PYP Coordinator / Deputy Head of Junior School at Branksome Hall Asia in Korea
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PYP Coordinator / Deputy Head of Junior School
Branksome Hall Asia (Korea)

Sep 28, 19
Nov 30, 19

Branksome Hall Asia

PYP COordinator / Deputy Head of Junior School

Job Description

September 2019



Our School


Branksome Hall Asia opened in 2012 on the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Jeju Island, South Korea. Branksome Hall Asia shares the mission, vision, and builds upon the strong traditions of its sister school, Branksome Hall Toronto, which was founded in 1903.

As an IB World School, Branksome Hall Asia offers the Diploma Program, Middle Years Program and the Primary Years Program. The strength of the IB programs, combined with the school’s commitment to empowering women, makes Branksome Hall Asia a truly remarkable place to live and learn.

From JK Prep to Grade 12, our students share their learning and living in a state of the art world class facility that embodies and encourages our value for intellectual inquiry, collaboration, effective communication, and strength of character. Branksome Hall Asia vibrates with students’ energy and warmth.

Our Mission

“Each day, we challenge and inspire girls to love learning and to shape a better world.”

Our Vision

“To be the pre-eminent educational community of globally-minded learners and leaders.”

Our Program

As an IB World School, we offer the PYP, MYP, and DP International Baccalaureate Programs. Branksome Hall Asia is dedicated to support students to become confident, capable individuals inspired to meet life’s challenges with intelligence, sensitivity, and courage. Our IB advantage, Leadership through Service, Innovative Systems Design Program, and English Language Acquisition programs are distinguished features of the Branksome Hall Asia School experience.

We implement an international curriculum framework and are dedicated to ensuring the best possible development of your child’s total well-being. We focus equally on students’ academic rigor and challenge, their emotional well-being, and their physical development, and follow inquiry-based approaches to learning and teaching. Service learning is a key component of our curricular and co-curricular programs, as we have a commitment to develop an ethos of care and compassion as students engage to develop solutions to real-life problems.

Offering an all-girls learning environment from grades 5 through 12, we are committed to empowering our girls to become confident women leaders who care about others and the environment and who have a deep-rooted passion to shape a better world.



School Life

Our Residence


Branksome Hall Asia’s purpose-built residence is designed to enable girls from around the world to live together and thrive. Our Boarding Program provides opportunities for students to develop self-efficacy and a strong sense of family and community. There is a high expectation of personal responsibility and value for international-mindedness. A large percentage of the student body are Korean with approximately 15% Chinese or other international nationalities.

Our Co-curricular

The school’s innovative co-curricular program, CASE (Creativity, Activity, Service, and Enrichment Activities) provides extensive opportunities for students to explore their areas of interest in the arts, athletics, and community service. Students participate in artistic endeavors including theatrical and musical productions, Korean calligraphy, digital storytelling, symphony orchestra, and much more. Students develop their athletic and sportsmanship skills via a host of team sports and clubs, including badminton, volleyball, tennis, basketball, soccer, golf, swimming, cross country, track and field, and equestrian. Students develop their leadership through service skills and become actively engaged citizens with a local and global outlook. They further discover and pursue their passions and interests through clubs such as yearbook, public speaking, creative writing, Branksome TV production, Spanish, French, and Japanese language clubs, robotics academy, World Scholar’s Cup, Model United Nations, among many others.



The Campus

Our Facilities

The School’s award-winning campus is surrounded by natural beauty and culture. The intentional design of the campus embodies the school’s ethos and provides a landscape for learning where the environment reflects the integration of structure and landscape. The school’s facilities include an Olympic-sized pool and ice rink, fitness center, tennis courts, golf green, and fields. Eight fully outfitted science labs and 4 spacious art studios are housed in the STEM-V Center with design studios and adjacent breakout spaces. The state-of-the-art Performing Arts Center includes a 370-seat theatre, spacious studios, practice rooms, TV and recording studios, and a Black Box theatre.

Jeju Island

One of the nine provinces of South Korea, Jeju Island is known for its natural beauty and miles of seashore. A popular vacation destination, the island welcomes over 10 million visitors annually. Much of the island is a designated national park, and attracts many looking to explore its natural attractions and hike its dormant volcano. A UNESCO World Heritage site, the 700 square miles of island features extensive hiking and riding trails, as well as “the finest lava tube system of caves anywhere.”

