Head of High School Campus at International School of Zug and Luzern in Switzerland
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Head of High School Campus
International School of Zug and Luzern (Switzerland)

Appointed - Edward Wexler
Sep 8, 2016
Oct 15, 2016

Dear colleagues

I’m pleased to announce that out of a very strong field (of nearly 100 candidates in total) the International School of Zug and Luzern has chosen Edward (Eddie) Wexler to be the school’s new Head of High School Campus, to take over from David Monk in summer 2017.

A graduate in Psychology with a Master’s degree in Educational Policy, Eddie started his international teaching career at Lincoln School, Kathmandu, Nepal, where after one year as a teacher he was promoted to be Secondary Principal.   Subsequently he served as High School Principal at the Academia Cotopaxi, Quito, Ecuador for five years, and since 2013 he has been High School Principal at the American Community School of Abu Dhabi.


Best wishes










The International School of Zug and Luzern, Switzerland

seeks a


Head of High School Campus

effective July 2017


(See http://www.iszl.ch)

The International School of Zug and Luzern (ISZL) was founded in August 2008 following the successful merger of the International Schools of Zug and Luzern with the Riverside School. The International School of Zug was founded in 1961 as a primary school to serve the needs of the expatriate population in the local area. The Riverside School was founded in 1989 as a university preparatory middle and high school for international students initially in Zurich, but latterly in Zug. The International School of Luzern was founded as a primary school in 2006 to serve a growing need in the local area.    Following a series of discussions the new ISZL was created from all three as a non-profit foundation. The primary and middle schools, (Early Years 1 to Grade 8) are now located on the Zug campus. The High School is located at the Riverside campus in Hünenberg.

The total student population for the whole school numbers over 1200, representing over 50 different nationalities – the majority coming from Europe or North America.   All teachers at the school are suitably experienced and qualified – a large number possessing postgraduate degrees. The teaching staff are drawn from many different countries, although most come from the UK, USA, Canada or Australia.

ISZL is a dynamic school, prepared to tackle the opportunities and challenges of its future.  Its current strategic plan outlines several goals, chief among them for the school to continue to be a leader in providing outstanding learning experiences through state-of-the-art instruction, guidance, resources, and facilities.  The community is mission-driven, and demands a commitment to helping students become respectful, knowledgeable, empathetic members of the wider global world. As the strategic plan notes, ISZL will continue to provide a rigorous, balanced programme; to foster a sense of dignity among students; to employ, develop, and retain outstanding teachers from diverse cultural backgrounds; and to focus on marketing, development, finance, and school leadership to ensure the realization of its overarching vision. ISZL is a co-educational day school for expatriates only and is accredited by CIS and NEASC.

Academic life

As an IB World School, ISZL offers three of the four IB programmes: the Primary Years Programme (PYP), the Middle Years Programme (MYP) and the Diploma Programme (DP), as well as American College Board approved AP courses, and is just embarking on delivery of the IBCC.     High School students in Grades 9 to 12 are prepared for the American Diploma, Advanced Placement and the International Baccalaureate. 

ISZL has an open admissions policy - accepting students with mild to moderate learning disabilities. Through differentiated instruction and the assistance of well-resourced Learning Support and EAL Departments, teachers strive to meet the individual learning needs of all students at the school. Small class sizes in a supportive, encouraging, and challenging learning environment facilitate a very student-centred approach to education.

ISZL’s Pastoral Programme ensures that the school provides an atmosphere conducive not only to academic excellence and success, but also to the development of a well-rounded character and social skills.  Compassion and a risk-taking approach to learning and living are just as important as critical and creative thinking skills.  The school’s Personal Development Programme promotes a climate of respect, where students are encouraged to develop self-confidence, positive relationships, and the motivation to learn.  Each division offers a programme for pastoral care and social development to provide the support structure that students need in order to succeed in all areas of school life.

Student life

ISZL is a dynamic and inspiring learning environment, whose aim is to enthuse, engage, and inspire a generation of critically aware, creative, and knowledgeable global citizens ready for the challenges and changes that lie ahead.  ISZL is a haven rich in the arts, athletics, and student clubs, which takes advantage of its unique and stunning location in the forests and hills of central Switzerland.

