Why Teach Overseas?

Do you have an interest in expanding the personal and professional sides of your life, filled with enriching experiences in diverse environments? Teaching overseas in an international school is one of the best ways to gain professional experience and advance your career while enjoying the benefits of seeing the world! Thousands of candidates take their first position abroad thinking that it will be their last. Although this is true for some, many teachers make international education a career choice, which opens up new horizons filled with excitement, discovery, and fulfillment.  GET STARTED!

Reasons to Teach Internationally

  • Career opportunities/growth: Enjoy excellent professional development. Most international schools offer excellent professional development and the opportunity to work with a dedicated and talented group of colleagues.

  • Multiple curricula: Opportunities to teach AP, Common Core, IB, UK, Canadian, and more!

  •  Great Environment: Experience the richly varied world of international schools, with English as the language of instruction, small class sizes, motivated students, and high standards. Work in fascinating and diverse multicultural environments, ranging from host country schools to schools catering mainly for expatriates—and everything in between.

  •  Support: Become part of a dynamic team of energized and highly competent international teachers. Continue to excel and improve through support from parents, the Board, and a high level of faculty collegiality.

  •  Become a Member of the Local Community: Broaden your knowledge and experience through adapting to life and work in a different community and culture. Become internationally minded in the sense of embracing the things that unite us, while immersing yourself and exploring the local culture.

  • Global Impact: Make a difference in the lives of global children. Work with a variety of different parent communities and students from around the world.

  •  Benefits: Live comfortably, often with the potential for significant savings, depending on location. Many international schools offer attractive (and in many places tax-free) salaries and other excellent benefits including housing, annual home leave with round-trip air fares, health and life insurance, tuition remission for dependent children, and retirement funds.

  • Adventure: Enjoy an attractive lifestyle and unparalleled opportunities for travel. Work with people from many different places and meet them continuously in your travels.

There is a high demand for international educators, with a continuously growing job market that is expected to double in the next few years! There is a growing need for quality teachers with great experience, skills, ambition, and commitment to serving the world’s children. Teaching overseas is an excellent career choice, and one that could positively transform your life—forever! Stretch yourself both in a personal and professional environment while being well rewarded!

Take advantage of a life-changing experience: GET STARTED TODAY!

Did You Know…?

Senior Associate Harry Deelman was at various times headmaster of schools in a fascinating foursome of global cities: Buenos Aires, Rome, Dubai, and Bangkok.