Secondary School Principal at Berlin Brandenburg International School in Germany
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Secondary School Principal
Berlin Brandenburg International School (Germany)

Dec 19, 22
Jan 15, 23




STARTING DATE: 01.08.2023




POSITION NO: 20221201

BBIS is seeking an inspiring and experienced educational leader to serve as its Secondary School Principal. The Secondary School Principal is a member of the senior leadership team and therefore works closely and in collaboration with team members across the school.The Secondary School Principal is responsible for leading grades 6-12 and for overseeing the day-to-day operation, academic and co-curricular programmes, student life, faculty professional development and other related aspects of school. The ideal candidate will have significant experience of leadership in a growing school and managing the resulting change with clarity and persistence. This experience will include deep pedagogical knowledge, developed leadership skills, emotional intelligence and empathy, and someone who can lead students, parents and teachers in fulfilling the BBIS Mission and guiding statements.


To inspire everyone in our learning community to be responsible, compassionate global citizens who make a difference through inclusion, innovation and action. This can be summarised as: we are inclusive, innovative and active.


Pioneering students are courageous, determined and resilient. They explore the unfamiliar. They question assumptions. They seek creative solutions to the challenges they discover. They collaborate with others to achieve personal and shared goals. They put ideas into action.

Reflective students are thoughtful, open-minded and considerate. They evaluate feedback and evidence of learning, recognising their successes and setting goals for further development. They inquire into their approaches to learning, identifying conditions and strategies that help them learn well. They learn from mistakes by analysing and attributing causes for failure. They develop growth mindsets. They take responsibility for their own learning.

Excellent students have high expectations of themselves. They are passionate about learning, embrace opportunities, and take steps to improve themselves. They are driven to be their best selves. They take learning seriously through high levels of engagement, and commitment to self-development. Excellent students welcome and respond to feedback.

Caring students are empathic, and principled. They take responsibility for self, others and the environment around them. They are committed to service. They learn strategies to overcome impulsiveness and manage their emotions. They build and develop relationships. They manage and resolve conflict. They act as responsible digital citizens. They consider how they can share their skills to help their peers. Caring students take a stand for diversity, equity, inclusion and justice.


In line with our mission statement, inclusion stands in the centre of our core values at BBIS to inspire everyone in our learning community to be responsible, compassionate global citizens. As such, we encourage applications for all positions from all educators with the relevant certification, including those who identify as BIPOC, educators with (dis)abilities, LGBTQ+ educators, and those traditionally underrepresented in the international school community to apply to join BBIS.


BBIS is committed to supporting students with diverse learning needs, including students who would benefit from a higher level of challenge as well as those who require more scaffolding, support or different approaches to teaching and learning. We are seeking educators who value inclusion in a community school context and are knowledgeable in a variety of approaches to teaching and learning that meet the needs of all learners.



Child protection and safeguarding are priorities for us at BBIS. Policies, procedures and leadership has been established to ensure that children’s safety and well-being is paramount and our most important consideration. Training is provided for all employees so that we are able to protect children from any form of abuse or neglect by being alert to indicators. An environment has been established where children feel secure, are encouraged to talk and are listened to. Our children know that there are adults in the school whom they can approach, and we respond appropriately and sensitively with every suspicion or disclosure of abuse or neglect.


BBIS has identified that values, self-knowledge and character strengths are important to prepare students for lifelong learning and develop excellence in all areas of their lives. Developing resilience and creating purpose and meaning in our lives are critical for personal well-being and also for having a sense of direction to live a meaningful and balanced life. Positive Education provides a framework for a positive, safe environment for learning and working.



BBIS has a boarding programme, open for students in Grades 9 to 12, which provides opportunities for overseas students to access the MYP and DP learning programmes the school offers. There are currently 65 students boarding with us, making up almost one fifth of the total Grade 9-12 student body. A balance of nationalities is preserved. The Boarding Programme aligns to the school's overall mission and guiding statements and has developed a clear and concise set of goals to guide students' shared living environment while away from home: to embrace a healthy lifestyle; achieve academic potential; and share cultures to foster intercultural understanding.



Ensure the BBIS mission and vision is supported and maintained by the best possible development, implementation and delivery of curricular, extra-curricular, social and emotional learning, and approaches to learning skills development

Create a climate and culture that is learning focused, reflective, values relationships and collaboration, is internationally-minded, models global citizenship, and values professional accountability

Develop rich collaborative relationships with students, staff, and parents through meetings, assemblies, focus groups, small group meetings, and other forums, building strong, supportive, solutions-focussed teams

Be highly visible inside and outside classrooms and at school events Promote a positive school culture



Lead holistic learning programmes in the relevant section, overseeing, guiding and supporting Curriculum Coordinators and other pedagogical leaders, instructional coaches and faculty

Lead the advisory programme of the secondary school, with a focus on positive education, well-being, social-emotional learning and approaches to learning skills

Coordinate with the advisory programme lead teacher, the development, teaching and learning of advisory programme components

Lead student behaviour management of the secondary school

Lead and coach curricular leaders and faculty in classroom management skills and practices

Lead the development, implementation and impact of policies and procedures in support of student behaviour and classroom management processes (eg the Mobile Device Policy, Student Dress Code)

Lead the development and implementation of the secondary school extra- curricular activities programme, providing opportunities for the development of global citizenship, student activism, student leadership, service learning, sports and physical activities, visual and performing arts

