites the collective efforts of all to the benefit of our students. 

Monterrey is one of the three most important cities in Mexico. Surrounded by the beautiful Sierra Madre mountains in the Northeastern part of the country, the city has an altitude of 537m above sea level. Its population reaches more than 3.5 million people. The city boasts a beautiful, colonial downtown area rich with food, culture, and tradition.  Monterrey offers museums, wonderful restaurants, and vibrant nightlife, with many interesting places just a short drive away.

ASFM is located on the outskirts of Monterrey just beyond the suburb of San Pedro Garza Garcia.  San Pedro is known as one of the safest places to live and is continually
ranked as one of the best municipalities in all of Mexico. Located at the end of a valley and at the doorstep of the La Huasteca National Park the outdoors are just steps away.  The Huasteca features world-class rock climbing, wonderful hiking and biking trails, and is a great way to get into nature.  San Pedro balances culture, amenities, and the outdoors to offer everyone a fantastic living experience.


We believe in open minds, caring hearts, and global leadership as essentials for a healthy and successful life.

Our vision is to ensure that every child exceeds their personal goals.


The American School Foundation of Monterrey fosters open minds, caring hearts, and global leadership within the entire school community. ASFM serves a diverse population and prepares all students through an innovative, inclusive, and intensive program focused on engaging and enabling students to achieve their individual potential in citizenship, academics, athletics, and the arts.


ASFM offers an educational program for grades Nursery through 12th grade.  The Preschool is composed of nursery (3-year-olds) and Pre-Kinder (4-year-olds). The Elementary School includes Kindergarten through Grade 5.  The Middle School includes grades 6 to 8.  The High School includes Grades 9 to 12. The Mexican Bachillerato program is a six-semester program that corresponds to Grades 10-12.  The school offers a robust selection of Advanced Placement courses within the US diploma program and also offers the AP Capstone Diploma.

It is our purpose to provide each student with a learning environment that is both challenging and rewarding; one in which the teacher serves as a facilitator and catalyst to learning as well as a source of knowledge.  It is our goal that in this environment each student will learn to appreciate a diversity of opinions and ideas and will become a critical and creative thinker and communicator as well as a self-disciplined and positive member of the community.

ASFM utilizes a U.S. canon of standards including the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) for English and Mathematics.  Our science program is aligned to the Next Generation Science
Standards (NGSS), and our social studies curriculum is driven by the College, Career, and Civic Life Framework (C3).  ASFM utilizes a structured curriculum review process to identify essential understandings and articulate clear learning outcomes that all students are expected to achieve.  At ASFM, the standards our the floor of achievement where every learner is supported to master the essential learning and go beyond based on interests and curiosity.  The curriculum expectations are facilitated through the Office of Innovation and Learning and reviewed annually.

ASFM offers a demanding college preparatory school within an inclusive learning environment.  We serve a broad range of learners but hold as our fundamental truth that all of our students will achieve.  All students are expected to matriculate to university and it is our responsibility to ensure they have the skills and mindsets to attain the level of achievement to facilitate their goals.  At ASFM, we know all of our students by name and need.

ASFM is a Professional Learning Community at Work school with a commitment to Response to Intervention.  These structures are the foundation of the way we work.  They unite us in purpose, practice, and impact.  At ASFM, we do not leave achievement to chance, instead, we work in tight circles of collaboration, examine evidence of learning, and respond together to meet the needs of students. Our students deserve the best of our collective practices.   

ASFM is licensed to operate as a private school in Nuevo Leon, Mexico, and is subject to the regulations of the Secretary of Education of Nuevo Leon and local and federal legislation applicable to private schools.  ASFM is accredited by Cognia, is an Office of Overseas Schools member, and is a charter member of the Tri-Association.


ASFM owes its success and legacy to the talented faculty and staff.  Schools are a reflection of the people within them and our faculty and staff are a diverse and talented mosaic that unites for an amazing impact on students.  The faculty is comprised of approximately 55% host-country national teachers with 45% overseas hire teachers.  The faculty hail from 21 different nations and ASFM strives to offer students a diverse yet representative faculty. ASFM is an outstanding place to work with an average tenure of  12 years, and an overseas teacher average tenure of 8 years.  Our faculty hold degrees in the area of instruction and 58% hold advanced degrees.  

ASFM faculty are inspired to continue learning and are supported in their professional growth through a robust job-embedded professional learning program.  We believe the best professional learning occurs within the classroom and ASFM invests in teachers through a strong Student-Centered Coaching model.  ASFM has an instructional coach-teacher ratio of 24:1 to ensure that all teachers are able to engage in ongoing growth.  Additionally, ASFM partners with global leading consultants to support our community in staying current with best instructional practices.  


ASFM serves a predominantly host-country national population with 90% of our students holding Mexican citizenship, yet many students (30%) hold dual citizenship, and even more have spent time abroad at different points in their learning journey.  ASFM has students from 17 different countries and each grade level, or “generation” as we refer to them here, is a blend of local and international students.  

ASFM is an inclusive school and we serve a broad range of needs.  We operate under the philosophy of inclusion and aim to make every learner a part of the core program.  ASFM has a small population of students that receive an embedded modified education program and are supported through their program with the help of an Inclusive Learning Assistant.  ASFM believes that diversity enriches us and we aim to serve students within the mainstream classroom whenever possible.

ASFM is a legacy school with multiple generations of family members who have attended and graduated from the school.  It is not uncommon to speak to a student whose grandparents are Eagles.  Our community is committed to the school and our students.  Being an Eagle matters!  


ASFM is led by the Board of Directors composed of no more than fifteen (15) Members appointed by the Associate Assembly. The Board of Directors determines and reviews policy, and hires and evaluates the Superintendent.  The Board works in collaboration with the administration to determine ASFM’s strategic direction and approves the allocation of resources to support the operations of the school.