The school believes that physical activity is necessary for maintaining the health and fitness of its students, and thus physical education is a compulsory part of its curriculum.  Students may play on a variety of teams, including soccer, basketball, tennis, rugby, volleyball, track, swimming, and skiing. 

The visual and performing arts are equally encouraged to provide a foundation for imagination, risk-taking and creative expression.  The school’s various studios, music rooms, and theatres allow students to pursue their interests and passions in state-of-the-art facilities.

A wide range of clubs and activities match the diverse personalities and interests of the student body and encourage students to have fun together and make new friends.  Many of the activities are offered to a range of grade levels, and students can pursue leadership roles in the later grades.  Clubs are varied and exciting, including art and design, sewing, and book club (among others) in the Primary School, and student council, athletic and musical clubs, newspaper, and Girls Leadership Club (among others) in the Middle and High School.

Physical campus

The High School or “Riverside” Campus, located in Hünenberg, is home to over 400 High School students. This new campus has two principal facilities: the main building with over 20 modern classrooms, state-of-the-art science labs, library, art atelier, and music rooms; and the new ISZL Sports Hall, a triple gymnasium built in 2013 that also includes a dance studio, techno gym fitness-centre, and climbing wall. The campus is conveniently located for access by public transport.

In addition, ISZL owns and runs an outdoor education centre in Wengen, in the Swiss Alps. It has 86 beds in en-suite bedrooms as well as an additional kitchen and dining area. It is used for the academic programme, the school sports programme, student leadership retreats, and staff planning retreats.


Just 30 minutes apart, Zug and Luzern are beautiful lakeside towns in Central Switzerland.  Zug derives its name from a fishing tradition; in the Middle Ages, the word translated to the right to “pull up” fishing nets.  Residents speak German, and over a quarter of the population comprises foreign nationals.  Zug’s geography is diverse, including an impressive moraine landscape resulting from the Reuss glacier.  Lakes and rivers punctuate a landscape, surrounded by mountains.  There are three museums in the city: the Museum of Prehistory, the Museum of Cultural History, and the Zug Art Gallery.  There are also a number of Swiss heritage sites of national significance, including two libraries, an archaeological site, and several churches.  Today, the town is an enviable place to live, with its natural beauty and modern transport services.


Luzern is the most populous city in Central Switzerland.  It is located on the shores of Lake Luzern, within sight of the Swiss Alps, and its striking vistas make it a perennial tourist attraction.  Visitors flock to the city’s famous bridges, which straddle the Reuss River as it flows into Lake Luzern.  Over the past few decades, Luzern has developed an alternative culture in addition to its established traditional Swiss culture.  The city features various performance venues, including the Luzern Theatre, Stadtkeller (a music restaurant), and a concert hall.       Festivals enliven the culture of Luzern, from the end-of-winter Carnival to the Mardi Gras festival, the Lucerne Festival for Classical Music, a blues and jazz festival in July, and the Lucerne Cheese Festival.    Like Zug, Luzern is an attractive, internationally renowned place to call home.



At this time ISZL seeks a new Head of High School Campus, effective July 2017.  The Head of High School Campus reports directly to the School Director and is a member of the school’s Leadership Team.      He/she will exercise supervisory responsibilities for the organization and administration of the overall campus educational programme.    Following ISZL’s educational philosophy, the policies and regulations established by the Board of Trustees and the direction of the Director, the Head of Campus is responsible for curriculum improvement, professional development, fostering of a positive school climate, teacher evaluation and the development and management of the campus educational programme budget.     As the school operates across two campuses, the Head of Campus enjoys significant autonomy in running the division on a day to day basis, though this is done in close collaboration and consultation with other members of the school Leadership Team to ensure continuity and consistency across the school.      As a member of the Leadership Team, the Head of High School Campus assists in school-wide matters such as strategic planning, management of personnel, recruiting, budget development and community relations.

This is an exciting time for an experienced leader in international education to follow on from a highly respected and valued current Head of Campus.  The successful candidate will be a team player and a capable leader, a truly international educator who is sensitive to ISZL’s mission, and a dynamic, forward-thinking presence at ISZL.

