Middle School Principal at The American School of Barcelona in Spain
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Middle School Principal
The American School of Barcelona (Spain)

Appointed - Position has been filled
Feb 3, 15
Feb 28, 15

Middle School Principal


The Middle School Principal serves as the instructional leader of grades 6-8 and is responsible for the total operation of the Middle School including the administration and supervision of all phases of the instructional program and management of the facility.

The Middle School Principal shall provide leadership, administrative, and supervisory skills for the educational development of students as well as to promote parent and community involvement. 


The Principal is responsible for the direct supervision of all the staff assigned to grades 6-8.


The Principal is directly responsible to the Director.


The Principal shall possess the following qualifications and/or experience:

  • A Master’s Degree with specialization in education, administration, or related fields. Additional graduate study beyond the degree is highly desirable.
  • At least five years of Middle School teaching experience.
  • Previous experience as a principal or leader in an IB school desired.
  • Ability  to  establish  and  maintain  effective  working  relationships  with  other administrators, staff members, students and parents.
  • Experience in Conflict Resolution.
  • Experience in implementing the principles and current  trends in Middle  School education, curriculum, staff development, essential elements of instruction and clinical supervision.
  • Personal   qualities   associated   with   good   human   relations   and   interpersonal relations.
  • Possess qualities in shared decision making skills in order to be effective member of the administrative team.
  • Ability   to   lead   staff   toward   instructional   improvement   and   conduct   staff development sessions.
  • Ability to establish and lead grade level, and departmental teams.
  • Ability to communicate effectively (Spanish and English) orally and in writing.
  • Good health, physical stamina, fitness, and vitality.


The Middle School Principal shall:

  • Coordinate and supervise all activities and programs conducted in grades 6-8.
  • Evaluate the implementation of programs in grades 6-8 and provide in-service as needed.
  • Evaluate the performance of all staff and provide opportunity for improvement or take other steps as necessary.
  • Assume responsibility for maintenance and proper utilization of facilities.
  • Be responsible for the overall achievement,  welfare  and conduct of students  in Grades 6-8.
  • Possess personal qualities associated with excellent interpersonal skills.
  • Ability  to  establish  and  maintain  effective  working  relationships  with  other administrators, staff members, parents and students.
  • Ability to promote and maintain strong parental and community involvement.


A. Organization and Administration

  • Show knowledge of School Policies and Procedures
  • Work cooperatively with all staff in grades PK-12.
  • Demonstrate long-range planning.
  • Submit accurate reports on a timely basis.
  • Assume responsibility for all staff members assigned to work in grades 6-8 and all programs implemented therein, delegating responsibility and authority as appropriate.
  • Organize all staff and student schedules for the best interest of the students.
  • Knowledgeable and aware of all Ministry of Education and SACS regulations.

B. Communications

  • Keep updated on all school policies and communicate policy as needed to the school community.
  • Work with OPAI in planning functions during the year.
  • Keep  the  Curriculum  Director  informed  regarding  the  educational  programs, activities, and needs.
  • Disseminate newsletters on a weekly basis during the school year.
  • Disseminate guidelines on attendance, curriculum and discipline to both parents and staff at the beginning of each school year.
  • Coordinate      Parent/Teacher      conference     activities      to     insure maximum participation.

C. Personnel

  • Provide appropriate staff development as needed.
  • Evaluate the work performance and write performance reports on all staff members by the end of each semester. The report on each staff member should be formative at the end of the first semester and summative at the end of the second semester.
  • Fulfill professional responsibility by serving on the Executive Council and other committees as needed.
  • Provide opportunity for staff social interaction to build rapport and morale.
  • Establish procedure for orienting new staff members.

 D. Students

  •  Responsible  for  the  health  and  welfare  of  the  children  within  the  school environment.
  • Establish procedure for screening and approval of visitors to the school.
  • Assume responsibility for efforts to improve student achievement.
  • Maintain appropriate student records following proper procedures and insure privacy of records.
  • Will oversee the conduct of students and follow through on disciplinary actions in accordance with school policy.
  • Review and coordinate all student activities.
  • Be responsible for the classification, promotion or retention of students within the framework of school policy.

 E. Instructional

  •  Current in knowledge of curriculum development.
  • Assume responsibility for appropriate placement and instruction (grade level and special programs.
  • Assume responsibility for assisting in the development of the curriculum and in planning and adapting the courses of study to the needs and interests of the children.
  • Review and assess staff utilization and make appropriate changes to strengthen programs for students.

 F. Auxiliary Services

  • Oversee management of food services to make sure students are getting fresh and healthy food in the school cafeteria.
  • Supervise custodial and maintenance services in the Middle School area.
  • Oversee health care services.
  • Coordinate requests for student transportation with the Activities Director, the Middle and High School Principals and the transportation department.

 G. Properties

  • Supervise inventory and maintenance of school property in the Middle School section.
  • Insure the safety and security of buildings and grounds in the Middle School section.

H. Financial/Business

  • Responsible for student activity funds and other delegated fiscal responsibilities.
  • Responsible  for  assessment  of  building  needs  and  development  of  budget requests.

I. Personal

  • Accountable for your physical and emotional health as well as ethical behavior as it applies to your job responsibilities.

J. Professional

  • Continue to grow professionally as evidenced by continuing educational classes, professional conferences, visits to other schools and by maintaining current knowledge of professional literature.
  • Participate in school functions.
  • Take interest in local and international professional organizations to promote professional improvement and render greater services.

If you are interested in applying for this position, please send your CV and cover letter to the Human Resources Department at employment@asbarcelona.com


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