ASFM possesses a strong leadership team with over 100 years of combined leadership experience.  The leadership team is organized to be agile and responsive to the needs of the school.  The leadership team is collaborative and committed to the success of all students.  All members of the Senior Leadership Team report to the Superintendent.

Senior Leadership Team

  • Superintendent

  • Chief Financial Officer

  • Director of Teaching and Learning

  • Lower Elementary Principal

  • Upper Elementary Principal

  • Middle School Principal

  • High School Principal

Academic Leadership 

  • Director of Teaching and Learning

  • Director of Instruction & Professional Learning

  • Director of Learning Systems

  • Director of the Center for Personalized Learning

  • Division Principals

  • Division Deans of Students

The High School Principal collaborates closely with teacher leaders to ensure the relevance, ownership, and efficacy of the curriculum to ensure strong student learning outcomes.  


The High School School Principal is responsible for the design, implementation, and monitoring of a guaranteed and viable curriculum for grades nine to twelve. The High School Principal will ensure the implementation of research-based best practices aligned with the mission, vision, and learning principles of the school.  The High School Principal is responsible day-to-day operations of the High School School and must ensure efficient and responsive services to all stakeholders.  The High School Principal is supported by a Dean of Students whose responsibilities include developing a positive student culture, behavior management, parent communication, and the logistics and operations of each grade level.

Core Responsibilities:

  • Lead, model, and communicate the ASFM mission, vision, and learning principles.

  • Lead standards-based, student-relevant, inquiry-focused, and institutionally aligned instructional programs that ensure all students meet expected learning outcomes.

  • Lead the system of collaboration embodying the core aspects of Professional Learning Communities at Work and Response to Intervention.

  • Develop annual objectives and key results for the High School School that inform the professional growth and evaluation process.

  • Lead the implementation of a professional growth and evaluation process that ensures all faculty and staff are meeting expectations and engaged in continual professional growth.

  • Lead a culture of care where students and staff are clear about their role in ensuring the well-being of all members of the community.

  • Lead a responsive and restorative behavior program to ensure a positive school culture.

  • Lead and coordinate the efficient operations of the High School School.

  • Collaborate with the internal department that coordinates compliance with the Secretaria Educacion Publica (SEP).

  • Coordinate the day-to-day divisional professional learning program.

Supporting Responsibilities:

  • Support the implementation of the written curriculum in collaboration with the Innovation and Learning Office.

  • Support the implementation of standards-based assessment and reporting.

  • Support the development and implementation of the school strategic plan.

  • Support the attainment of school-wide objectives and key results.

Collaborative Responsibilities:

  • Collaborate with the Senior Leadership Team in the day-to-day management of the school in the attainment of the strategic plan goals.

  • Collaborate with the Academic Leadership team to ensure vertical and school-wide alignment.

  • Collaborate with the academic leadership team, including other divisional administrators, to ensure the alignment of actions to improve learning, clarity of roles and decisions, and coordination of support and accountability.

  • Collaborate with teachers to support ongoing improvement of student achievement.

  • Collaborate with High School Heads of Grade and Heads of Academics to ensure the effective implementation of ASFM policies, procedures, and programs.


Minimum Professional Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s Degree; current teacher certification

  • Advanced degree in Education or Leadership; preferably in Curriculum and Instruction or Leadership

  • Leadership Certification or 5 years of experience in a similar position

  • Five years of teaching experience 

  • Proficient English language skills both written and oral

 Preferred Professional Qualifications:

  • 10+ years of teaching experience within 3 years within the grade range of the division; international experience preferred

  • Prior system leadership experience in a similar role;

  • Experience leading a PLC at Work and RTI;

  • Experience uniting faculty and staff in the implementation of school-wide structures and processes;

  • Demonstrated experience leading the implementation of US standards-based curriculum and assessment;

  • Demonstrated experience with inquiry-based instruction;

  • Demonstrated experience with group facilitation and development including leading professional learning experiences; and

  • Demonstrated experience with the successful implementation of school-wide initiatives. 

Personal Qualities:

  • Learner-centered and learner-focused to impact learning in the classroom

  • Well-developed people skills that support a culture of trust and collaboration

  • Strong core educational philosophy with an openness to grow and develop

  • Strong organizational skills to balance competing urgent priorities

  • Thrives in a dynamic environment by embracing ambiguity, agility, and responsiveness

  • Skilled public speaker and presenter; ability to inspire groups through effective communication

  • A positive mindset that permeates and promotes a culture of possibility

  • Rugged determination to accomplish challenging endeavors

  • Grounded in tradition and inspired by innovation to produce transformative results


The salary will be competitive and commensurate with the qualifications and experience of the successful candidate.

Reports to: Superintendent

How to Apply:

The deadline for applications for the position is September 30, 2022. Candidates are asked to submit the requested materials listed below as early as possible. ASFM reserves the option to select candidates to interview in advance of the closing dates noted on this advertisement. ASFM also reserves the right to close the search and make selection decisions prior to the announced dates above.

The review of files will begin as soon as applications are received. Outstanding candidates will be immediately advanced for review.

Candidates should send the information listed below as a single pdf file attached to an email:

  • A letter of application, explaining your strengths as a candidate and why you are interested in the role at ASFM.

  • A statement describing your educational and leadership philosophy, not to exceed two pages.

  • A current résumé.

  • A one-page list with at least references; three of which must be immediate supervisors with current addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses.

Applications should be sent to: jobs@asfm.edu.mx.  Additional information about the American School Foundation of Monterrey can be found on the school’s website at < www.asfm.edu.mx>.

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