PYP Coordinator at Chadwick International  in Korea
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PYP Coordinator
Chadwick International (Korea)

Nov 16, 20
Dec 4, 20


Chadwick International, South Korea

 Job Description for PYP Coordinator


Our Village School (PK-G5) consists of approximately 650 students and 100 faculty. Our school is served by the Village School Principal, Assistant Principal and two PYP Coordinators. As one of our Coordinators is repatriating, we need to hire another PYPC.

The average rate of faculty retention for the last 5 years at Chadwick International is 89.6% not including New Teacher Interns who are only with us for two years.

Chadwick’s Mission: Develop Global Citizens with Keen Minds, Exemplary Character, Self-Knowledge, and the Ability to Lead

Chadwick Philosophy:

Chadwick Schools are deeply committed to self-discovery through experience and reflection. Students develop the joy of learning, self-confidence, well-being, and curiosity through interactive and practical experiences. Our schools share the core values of respect, responsibility, honesty, fairness, and compassion.

Through active participation in an intentionally diverse and inclusive environment, students make a positive impact within and beyond their own communities. By living and learning in a student-centered, collaborative atmosphere of excellence, integrity and trust, we come to expect the best of ourselves and others.

“A strong feeling of belonging to each other and of belonging to the whole family of man develops and once a child has grasped the concept of “we” as meaning “old and young, rich and poor, of every color and all nations,” he has found himself at home in the World.” - Margaret Chadwick

Chadwick seeks to identify, assess, and foster the following personal and professional qualities in its faculty and staff:

  • Student-centered: Dedicated to the intellectual, emotional, social, and ethical well-being of Chadwick students as our first priority; able to engage them collectively and individually as whole people possessed not only of intellect but also of passions, feelings, thoughts, and lives outside of school; and committed to teaching in ways that inspire a joy in learning and engagement in every student.
  • Collaborative: Wanting to work with colleagues and students and to contribute creatively to effective working teams, on and across Chadwick campuses.
  • Professionally grounded: Not only well-educated and passionate about learning and teaching, but also committed to all facets of Chadwick’s Mission and conversant with the research that supports our pedagogy.
  • Innovative: Willing to try new educational approaches and modify program and pedagogy appropriately to take full advantage of learning opportunities.
  • Globally-minded: Understanding of the need to connect with peoples, ideas, and perspectives from around the world to prepare students for the future.
  • Technologically competent: Able to integrate technology meaningfully as an essential element in the teaching “toolbox”.

All Chadwick teachers:

- Embrace our community as a diverse and inclusive “Dipperful of Humanity” as Margaret  Chadwick envisioned

- Contribute to the school community outside of the classroom

- Understand the value and are committed to the pedagogy of a holistic and experiential education, both in the academic classroom and through the arts, athletics, global experiences, outdoor education and service learning

-Understand that we use the various IB programmes as a vehicle for delivering the Chadwick Mission

- Has earned a teaching certificate (unless a Korean citizen or have taught for three years at a recognised school in order to meet Korean immigration requirements.)


Primary Years Program Coordinator

Reporting Structure

Reports to: Village School Principal

Collaborates with:: Assistant Principal, Director of Teaching and Learning, Other Coordinators

Essential Duties

  • Provides pedagogical leadership and support based on best professional practices Contributes to the development of orientation and support programs for new and returning teachers
  • Attends PYPEAN meetings to ensure up to date understanding of IB policies, practice and implementation
  • Work closely with the other PYP Coordinator, Assistant Principal and Principal
  • Support staff in the submission of Professional Development
  • Collaborate closely with the partner PYPC to support all elements of the PK-G5 curriculum  across all grade levels and departments.

Curriculum, Planning and Preparation

  • Monitors curriculum development, articulation and assessment
  • Develops and supervises integration and implementation of the IB PYP curriculum
  • Manages the authorization process for the IB and ongoing evaluation efforts
  • Differentiate coaching and training of staff including collaborative teaching with peers
  • Manage effective and timely documentation of the curriculum
  • Publishes the school’s programme of inquiry
  • Leads the development and annual vertical and horizontal review of the school’s POI
  • Be familiar with and promote understanding and use of all PYP documents to faculty and the school community
  • Assists with the continuous review and revision of curriculum mapping
  • Maintain regular audit of the PYP standards and practices including, but not limited to recommendations for action
  • Leads the process of developing or reviewing the school’s scope and sequence documents
  • Identifies curriculum needs in the Village School, identifying areas for development and proposing means of improvement
  • Participates in the facilitation of vertical articulation of the curriculum in collaboration with MYP and DP Coordinators
  • Leads/organises professional learning communities within the school and PYP region network
  • Recognise and develop staff leaders
  • Engages in research on effective teaching and learning practices fundamental to the school culture/identity

Instruction and Assessment

  • Establishes a schedule of regular meetings with grade and department leads, and teachers including specialist areas to discuss best practices and the PYP implementation
  • Engages in coaching of teachers to ensure effective delivery of the curriculum in the classrooms
  • Supervises the development and implementation of assessment practices
  • Monitors assessment practices and procedures to ensure a balanced approach at each year level in line with the assessment policy and the PYP
  • Provides staff with ongoing feedback regarding teaching and learning
  • Supports alignment of report cards relative to student learning goals, scope and sequence, and best practices
  • Support the management of standardized assessment process and demonstrate the ability to analyze data for curriculum development
  • Support staff in using data in meaningful ways to inform instruction and individual student goal setting


  • Facilitates the preparation and submission of documents required for PYP verification and evaluation
  • Holds regular workshops to support parents toward deeper understanding of the programme, inquiry, assessment, etc.
  • Promote positive communication at all levels in the school community
  • Communicates the program benefits and components to interested constituents such as student teachers, inquiring parents and visiting schools


  • Growth Mindset
  • Problem-Solver
  • Strong Collaborator
  • Outstanding Interpersonal Skills
  • Flexibility/Adaptability
  • Sense of Humor

Undertake other responsibilities and duties as required by the Head of School or Village School Principal

This job description indicates the general nature and level of work expected of incumbent.  It is not designed to cover or contain a comprehensive listing of activities, duties or responsibilities required of incumbent.  Incumbent may be asked to perform other duties as required.


Contact Information

If you are interested in this position, Please apply directly to along with a resume, letter of intent and philosophy.


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