Middle School and High School Principal at Beijing International Bilingual Academy - Beijing Campus in China
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Middle School and High School Principal
Beijing International Bilingual Academy - Beijing Campus (China)

Sep 17, 19
Jun 1, 20


  Beijing International Bilingual Academy







The Middle School and High School Principal serves as the educational and community leader for BIBA’s MS/HS division which has approximately 500 students.  The principal ensures that everyday school activity supports BIBA’s mission and philosophy, oversees curriculum development and implementation, and maintains a partnering relationship among students, parents and teachers.  The MSHS organizational structure is focused around teams (Wellbeing & Academic) and all members work towards the same goals and vision of the Division. Working closely with the MSHS teams, as well as, the C-Head of School and Divisional Principals the Principal will use their Transformational leadership skills to continue the growth and advancement of the school.



C- Head of School



  • Experience in leading a prominent middle school or high school division or institution
  • Teaching certificate/qualification, administrator credential, and advanced degree (MEd, PhD) in education
  • Extensive understanding of and experience with bilingual education
  • Demonstrated and track record of strong leadership in creation and motivation of a collaborative working environment with shared vision and objectives
  • Experience in successfully supervising and supporting teachers in the development of school programs and excellence in teaching
  • Experience in managing enrolment, staffing, scheduling and budget
  • Experience in recruiting high performing teachers and track record of strong leadership in professional development
  • Extensive knowledge of Curriculum – IBDP, IGCSE and MYP
  • Excellent interpersonal communication skills, ability to plan and act strategically, excellent executive abilities
  • Experience and enthusiasm in working in an international setting, awareness and appreciation of cultural differences, relevant consequences and benefits
  • Good understanding of and experience in integration of technology to improve student learning
  • Experience and working knowledge with the IB program
  • Communication skills in Chinese will be an advantage



  • Oversee the day-to-day function of all MS/HS programs to fulfil the school’s mission and philosophy
  • To lead, motivate and supervise staff in effective implementation of academic and administrative policies of the school
  • Lead and oversee the on-going development, implementation and management of BIBA’s unique bilingual/bicultural curriculum
  • Supervise, oversee and analyse learning and assessment outcomes and make recommendations for improvement, ensure successful development of every student
  • Guide and support the MS/HS Management team, working with the MSHS Management team to suggest strategies to continuously enhance performance and welfare of the staff, and appraise/evaluate MS/HS teachers according to the school’s Professional Expectations Process
  • Liaise with and support the Wellbeing Coordinator and Curriculum Coordinators to ensure programs are running effectively and efficiently
  • Liaising with the Timetabler with staff allotments
  • Working with the Heads of Department on staff allocations
  • Working with the C-Head of School with teacher and staff recruitment, selection, assignment and professional development in the MS/HS division
  • Liaise with the ES Principal & ECC Director to ensuring cohesion and consistency in procedures, programs and curriculum across all grades
  • Sustain and develop the culture of learning, collaboration and professional self- improvement among the MSHS for the primary purpose of promoting the education of the whole child
  • Work closely with the C-Head of School and report issues and concerns daily within the school
  • Foster the mindfulness and wellbeing (Flourish) program with in the school, ensuring dedicated timetable time allocated for each grade level.
  • Ensure emergency processes and followed
  • Develop and implement annual school division objectives focused on continuous improvement and aligned with the BIBA Strategic Plan
  • Lead and Coordinate Curriculum Verification or Authentication visits
  • Working alongside the Curriculum Coordinator monitor student performance on a regular basis and use the information to guide the further development of action plans focused on improving student learning
  • Make specific recommendations to C-Head of School for instruction, taking into consideration current educational research and practices as well as specific Divisional school needs
  • Actively participate in consultation and decision-making regarding student admissions and progression
  • Work cooperatively with other administrative colleagues to plan and support ECC-12 initiatives and programs
  • Support and implement child protection practices in the school
  • Support a wide range of co-curricular activities
  • Maintain safety measures and security processes within the school
  • Liaise with C-Head of School to ensure relevant policies and processes are updated and consistent with growth of the school
  • Maintain staff professional standards
  • Represent BIBA to students, parents, faculty, staff, and the broader school community in a professional manner
  • Recognize and strengthen personal performance through feedback and self-reflection, participation in professional development activities
  • Liaise with various groups (such as the PTA, School Management, Divisional Leaders and members of the school’s administrative staff) to ensure that a positive and productive working relationship is sustained
  • Consistently model the core values of BIBA
  • Working alongside the Assistant Principal with the staff allotments for Chinese.
  • Ensuring all Chinese Curriculum is following expectations and recorded and stored in secure area.
  • Representing the MS/HS division to the school community and the community at large, promote a welcoming environment for members of the community including students, teachers, parents and visitors
  • In conjunction with the C-Head of School develop annual academic budget and oversee expenditures, develop strategic plan and annual plan in accordance with the direction and strategy of the school
  • Participating in branding and marketing of the school and activities related to student admission
  • Participate in all Open House, Information sessions and School Fair events.
  • Any other duties as assigned by the C-Head of School.



