Learning Continuum Director at International School of Paris in France
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Learning Continuum Director
International School of Paris (France)

Feb 20, 19
Mar 22, 19








Title - Learning Continuum Director

Line Manager - Head of School

Associations - Principals / IB Coordinators


Position Overview:

The Learning Continuum Director is responsible to the Head of School, in collaboration with the two ISP Principals, for the development, implementation and oversight of curriculum, teaching and learning, and assessment in both school sections (Primary and Secondary) as well as parent information, communication and training.


The Primary and Secondary Principals are responsible for teaching and learning within their section of the school. The Learning Continuum Director is positioned at the same level as the Principals on the ISP Organisational Chart, sharing this responsibility and working collaboratively as the Educational Leadership Team to also include the Head of School and three IB Programme Coordinators. 


Teaching and Learning at ISP:

ISP holds the prestigious IB World School status and is the first school in Paris fully authorised to offer the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme, Middle Years Programme and Diploma Programme. As a member school of the IB global learning community, we share a common commitment to the goals and standards of the IB, which complement those of ISP.

The three programmes - PYP, MYP and DP - encourage students' academic advancement and promote their development as active and compassionate community members.

ISP holds accredited member status from two premier accreditation organisations: the Council of International Schools (CIS) in Europe and the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) in the United States.

This means that our School's philosophy, governance, curriculum, resources and staffing meet rigorous standards set by these international school organisations.

 Learning Objectives - Educating for Complexity & The IB Learner Profile:

Educating for Complexity - We strongly promote an inquiry-based approach and we recognise the importance of a meaningful, relevant and engaging curriculum that connects students to real-world contexts for their learning. We are keenly aware of the need to adapt our teaching and learning model to respond to the needs of our students in a world of fast-paced change.

As a fully authorised IB World School, ISP follows the philosophy and guidelines laid out by the International Baccalaureate, including its commitment to international education.

The IB learner profile runs across all three IB programmes and, is central to the definition of what it means to be internationally-minded.

A Unique School / Three Campuses

ISP is quite unique as one school but with three campuses. A Primary School site, a Middle School (Grade 6 to 9) site and a High School (Grade 10 to 12) site. This provides opportunities for tailored delivery of the three IB programmes. The campuses are all approximately ten minutes walking distance. At the same time this also creates some unique management, organisational, logistical and programme continuity complexities.

 Specific Responsibilities:

  • Embrace, articulate, model and implement the ISP Vision, Mission and Guiding Statements (as well as a set of measurement tools) across the school and into all learning programmes.
  • Write (lead), implement, measure and review the educational component of the ISP Strategic Plan with the Principals, IB Coordinators and those involved in the strategic planning cycle.
  • With the support of the SLT and Principals, ensure development and adoption of a definition for high quality learning as well as a set of measurement tools for evaluating and report against it.
  • Employ and deliver the specific concepts of a ‘Growth Mindset’ with staff as the basis for engagement, team work, decision making and change management for all job description developments.
  • Lead, in collaboration with the Principals, IB coordinators, grade-level teams and departments the vertical and horizontal articulation of all educational programme as well as the central storage of all documents.
  • Lead and coordinate, in collaboration with the Principals and IB Coordinators, the transitions between the three IB programmes as well as specific ‘transitioning events’ for students and parents.
  • Establish and lead the School's data analysis cycle regarding the effectiveness of educational programmes and student performance including results of any standardised testing programmes.
  • Lead, in collaboration with the Principals, IB coordinators, the development and review of the school Assessment Policy, associated reporting strategies and alignment of ‘reports’ to families.
  • Act as the school accreditation coordinator (CIS, NEASC, IB) to include management of annual reporting, community opinion surveys, the self-study and coordination of accreditation visits.
  • Study, evaluate and as appropriate, recommend to the Head of School and Principals, the adoption of new instructional programmes, methodologies and resources (best practice developments).
  • Facilitate, in collaboration with applicable colleagues, the planning and implementation of the educational programme for English language learners, special education and enrichment programmes.
  • Lead, with the support of the Research Centre Steering Committee, the implementation of initiatives and programmes designed to link complexity, inquiry and research into classrooms and learning programmes.
  • Take responsibility for all professional development programmes, including organisation of in-service days, in-house workshops, conference attendees and presenters.
  • Act as a leader in professional learning, presenting workshops to faculty and other audiences where appropriate (staff, parents, students).
  • Implement an annual schedule of cross school curriculum / special events and parent learning workshop programme into annual calendars.
  • Manage the annual review cycle, updating and writing of all Curriculum Handbooks (PYP, MYP, DP) with the Principals and IB Coordinators.
  • Perform other appropriate duties as assigned by the Head of School.


Advanced degree in Education and / or Educational Administration, minimum Master’s Degree in education.

Preferred Skills, Dispositions & Experience:

  • International Baccalaureate training and leadership experience in PYP, MYP and / Or DP.
  • A strong understanding and experience of general curriculum and current theories and practice of pedagogy and assessment.
  • Experience in working as a member of a senior leadership group.
  • A skillful and experienced coach of teaching and learning with a focus on developing ‘growth mindsets’.
  • Proven skills in strategic planning, international accreditation process.
  • Proven skills and abilities as a visionary who demonstrates leadership, resourcefulness, flexibility and creativity in identifying innovative solutions.
  • Excellent administrative and organizational skills
  • Self-sufficient, independent, flexible, resourceful and able to meet deadlines
  • Ability to establish effective working relationships with staff, students, parents and community members
  • Ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing to a wide range of audiences
  • IT literate and experience in worthwhile use of technology for learning
  • Have undertaken training in the area of Research and / or led their own Research projects.

Contract terms and conditions:

The Learning Continuum Director will be working over 212 days from September to August.

 The position requires flexible hours to accommodate evening/weekend meetings and events.

The salary will be competitive and depend on experience and qualifications.


Preferred starting date: August 2019

Please send a two-page maximum curriculum vitae, a two-page maximum cover letter, and names and e-mail addresses of three professional referees including your current line manager to jobs@isparis.edu by March 22nd, 2019.

NB: Candidate’s background investigation will be completed prior to final approval of employment


Attention: If you apply for this position, please inform the school and us (Admin@searchassociates.com) that you saw the notice on the Search Associates website.

Did You Know…?

Senior Associate John Ritter consults on matters of governance, planning, head and board transition, and staff development with schools all over the world.