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Search Associates currently has 732 active member schools in 123 different countries! Click on the map above or the one of the links below to see the list of schools in each country/territory and what they have to offer.

General International School Characteristics

Throughout the world, there are hundreds of outstanding international schools which employ thousands of teachers, interns and administrators. While each is unique, we have found most share the following characteristics:

  • The language of instruction is English.
  • The academic programs are generally American or British or International Baccalaureate or similar.
  • The academic standards are very high.
  • The multi-national student body is a pleasure to teach.
  • The teaching staffs are as multi-national as the student body.
  • Teachers are warmly appreciated by a supportive international community.
  • The teachers have an exciting lifestyle with ample opportunity to travel and pursue professional goals.
  • Salaries and benefits in most schools are excellent.
  • Most initial contracts are for two years and virtually all include round-trip airfare.

To learn more about each school's current vacancies, salary and benefits package, hiring preferences and much more, you must be a fully registered candidate with Search Associates.





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Did You Know…?

Senior Associate Diana Kerry was an international educator and administrator for 25 years in various countries, including Iran, France, Thailand, and Indonesia.