Should demonstrate that they

  •  Are aligned with the vision, mission, and values of BIBA
  • Collaborative, respectful, and responsible
  • Are a transformational leader, that is empathetic and caring
  • Passion and commitment to the aims and objectives of the School
  • Are skilled in educational leadership and are able to inspire others
  • Have the awareness and ability to make reforms
  • Are committed to ensuring high standards of teaching and learning
  • Have high level expectations for students and faculty
  • Understand bilingual schools and the challenges associated with staffing and mandated curriculum
  • Are organised, efficient and clear in thought
  • Are internationally-minded
  • Are approachable with a sense of humor
  • Are calm and composed
  • Are innovative, flexible, and patient
  • Are technologically adept
  • Are capable of managing resources and a budget
  • Have the ability to respond with appropriate consideration to the feelings of others



BIBA’s package for International hires includes: Salary commensurate (based on the number of years of teaching experience), Housing; Summer Travel Allowance; Paid Holidays, Sick and Personal Leave; Medical Insurance; Visa/Work Permit; and Full Tuition for Dependent Children.

About BIBA

Beijing International Bilingual Academy is one of the fastest growing bilingual international schools in Beijing. At our Beijing campus we have over a 1600 students coming from more than 25 different countries. Our students study in a joyous environment that values respect, understanding, and innovation. BIBA is an IB World School and is authorized to offer the IB Diploma Programme. We are accredited by WASC and at the same time we are an active member of ACAMIS, ISAC and JISAC.

Our learning culture at BIBA is one which combines rigor, discipline and traditions of Chinese teaching methods with the vibrant, stimulating and outward looking creativity of International methods. The result is a student body which loves to study hard and play hard and in two languages!

BIBA Vision

Our vision is to be the model for developing internationally-minded bilingual ambassadors, who promote inter-cultural understanding, respect and integration in a dynamic global community.


BIBA Mission and Core Values

Through a blending of Eastern and Western philosophies, BIBA inspires students to:

  •  Be rigorous, balanced, and independent life-long learners.
  • Develop compassionate and positive relationships.
  • Respect and appreciate the world in which they live.
  • Understand their role and responsibility in a global community.

Our Four R’s Culture

R - igor

R - espect

R - esponsibility

R - elationships

We strive to utilize our 4 R’s into our daily lives; rigor, respect, responsibility and relationships. A combination of these values makes BIBA an inimitable culture to be a part of.

Working With Us

Our campuses are totally family friendly, with a very diverse faculty from different nationalities, culture and backgrounds, all sheltered under one umbrella. Our educators and administrators are all driven by the sole desire to exploit our students’ potentials though innovation, knowledge and skills.

Our Obligation to You

We value all our educations and administrators, and will invest in their welfare, as well as training and career growth.

We provide competitive and attractive salaries and benefits package to our staff.

We recognize our responsibility to society and to the environment, and will develop policies and practices that make a real difference.

Professional Career Development

Our success as an institution can only be made possible through the efforts and hard work of our educators and administrators. Therefore, professional development is highly valued at BIBA and each year there is allocated budgets for supporting various forms of professional development activities for staff.

  • These include:  various forms of in-house professional development (PD) activities such as pre-term induction programs, PD days, and different types of departmental PD opportunities by internal staff or invited external experts; and
  • Opportunities for applying to attending external PD activities such as conferences, seminars, workshop, training etc. 

Internal Transfers and Advancements

We strongly believe in and give internal candidate first preference over external candidates, when all qualifications are equal. This gives the staff an opportunity to explore their personal growth and career goals. With various campuses around China, we also strongly encourage transfers among the schools.  

About Beijing

Do you like to explore, visit interesting and historical places? Would you like to be immersed in an ancient culture? Beijing has been China’s capitol city for over 800 years, a city which is a vibrant blend of modern and ancient. A place which you could explore every weekend and will not see it all. The Forbidden City, The Summer Palace, The Temple of Heaven or The Ming Tombs to name a few, an exotic shopping experience, markets for all your needs. A visit to the Great Wall the largest man-made structure in the world! Performances, Art, Sport, the Olympic Stadium every weekend something new. If you are passionate about learning new things why not try to speak mandarin? ‘NiHao’ or learn Tai Chi in your local park, the adventures for you are endless and the opportunities in a SAFE environment are tremendous.

If you believe this is the type of working environment for you, and feel as if you possess what we are looking for, we invite you to contact our HR department to discuss the role further.! Please find details below:

Please send your application including cover letter and resume to our recruitment email address.

Attention: If you apply for this position, please inform the school and us (Admin@searchassociates.com) that you saw the notice on the Search Associates website.

Did You Know…?

Senior Associate Harry Deelman was at various times headmaster of schools in a fascinating foursome of global cities: Buenos Aires, Rome, Dubai, and Bangkok.