The island is a unique and beautiful place to work and live. At once rural and somewhat remote, Jeju is a 50-minute flight from Seoul and other major Asian cities. The air route from Seoul to Jeju is the most frequently travelled domestic route, bringing many visitors and a busy island economy for its half-million residents. Branksome Hall Asia’s modern campus blends technology with appreciation for nature, celebrating both tradition and innovation on Jeju Island.


PYP Coordinator / The Deputy Head of Junior School

General Summary

The Deputy Head of Junior School/PYP Coordinator is responsible for assisting and supporting the Head of Junior School. Being positive, collaborative and flexible are key. The role focuses on:

  • Promoting the philosophy, principles, and practices of the PYP within the context of Branksome Hall Asia
  • Assisting the Head of Junior School in the day-to-day operations of the Junior School
  • Representing the Head of Junior School in her absence or other appropriate times
  • Leading the development of the Junior School curriculum

Reports to: Head of Junior School

Main Working Relationships

  • Head of Junior School
  • Head of Academics
  • Senior Leadership Team
  • MYP/DP Coordinators

Duties & Responsibilities

PYP Coordinator and Curricular Responsibilities:

  • In collaboration with teachers and Head of Junior School, ensure all aspects of the written, taught, and assessed curriculum align vertically and horizontally and reflect IB philosophy and practices.
  • Provide pedagogical and administrative leadership with a focus on developing learning and teaching.
  • Work in collaboration with the Head of Academics, Head of Junior School, MYP and DP coordinators to oversee IB Evaluation Visits, Action Plans and PYP training.
  • Communicate with the IB and respond to requests for information and program developments.
  • Keep teachers and the leadership team informed of IB and curriculum developments.
  • Provide leadership for the implementation of the PYP throughout the Junior School and meeting the IB requirements.
  • Support the use of documentation and research to improve student learning, to identify next steps in learning, intervention strategies, and curriculum development.
  • Act as a coach/mentor to support teachers/interns to improve professional knowledge, skills, and understandings regarding inquiry, pedagogy, and implementation strategies.
  • Support continuity between the Junior and the Middle/Senior School to foster a whole school culture, with curriculum articulation and continuity.
  • Lead and support teachers with curriculum planning and ensure all the expectations and requirements of the IB are implemented.
  • Work, in coordination with Head of Junior School and the leadership team, to support the school-wide and Junior School goals.
  • With the Head of the Junior School, plan and implement the induction of new staff.
  • Ensure meetings are relevant, collaborative, effective, and focus on learning.
  • Communicate with parents and facilitate workshops to develop parental understanding of the PYP and learning at Branksome Hall Asia.
  • Develop assessment and data collection protocols and analysis to support learning and guide teaching.
  • Ensure high standards of teaching and learning through regular classroom visits, co-teaching, and supporting teachers in their own professional development.
  • Assist with the ordering, budgeting and inventory of resources to support the curriculum.

Deputy Head responsibilities:

  • Support individual faculty and teams within the Junior School in their professional growth.
  • Assist with student admissions and staff recruitment.
  • In collaboration with the Head of Academics and Head of Junior School, assess and develop the future needs of the Junior School.
  • Work in collaboration to develop the Junior School calendar and planning events, including assemblies and parent conferences/reports.
  • Arrange cover for Junior School teachers, interns, and assistants.
  • Work collaboratively to develop the meeting and duty schedules for the Junior School.
  • Review curriculum requirements and student/teacher number to create the Junior School timetable, in conjunction with the Head of Junior School.
  • Undertake other reasonable duties as required by the Head of Junior School and Principal.


Compensation for this position will be commensurate with the responsibilities of the position and is competitive globally. Benefits include furnished housing, annual travel, health care, and a retirement contribution.

How to Apply

Interested and qualified candidates should submit one electronic .pdf file to with the following materials included:

  • Formal cover letter for the position
  • Current resume
  • Statement of educational philosophy and leadership practice
  • List of 3 references with names, phone number, and e-mail address

Application closing Date: 30 November 2019. The school reserves the right to close the position before the deadline.

Contact Details

Branksome Hall Asia

234 Global edu-ro, Daejung-eup

Seogwipo City, Jeju-do,South Korea,63644


T: +82.64.902.5024

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