Principal/Head of Primary School at Singapore International School, Mumbai in India
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Principal/Head of Primary School
Singapore International School, Mumbai (India)

Apr 23, 19
May 10, 19


Singapore International School, Mumbai

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Principal/Head -of- Primary School
For academic year starting July 2019


The School

The Singapore International school (SIS) has been established in 2007 is located in Mumbai-the financial capital of India. Singapore International School is a signature boarding school, which is set up for 500 students on an 8 acre lush green campus with child friendly infrastructure and architecture.  It is among first 8 schools in Mumbai to offer IB and follows a unique blended international curriculum to give an incomparable educational experience.  The vision of the school management was to offer a boarding life experience to children in the metropolitan city of Mumbai, where students can be with their parents on weekends.

University representative visits to SIS continue to grow on a yearly basis with approximately 160 visits in the last academic year.  Most recently SIS hosted a visit by group of Ivy League Universities namely Columbia University, Princeton University, Cornell University, University of Pennsylvania.  In terms of university placements, SIS students continue to secure admissions in global universities.Joiningthe league of excellence, IB
Diploma students have successfully topped the world with four students have securing the perfect score of 45 during the last two academic session.

Singapore International School offers the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) for Grade 11 & 12.  In the Middle school ie from Grade 7 to Grade 10 has CIE IGCSE curriculum. In Primary School ie Grade K-6 we offer IB-PYP blended with the Singapore curriculum. Students studying are predominantly Indian and most have English as their first language. 

The day-to-day activities are managed by the School Principal.  For administrative purpose the school is divided in three Division Namely Primary Division (Grade K-6), Middle Division (Grade 7 to 10) and Upper Division (Grade 11 & 12).  Each Division is headed by a Divisional Head / Coordinator.

The school’s facilities include well-furnished naturally illuminated air-conditioned classrooms; well-equipped laboratories; physical and digital library; Visual Art, Music and Dance Studio and lush green football ground, Rubber basketball court, wooden Badminton court, Lawn Tennis courts and Swimming pool. The school aims to have a holistic development of the students of the school. Our School website is

School Motto

Carpe Diem- Seize t




School Vision

To become a vibrant, outstanding institution of learning, recognized globally as one of the finest.



Our Primary School Program

Singapore International School has adopted the inquiry based pedagogical framework of the IB-PYP and integrated the inquiry based Singapore National Education Curriculum. 

Our Teaching Faculty

Singapore International School provides extensive opportunities for professional development to staff. We do have a regular in-house professional Development session for all the teaching staff on every Friday afternoon. Singapore international school faculty consists of caring, creative, enthusiastic, open-minded and motivated individuals who aim to facilitate the process of learning through exploration and encouragement. Most teachers have teaching degree and are post graduates in their specialized area. Most of the teachers teaching in middle school also teach in IBDP program.   



Our School at Mumbai

Mumbai is considered the financial, commercial and entertainment capital of India, our school is located on the northern suburbs of the City.  Our School share a boundary wall with Sanjay Gandhi National Park. Various tourist attraction like the Kanheri caves, The Pagodas are nearby.  International Airport is just 30 minutes drive from our school.

Mumbai being one of the largest cities in the country, offers a blend of traditional and international festivals, food, music and theatre. The city’s history as a major trading center and as a city of migrants has led to a wide range of cultures, religions and cuisines coexisting together. This unique blend of diverse cultures and ideas has promoted an international, secular and welcoming atmosphere within the city. As a transportation hub, Mumbai offers easy access for explorations around India itself as well as all important cities of the world.



The Headof Primary School position at the Singapore International School reports to the Principal for the development, implementation, overseeing of curriculum, teaching and learning, assessment, and management of the middle school programme.

Scope of Work

  • To be a part of the school pedagogical leadership team which oversees planning, resource allocation, teaching and learning process, assessment, calendar issues and school policy matters relating to Primary Division.
  • Overall coordination of all academic & administrative matters pertaining to the Primary Division i.e. Grade  K-6 section of the school.
  • Monitor closely the day to day work of PYP Coordinator, DPYP Coordinator, Home Room Teachers and Specialists as a leader of Primary Division pedagogical leadership team.
  • Monitoring the quality of planning and delivery of  POI, scheme of work, PYP Planner, Record of Work, Class Room engagements, and other necessary documentation
  • Carrying out school performance appraisals of PD Staff in collaboration with PYP Coordinator/ Principal
  • Drafting of various budgets relevant to the Primary Division
  • Be involved in the hiring of staff  teaching the IB -PYP along with Principal
  • To allocate and coordinate teacher participation in professional development activities along with the PYP Coordinator
  • To coordinate the overall management of trips and exchanges (both virtual and physical) for teachers and students.
  • Oversee the curriculum review and development process initiated by the PYP coordinator, as per the CRD cycle.
  • Schedule and monitor collaborative meeting sessions for teachers.
  • Maintaining contacts with various stakeholders with a view to promote the recognition of the IB PYP Programme at SIS, within and outside the school.
  • As a part of the school leadership team oversee the Evaluation cycle and monitor the process for these periodic reviews by the IB for PD.
  • Ensure that the Academic Honesty, Absence, IT, Safety policies of the school and Health related procedures are followed.
  • Ensure effective communication with the parents, teachers and students on PYP and school related matters.
  • Ensure effective organization of PTM and communicate the feedback to the Principal, School Management, and teachers.
  • Ensure effective organization and provide support to the PYP Coordinator in full implementation of the programme and ensure the meeting of standards and practices successfully
  • Involved in the PYP student recruitment and selection process.
  • Ensure proper discipline in maintained in your division and Handle all disciplinary matters  in keeping with established SIS disciplinary guidelines with the support of the personal counsellor.
  • Perform any other duties as assigned by the Principal and/or School Management.


  • Degrees in education and leadership
  • Significant international curriculum experience (essential with IB-PYP)
  • Outstanding experience as a leader of teaching and learning
  • Leadership experience in Middle Management of a school, or equivalent experience
  • Experience in Asian international schools or similar settings is preferred.
  • Knowledge of integrated information technology and IT systems
  • Capacity to work collaboratively with a school leadership team
  • Organized administrator able to delegate, drive accountability and take decision
  • Works collaborative with peers and superiors and school Management


  • Exceptional learning expectations for students, faculty, and self
  • High level of intercultural competency, and in the Indian context
  • Visible, actively engaged in the life of the school
  • Collaborative team player and team leader
  • Flexible and open-minded, sense of humor
  • Principled and caring, of highest integrity
  • Effective communicator in writing and speaking
  • Visionary and innovative
  • Perseverance and stamina
  • Careful and reflective listener
  • Committed to child protection and safety

 Application Procedures

In the interest of identifying the best candidates for this position, Singapore International School has chosen Search Associates to assist in this process. The deadline for applications is May 10, 2019.

Candidates should note that, in the event a right applicant is identified early in the search process, Singapore International School reserves the right to make an appointment before the deadline mentioned above and to bring the search to a close.

Candidates should email the information requested below as a single document in PDF format to Manager-HR at The subject line should read Head of Primary School and the applicant’s name. The application should include:

  •  Cover letter of application
  • Photograph
  • Résumé, not to exceed two-pages
  • Educational philosophy detailing beliefs in reference to learning and leading
  • A list of references (at least three) - the list should include their names, positions, current email addresses.

Attention: If you apply for this position, please inform the school and us ( that you saw the notice on the Search Associates website.

Did You Know…?

Executive Vice President David Cope's career has taken him to Europe, Africa, North and Central America, the Middle East, Asia and Australia.