Director of Finance and Business Operations at Canadian Academy, Kobe in Japan
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Director of Finance and Business Operations
Canadian Academy, Kobe (Japan)

Appointed - William Scarborough
Apr 27, 2016
Sep 1, 2016

Director of Finance and Business Operations

Canadian Academy

Beginning August 1, 2017


Canadian Academy is seeking an experienced leader with a strong financial background for the position of Director of Finance and Business Operations beginning August 2017.


The Director of Finance and Business Operations at Canadian Academy has the primary responsibility and provides leadership for all school activities related to business, facilities, and advancement and supports human resources and school-wide operations required to support and sustain the school mission, core values and objectives, strategies, and delimiters of the strategic plan at CA.




 A. Leadership and Supervision

  1.  Supervision and evaluation of all local support staff in the areas of accounting, buses, business operations, cleaning, facilities, and maintenance.
  2.  Serves on and collaborates with appropriate school committees as well as liaises with various on campus groups, such as employee committee groups as necessary.
  3.  Maintains a flexible schedule that ensures business and operations needs are met.
  4.  Ensure practices, policies, and processes are in place to provide support for all areas of responsibility for efficient and effective interaction with the school community.
  5.  Collaborates with leadership team on resource needs in support of curriculum and policy related issues to ensure alignment between funding and delivery of program.
  6.  Leads the budget development process with Leadership Team.
  7.  Leads leadership team on safety and security for facilities and crisis management for handling emergency situations.
  8.  Provides leadership on developing, monitoring, and maintaining business related content of CA website.
  9.  Serves as substitute administrator as required in the absence of other leadership team members


 B. Business and Operations

  1.  Coordinates and participates in the planning and implementation for business and operations to ensure the effective and efficient use of resources.
  2.  Facilitates with leadership team members on the development, monitoring, and management of the operating and capital budgets in support of the program delivery needs.
  3.  Chairs Facilities Committee and coordinates with Headmaster in leading implementation of Master Facility Plan.
  4.  Coordinates with maintenance office on facilities planning , maintenance, repairs, and renovation, including budgeting, bid and quotation and evaluation, and planning and supervision of work to be complete.
  5.  Review and approve disbursement vouchers, purchase orders, and requests for financial commitment or payment.
  6.  Prepare, monitor, and manage all budgets with both a short-term and long-term financial planning view.
  7.  Prepare and communicate budget, financial results, and audit report to the Finance Committee, Board, and Council as required.
  8.  Manage and account for capital assets and financial resources to promote maximum efficiencies and effectiveness.
  9.  Facilitate, monitor, and manage school benefit programs including: A. insurance plans, i.e. health, disability, and life.  B. retirement plans, i.e. local and expatriate plans  C. housing for eligible faculty members
  10.  Facilitate, monitor, and manage contract services, including food service, on-site daycare, cleaning, and buses.
  11.  Remain current in relation to accounting, auditing, facilities and operations, and tax requirements.
  12.  Leads organizational aspects of advancement and fundraising.


 C. Human Resources

  1.  Collaborates with Headmaster’s office on staffing, hiring, and retention for all faculty and staff.
  2.  Analyze and evaluate compensation packages for leadership, faculty, and staff and make timely recommendations to the Headmaster and the Finance Committee regarding competitive compensation as well as employment rules, guidelines, and job descriptions.
  3.  Facilitates document completion and relocation process for new staff hired by CA, including planning and participation for orientation program.
  4.  Assist Headmaster’s office in monitoring and maintaining official human resource files for all faculty and staff.
  5.  Collaborate with leadership team to ensure appropriate working conditions for all faculty and staff


 D. Professional Growth

  1.  Participates in ongoing professional development activities related to school business and operations, education, and school leadership.




  •  Bachelor's and/or certification in business, education, or related field
  •  Proficient in English (reading, writing, speaking)
  •  Organized, self-motivated, and flexible
  •  Outstanding communication skills
  •  Demonstrated competency in budgeting and finance procedures



  •  Proficiency in Japanese spoken language
  •  Leadership experience in a cross-cultural environment, preferably in an international school


 If interested in this position please send a cover letter and resume to <>.


 Attention: If you apply for this position, please inform the school and us ( that you saw the notice on the Search Associates website. 


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Senior Associate Gez Hayden led the first international school authorized to offer all three IB programs in China.