Secondary School Vice Principal - Student Welfare at NIST International School in Thailand
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Secondary School Vice Principal - Student Welfare
NIST International School (Thailand)

Appointed - Kevin Rose
Dec 9, 13
Jan 3, 14

Thailand NIST International School   Vice Principal Student Welfare, Secondary School

Date Posted: Dec 10 2013   Deadline – open


NIST International School Thailand



effective August 01 2014 

Secondary School Vice Principal - Student Welfare

Overview: The Secondary School Vice Principal (Student Welfare) works to ensure that all aspects of student welfare and student life are given due attention, and that student well-being and success are supported and promoted throughout the Secondary School. As a member of the Secondary Leadership Team the Vice Principal contributes to the vision for the Secondary School as it strives to be the most effective IB school in the region. This includes contributing to the annual development plan and strategic plan. In this context he or she will manage projects related to the development of student life and wellbeing.

Key Leadership Responsibilities:

  • MYP pastoral systems and discipline
  • Class lists and allocations
  • Student life calendar and activities
  • Admissions screening

Key Teams:

  • Secondary Leadership Team
  • Counsellors
  • Learning Support
  • Year Level Coordinators
  • Leadership Coordinators

Specific Tasks:

Student Welfare

  • Monitors all aspects of student well-being, including  uniform and attendance
  • Monitors in a general sense the behaviour of all students and encourages students to maintain positive personal behaviour as outlined in the Secondary School behaviour guidelines
  • Receives referrals from teachers in specific disciplinary cases where classroom strategies have been unsuccessful
  • Liaises with the Year Level Coordinators, Counselling and  Learning Support Teams , Secondary Leadership Team and  the Principal in disciplinary matters
  • Works closely with the Vice Principal (MYP Curriculum) to support students whose problems are a combination of academic and social/emotional issues
  • Keeps the Principal informed about student problems of a serious nature
  • Holds regular  Student Study Team meetings, liaising with the Vice Principal (Curriculum) and Learning Support Coordinator to discuss concerns about students


  • Contacts parents, when necessary, either by phone or letter, about matters of concern
  • Informs the Principal about all parental interviews in cases which may give rise to serious consequences
  • Keeps teachers informed of information relating to student welfare which will help effectively support students learning and wellbeing
  • Updates the relevant sections of the  Parent Handbook, Teacher Handbook and MYP prospectus , in consultation with the Vice Principal (Curriculum) and the Principal where required
  • Maintains and updates the Student Handbook
  • Initiates and chairs meetings of class and/or houseroom teachers with a view to monitoring progress of students and taking appropriate action
  • Provides a point of contact for parents who wish to consult about overall student progress and problems related to social and emotional issues
  • Informs homeroom teachers of matters relating specifically to their students
  • Holds regular  meetings with the Principal and the Vice Principal (Curriculum) to discuss particular students, where academic and pastoral issues overlap
  • Contributes to publications which will  to inform parents about the houseroom programme
  • Informs and assists new teachers with administrative matters, e.g. school behaviour guidelines, assessment, keeping of records, communicating to parents and issues of student welfare

Organization and Administration

  • Co-convenes the Year Level Coordinators Team
  • Oversees the effective organization of the Student Life programme including House activities
  • Supports the Counsellors and Learning Support Coordinator in their roles
  • Screens student applications in collaboration with the Director of Admissions and consults with the Principal on any issues relating to student applicants
  • Oversees the effective transition of new students into the school
  • Allocates year level houseroom teachers in consultation with the Principal 
  • Annually updates class lists with the Vice Principal (MYP Curriculum) to ensure balance and  effective learning groupings
  • Encourages the development of the homeroom teacher’s pastoral role
  • Supports the Vice Principal (MYP Curriculum) in ensuring the smooth running of homerooms e.g.  by conducting regular walkthroughs
  • Organises and, if appropriate, conducts in-service training for teaching staff
  • Maintains accurate files for all students which will include academic awards and acknowledgments and disciplinary file notes, and forwards copies of relevant comments on academic performance to the IB Coordinator and High School Counsellors
  • Makes recommendations to the Principal regarding the attendance of staff at externally-run professional development events

Reports to: Secondary School Principal


Please send your CV containing details of three confidential referees, one-page statement of educational philosophy, and one-page cover letter to James MacDonald (Head of School) using the following email address: Application deadline is January 3rd, 2014.


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