Primary Principal at Luanda International School of Angola in Angola
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Primary Principal
Luanda International School of Angola (Angola)

Appointed - Christopher Boreham
Sep 10, 14
Oct 22, 14

Luanda International School

seeks a

Primary Principal

Effective 1st August 2015

Carolyne Marshall, after eight very successful years, is standing down from her role as Primary School Principal at the Luanda International School, Angola.  We are therefore seeking a very experienced IB leader to drive the primary school through its next phase of growth and development.


Luanda International School, Angola is an Early Years–Year 13 day School which follows the IB curriculum throughout.  There are currently 760 students on the roll. The school operates as a private not for profit association registered in Angola.

Our curriculum encompasses breadth, depth and excitement, enabling students to fulfill their academic potential and enjoy many activities outside the classroom. The school is situated on a spacious campus in Luanda Sul, a newish suburb, south of Luanda.  Our facilities, including staff housing, are excellent. The teachers are from 24 different countries primarily though from North America and the UK and very well qualified with a wide range of previous international experience; many of them live on site or adjacent to the school in the local housing estates. This enables a strong sense of community to develop and also allows for a range of activities on and around the campus.

There are well over 50 nationalities in the student body with the largest group being Angolans and Americans at about 20% each of the student body.   Over 60% of the student body have parents attached to oil industry and the Board of the School is appointed by 6 major oil companies who were founder members of the Luanda International School Association.  The School has a large waiting list and a new primary annex is due to open in August 2016.  The school is accredited by CIS, NEASC and is fully authorized to offer all three IB programmes.  Our 8* visit is due to take place in November this year.  The School also offers the Regio Emilia programme as part of the PYP in early childhood.    

Luanda International School is a vibrant, thriving, vigorous school which promotes each individual within a thoughtful, compassionate, international community.  It is a happy school with a strong sense of cooperation and common purpose. Throughout the school there is a refreshing commitment to foster student engagement through hands-on enquiry and a desire to promote academic achievement through understanding not repetition. The common purpose that fosters this has evolved through a forward-looking board, a very hands-on PTA and a talented and committed teacher body. 

For further details about the school and Luanda please refer to the website:

Guiding Statements

Our Mission – the reason we exist:


Driven by the International Baccalaureate philosophy, LIS builds the skills and attitudes of each member of our community, shaping adaptable and knowledgeable individuals who meet challenges with confidence. 


Our Values – the framework within which we work 



  • Of thought
  • Of intent
  • Of vision



  • through providing the skills for lifelong learning 
  • through a commitment to professional development and quality recruitment 
  • through financial stability and planned growth



  • in academic content 
  • in assessment 
  • in flexible strategic planning 



  • for difference 
  • for our host culture 
  • for our environments 


Our objectives

  • To deliver the three International Baccalaureate Programmes through high-quality teaching so that the balance of skills, attitudes and knowledge attained can be transferred seamlessly to other schools. 
  • To communicate clearly with the whole school community, using mother-tongue languages as appropriate. 
  • To celebrate the wealth of languages spoken by members of the school community and continually to ensure that the power of language is used to enhance relationships, never to harm them. 
  • To instill in all members of our community a willingness to respect and understand difference, to evaluate differing viewpoints using clear moral principles and to appreciate and focus on the commonalities shared by us all. 
  • To foster a culture of learning in which all members of the LIS community are encouraged, within a safe and secure environment, to take conceptual risks that will carry us beyond our social and academic comfort zones. 
  • To set continually evolving goals, within clear strategic frameworks, that will ensure the sustained progress of our students, our staff and our school. 
  • To review regularly, through structured reflection, the degree of success with which the Mission, Values and Objectives of the school are being followed. 


The Position

The Kikuyu are adjusted for the unforeseen and accustomed to the unexpected.

Isak Dinesen, Out of Africa 

The primary principal is accountable to the director of Luanda International School.  The primary principal is expected to be an outstanding classroom practitioner who models the attributes of the IB learner profile and leads by example.  The role demands a commitment to guiding the development of the primary school through the demonstration of a wide variety of skills including: 

Managing Change: 

    • Ensuring physical facilities are adequate to support learning
    • Recruiting staff with adaptive skills
    • Preparing contingencies within a rapidly changing environment


Developing Home / School Relationships:

    • Helping parents achieve a clear understanding of the programme
    • Engendering a sense of belonging within the LIS community
    • Ensuring communication is targeted and effective
    • Providing support for families new to LIS and the Angolan expatriate experience


Promoting Distributive Leadership:

    • Developing the skills, expertise and responsibilities within the PYP team
    • Nurturing key roles to support learning
    • Ensuring collective knowledge is extended


Raising Standards:

    • Enabling staff to realize their potential through the use of an effective appraisal system
    • Monitoring student progress and ensuring each child’s needs are met
    • Targeting attendance
    • Promoting a culture of health and safety
    • Developing the articulation of programmes

Qualities sought

  • Persistence in overcoming and removing obstacles to goal achievement
  • A drive, commitment and sense of urgency that inspires others to achieve results
  • Proactively approaches others with a view to engaging in dialogue and building strong working relationships
  • Recognizes people who may be of critical importance to achievement of one's objectives and involves them to get their input
  • Holds employees/colleagues accountable for achieving results and publicly acknowledges effective performance
  • Likes to multi-task
  • Demonstrates good judgment; approachable and professional; solid problem solving skills


Qualifications and Experience

  • An outstanding track record of educational leadership in the Primary section of an international school.
  • A Masters Degree in Educational Leadership or equivalent post-graduate qualification
  • A minimum of ten years leadership experience in schools with an international ethos
  • Excellent interpersonal skills with the ability and desire to work collaboratively with the school community
  • Experience in developing and implementing professional and school development;
  • Highly organized with excellent written English and communication skills
  • A high level of competence in IT and a working knowledge of Veracross (or similar)
  • Proven ability to manage a large budget 

Terms and Conditions of Appointment

The initial contract will be for a period of three years, with an option to extend upon mutual agreement.  The contract is renewable at the discretion of the Director and Board of Directors.  The salary and benefits are extremely competitive and set to attract the highest quality of candidate.


Particulars of the Search

Specific directions for filing application through Search Associates follow below. 


The deadline for applications is 22nd October 2014. Candidates who apply through Search Associates are asked to submit a letter of interest and the requested materials listed below as early as possible as the Search Committee reserves the right to close the selection process at any time if the right candidate is found.   


The review of files will begin as soon as applications are received.  LIS has contracted Search Associates to conduct this Primary Principal search. Senior Associate Gez Hayden will be the lead consultant. Candidates should send the information listed below as a single pdf file attached to

  • A one-page letter of application, explaining your strengths as a candidate and why you are interested in the Primary Principal post.
  • A statement describing your management and educational philosophy, not to exceed two pages.
  • A current résumé not to exceed two pages.
  • A one-page list of references with current addresses, phone numbers and email addresses.


Did You Know…?

CEO of Search Associates, Jessica Magagna, was born in Morocco and attended the American Community School in Iran while her father was headmaster.