International School Students

International students bring a range of needs and abilities, as well as cultural perspectives to a school. Their success-oriented parents believe in the value of education and transmit it to their children, helping to broaden their perspective. Very often, students develop a love for traveling abroad and for education, and many select a career in international education.

An atmosphere of acceptance flows through international schools:

  • Students not only embrace differences among the many cultures of their peers and teachers, but they are also quick to befriend new students.
  • International school communities are particularly welcoming and sensitive to the needs of students in transition, those who must move and re-adjust often due to their parents' work.
  • While some international schools draw significantly from the local population, those host-country students, nevertheless, develop an "international mindedness" and a broader perspective because of the multi-cultural nature of their school community.
  • Students in overseas schools embrace a global perspective which, in turn, fosters healthy relationships among the teachers, parents, and community.
  • Many educators have first-hand experience and know the impact of teaching overseas from a student perspective. The exposure to a range of cultures, backgrounds, and languages broadens their minds and opens their hearts to future careers in international education. 

Did You Know…?

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