Specific Responsibilities


  • Liaise with other administrators to ensure effective daily operation and longer-range planning of the School
  • Oversee and monitor the academic budgets
  • Review academic job descriptions for academic staff members
  • Oversee the effective planning of bus routes to and from the campus
  • Oversee and organise effective custodial, cleaning and secretarial arrangements for the campus


  • Liaise with the Director in order to recommend staffing needs for the School
  • Assist the Director where required to recruit appropriately qualified teachers to best meet the needs of the educational programme
  • Assign positions of responsibility and stipended positions in the school
  • Maintain and further develop the School's teacher appraisal and evaluation procedures
  • Oversee and organise a regular meeting and reporting process with divisional administration
  • Oversee the academic staff professional development programme.



  • Set and maintain appropriate standards of behaviour and discipline throughout the campus
  • Respond to major campus disciplinary incidents in a manner in keeping with the philosophy and standards of the school, where appropriate in consultation with the Director of Student Life and the School Director.


Curriculum and Timetable:

  • Ensure that all student schedules for the academic year are effectively and appropriately prepared
  • Oversee the work of the campus academic staff; and in consultation with the Curriculum Director, Assistant Principals, and IB/AP Co-ordinator, the development, implementation and evaluation of the School curriculum
  • Organise, in consultation with the Leadership Team and the academic staff, the best structure to enable the School to achieve agreed educational goals
  • Stay abreast of current educational development, including the impact of technology on the process of learning and communication.


Budget and Finance:

  • Develop and propose an annual campus budget
  • Coordinate and rationalise (ie: prioritise and qualify) the academic budget requests based on curriculum programme needs
  • Manage the operation of the divisional budget within the approved guidelines.



  • Maintain effective communication with the staff and broader community through meetings, bulletins and ISZL news.


Teaching Responsibilities:

  • Assist with teaching as required.


As a senior administrator, the employee shall:

  • Undertake such other job assignments and tasks as may be required by the Director or the School
  • Promote ISZL's image and reputation, and bring any issues or concerns that could reasonably affect the same to the attention of the Director
  • Liaise with the Director, and the school Leadership Team to ensure clarity and cohesive and uniform application of the School's administrative procedures
  • Represent the campus as a member of the school’s Leadership Team.



ISZL is seeking a new Head of High School Campus who is:

  • A strong, dynamic and engaged leader
  • A well-read and thoughtful practitioner
  • A people-friendly, empathetic colleague
  • An articulate careful communicator
  • A caring, understanding advocate for teenagers
  • Receptive to new ideas, and open to changing his / her own
  • Prepared to engage with the parent and teacher community in an open and collaborative way
  • Ready to make tough decisions when needed
  • Able to serve on a wider leadership team, putting the “big picture” first

Candidates should be able to demonstrate commitment to the values expressed in the ISZL Mission Statement, and also successful leadership experience at a comparable international school.


An attractive package of salary and benefits will be offered to the successful candidate.     The package will be highly competitive and commensurate with the responsibilities of the position.  


The International School of Zug and Luzern has retained David Cope of Search Associates to serve as consultant for the search.   Suitably qualified candidates should email to David Cope dcope@searchassociates.com all items collated together in one single pdf file

 (and to arrive as soon as possible and absolutely no later than 15 October 2016)

  • a letter of application (no more than one page), briefly outlining why the candidate wishes to apply for this position and what specific skills, qualities and experience he/she can offer the school
  • a CV (no more than two pages)
  • a statement of educational and leadership philosophy (no more than one page)
  • the names and full contact details, including daytime telephone numbers and current email addresses, of three or more professional referees (who should be persons in senior positions of responsibility well acquainted with the applicant's performance in a leadership role).
  • a recent head-and-shoulders photo

Professional dossiers may also be submitted by candidates, but the school's Search Committee reserves the right to apply directly to the writers of open testimonials for confidential statements.

All enquiries and applications should be directed to David Cope of Search Associates, and not direct to the school.

David Cope will send a selection of top candidates to the school’s Search Committee.    A small number of finalists will be shortlisted from the applicants provided, and will be flown out to Luzern for interview. The final decision for appointment rests with the Director.

Closing date: 15 October 2016                                           dcope@searchassociates.com

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