Benefits of Attending

Our job fairs allow candidates and schools to have face-to-face interviews to determine if there is mutual interest and a good "fit" between school and candidate. For those candidates new to the joys of teaching overseas, our fairs are also the best place to learn about international education. In addition, Search Associates keeps fairs to a manageable size in order to provide maximum support for candidates and schools. We have a higher number of job fairs with a higher placement rate than any other recruiting organization worldwide—fairs are our specialty.

Read more about the success our candidates and schools have had at our worldwide job fairs!

Benefits for Candidates

Excellent Networking: Meet and connect with colleagues and recruiters from around the world.

"My wife and I are not the typical candidates (if there is such a thing), so getting a chance to talk to someone face-to-face and explain our strengths made the difference."
– Travis and Shannon Raybold

Ongoing Guidance: Get face-to-face time and advice from your Associate(s) as well as colleagues and peers who can offer their perspective on teaching overseas.

"Thank you so much for your help and guidance throughout our search process. The personal attention that we received from [Search Associates] was far beyond our expectations."
– David Gran and Kim Sajan

Endless Opportunities: Learn about various schools, including those located in more remote parts of the world, through school presentations, workshops and networking. A world of possibilities exists that candidates might not have known about or ever even considered. Senior Associate Nick Kendell advises, "One of the most important things to do, and we talk about all the time, is to remain open-minded. Don't close the book on any opportunities that may present themselves."

"Thank you for another (our third) successful placement. We love what you do at Search and have been SO happy to leave with a job in hand each time. Budapest is a dream job for us and we could not be happier."
– Paul and Sarah Ducharme

High Energy: Experience the excitement and energy of a vibrant and intense job fair! Senior Associate John Ritter refers to it as a "cauldron of high interest places."

"I love how personal the fairs are. Having one (or more than one) associate whom you can ask for advice, talk out your decision-making process, or just get some encouragement, really sets Search [Associates] apart. The fairs are extremely well organized, and even though Cambridge is one of the largest fairs, it never felt like there were too many candidates [or] too many schools and recruiters …one of the great benefits of the fairs is meeting people and making connections."
– Ted O'Connell

Benefits for School Recruiters

One-Stop Shop: Meet a wide range of high-quality candidates in one location.

"The Search Fair has a wide range of candidates and good quality candidates. The organization of the fairs makes it easy for us as recruiters to really be successful in one of the most important jobs that we have, and that is hiring and engaging future teachers for our schools."
– Robin Heslip, Superintendent, American Community School of Abu Dhabi, UAE

Effective Screening Process: Be assured that all candidates have been pre-screened and personally invited to attend.

"I think we get a fabulous set of candidates from Search Associates. The things I appreciate the most are the tremendous screening that is done and the aligning of all the information on candidates, so that we can quickly find those people that are likely to be the best matches for our organization."
— Jon Zurfluh, Director, Anglo-American School of Moscow, Russia

Opportunity to Showcase your International School: Make a public presentation to candidates about your school and students. (This is especially important if the school is located in a more remote part of the world.)

"Search Associates does a lot of the work for us by contacting and filtering quality candidates, by recommending processes to use, as well as getting candidates in front of us and marketing our schools, if you will, with candidates."
– Dr. Chip Kimball, Superintendent, Singapore American School

Good Placement Rate Expectancy: Fill a large percentage of your hiring needs at one fair, if you have lots of vacancies.

"We were looking for about a total of about 17 teachers this year internationally. To have captured nearly a third of that group at this one fair was very, very good for us."
– Dr. Don Bergman, Head of School, Nido de Aguilas – Santiago, Chile

High Level of Support: Take advantage of the Senior Associates and staff on site who are ready to offer advice and recommendations at every step of the job search process.

"The teachers actually work with a specific Associate, and that Associate is mentoring and advising prior to the fair, as well as during the fair."
– Sean Murphy, Primary School Principal, Istanbul International Community School-Turkey

Did You Know…?

Senior Associate Nick Kendell has worked in Asia, Australia, and Africa as an educator and administrator.