Serve on committees of special interest groups that develop global citizenship a BBIS

Lead the development and implementation and coordination of secondary school trips

Support the Curriculum Coordinators and teachers in the development, implementation and impact of annual curriculum-related events that develop global citizenship

Support the Curriculum Coordinators and teachers in the development, implementation and impact of the assessment policy and procedures

Support the Curriculum Coordinators and teachers in the development, implementation and impact of the academic malpractice policy and procedures

Liaise with the counselling team in the development, implementation and impact of college and careers guidance and events

Coordinate the development and implementation of holistic learning programmes with the primary school leadership team to ensure a vertical articulation of approaches and learning objectives

Establish success indicators to measure the extent to which BBIS is meeting its mission and guiding statements relevant to its holistic learning programmes

Contribute to the planning and implementation of school-wide school improvement plans, and provide guidance and support to the Accreditation

Coordinator and Curriculum Coordinators in accreditation and programme evaluation

Lead school improvement processes in the relevant section, overseeing, guiding and supporting Curriculum Coordinators and other pedagogical leaders, instructional coaches and faculty

Ensure that relevant stakeholders are kept informed with up-to-date handbooks and  publications, newsletters and briefings, information released by the IB, parent and student information sessions, and individual counselling and advice for students and parents



Support curriculum coordinators and HODs with the vertical and horizontal alignment of curriculum for respective curricular areas

Support curriculum coordinators and HODs with the planning of the overall curriculum

Support curriculum coordinators and HODs with the implementation of curriculum teaching and assessment

Support curriculum coordinators and HODs with the evaluation of curriculum (analysis of data to evaluate and develop the quality of teaching and learning)

Support Student Support Services with the tracking of individual student and year group progress, including vertical alignment of personal learning goals

Support continued program development at the school in close liaison with all stakeholders, in alignment with IB Philosophy, Standards and Practices, the IB

Learner Profile, the BBIS Mission and Vision, Strategic Plan and with other BBIS programs

Staff recruitment and recruitment processes

Admissions process for prospective and incoming families through

In cooperation with the team, ensure that accurate student records are maintained and assessment data is analysed to improve teaching and learning

Development, implementation and impact of staff appraisal processes

Support rich ongoing professional learning opportunities for staff, to support the development and implementation of the IB including guiding new staff during their induction

Collaboratively plan new staff orientation programmes and professional development programmes with the Leadership Team, identifying needs and opportunities, providing approval to requests for training, and ensuring that accurate records are kept

Prepare the annual budget proposal for the relevant section and manage the budgets approved

Role model all aspects of teaching and learning, giving guidance accordingly

Practice and lead positive student behaviour management procedures

Effectively communicate with various constituencies

Provide liaison with BBIS Boarding on positive education, well-being, social- emotional learning and approaches to learning skills support and behaviour management processes for BBIS Boarding students

Prepare annual reports for the Managing Directors and/or Board as required



Strong core values and a sense of moral purpose, a clear vision, a passion for education

Enjoys working with teaching staff, children and young adults

Models emotional maturity, emotional intelligence and empathy, and values care and compassion

Strong intercultural understanding and global mindedness

Values openness, fairness, trust, approachability and mutual respect

Inspires trust and confidence in his or her leadership

Positive, proactive, reliable and collaborative

Commitment to improving student learning and well-being, listening to students’

views and developing their leadership qualities

Advocate for inclusion, diversity and equity

Ability to engage in critical thinking, creative problem-solving, and change management

Respectful for what has gone before whilst leading towards the future

Ability to motivate and inspire, build a shared understanding and a common language

Develops leadership abilities and empowers others

Ability to reflect and demonstrate a growth mindset, setting goals for personal development

Strong organizational skills

Energy and stamina

Models humility and a sense of humour


Ability to build and maintain a strong, positive organisational culture



A Master’s degree or similar in educational administration / leadership

A minimum of three years’ leadership experience

Leadership experience of holistic education programmes, positive education, well- being, social-emotional learning and approaches to learning skills

International school and international education experience

Teaching qualifications and at least five years’ prior teaching experience with International Baccalaureate programmes

Training and experience with an IB Educator Network role: Workshop Leader, School Visit Team Member, etc

Prior experience with international school accreditation

An enthusiasm for professional learning on a continual basis

High level of professional proficiency in written and oral English with strong and concise communications skills



The successful applicant’s contract will start on August 1st 2023.

Applications should include the following information compiled as a single .pdf document:

A two-page letter of application explaining your strengths as a candidate and why you are interested in the Secondary School Principal position at BBIS Berlin Brandenburg International School

A current resumé, not more than two pages

Names and positions of at least two and not more than five current or recent supervisory referees, with accurate email addresses, Skype contact, phone numbers, and the position they held when you worked with them. Referees may be asked to submit confidential comments.

A one-page statement outlining your philosophy of leadership.

Please avoid sending high-density pictures or graphics. The pdf file should be 5 MB or less in size.



The deadline for applications is 15 January 2023. However the school will also consider appointing before this date if an outstanding candidate is identified during the process.

Additional information about BBIS Berlin Brandenburg International School can be obtained from the school's website at

John Searle, Director/CEO +49 (0)33203 8036-0 ext 113 (during office hours).

Applications should be addressed to John Searle, and sent by email directly


Did You Know…?

CEO of Search Associates, Jessica Magagna, was born in Morocco and attended the American Community School in Iran while her father was headmaster.