Head of School at La Scuola d'Italia, New York in USA
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Head of School
La Scuola d'Italia, New York (USA)

Oct 17, 2022
Nov 18, 2022


Good evening,

On behalf of the Board of La Scuola d'Italia in New York City, we are pleased to announce that Dr. Michael Cascianelli has been appointed their next Head of School beginning in June 2023. 

Dr. Cascianelli is an accomplished educator, researcher, leader and lifelong learner. He has a Master’s degree in Education from the University of Cambridge in the UK and an MBA from the Quantic School of Business and Technology in Washington, DC. He obtained his PhD from the University of Cambridge and began his career as a music teacher in Edinburgh, Scotland. He served as the Primary Principal at Marymount in Rome and fully understands the value of a multi-cultural, bilingual school.

In his last position, Dr. Cascianelli was tasked with leading a newly founded K-12 school in Beijing, China. Despite the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic, he managed to achieve IB World School authorization in a record time of 15 months while growing the student body from 37 to 230 within two years. He currently serves on the Advisory Board for a group of 30 schools in Beijing where he is responsible for innovative practices promoting talent development, global mindedness and social-emotional learning. Dr. Cascianelli, who is fluent in Italian and English, is also a noted scholar with several published works including guides for educators. He and his wife, Elisabetta, have two children, Victoria and Christopher, who will enroll at La Scuola.

In announcing his appointment to the La Scuola school community, Board President Massimo Akerman wrote,

Building on La Scuola’s unique strengths, we believe Dr. Cascianelli has the knowledge, drive and passion to guide us to stability and growth. Dr. Cascianelli states, “I would aim to continue developing a school environment grounded on the school's traditions and values and yet look into the future that awaits students outside the classroom.”

The Board of La Scuola and Search Associates would like to thank each of the candidates who expressed interest in the Head of School position and to everyone who assisted and supported the search process to its sucessful outcome.

Kind regards,

Barbara Powers and Thomas Schaedler






Position Announcement:



Who We Are

La Scuola has delivered an unparalleled private international education for more than 40 years, balancing top-tier academic rigor while nurturing students to become true global citizens, PreK through grade 12.  Current enrollment is 125.        




About La Scuola

La Scuola is a bilingual school in New York City where children in preschool through high school are immersed not only in both English and Italian, but also in the history and cultures that have influenced and inspired the world. We start small—literally— with an experiential, Reggio-inspired early childhood program. By the time they graduate high school, students speak fluent Italian and English, earn dual diplomas from both the U.S. and Italy, and are uniquely poised to study and succeed throughout the world.

Families who choose La Scuola for their children are looking for a rich and challenging bilingual curriculum, joyful learning experience, and close connections with an international community.

Classrooms Extending Beyond Our Walls

La Scuola d’Italia New York is located on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, which gives our students access to some of the world’s greatest cultural, educational, and recreational resources. Students enjoy P.E. classes in Central Park, visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art for history and art lessons, experience music at the Metropolitan Opera and New York City Ballet, and more.

Students at La Scuola hail from neighborhoods throughout New York City and the surrounding communities. They travel to school on foot and scooter, by subway and bus, and even occasionally by ferry. La Scuola’s mission is to educate students who are able to bridge languages and cultures, and our international community and dynamic location are vital aspects of fulfilling that mission.


Immersive Bilingual Education Begins and Culminates with La Scuola

As the only preK-12 Italian/English school in North America, La Scuola offers unmatched curricula and programs. Students are immersed in both English and Italian throughout the school day, with lessons conducted in both languages in equal measure. All students benefit from our STEM-oriented, college preparatory instruction, featuring mathematics (up to and including calculus), the sciences (chemistry, biology, and physics), language and literature (not just English and Italian but also Latin and French), history, philosophy, and visual arts. 

“So glad we sent our daughter to this amazing school. The high school teachers are outstanding. You don’t have to be fluent in Italian to attend, but the kids that aren’t already fluent learn fast. Many cultures from around the world, not just Italian. It’s also a great place for Italian kids to learn the English language, and American culture. A true international experience with lots of warmth, and they offer the International Baccalaureate as well.”





The Board of Directors of La Scuola d’Italia ‘Guglielmo Marconi’ seeks a dynamic and enthusiastic Head of School beginning in August 2023 or earlier to lead them through continued excellence and growth.  The ideal candidate will be fluent in both Italian and English, attuned to the Italian-American community in the US, but also knowledgeable about US private schools and development.  She/he will extensive academic leadership experience and will have demonstrated success in raising the profile of those institutions.  Candidates with PhDs are preferred, but a record of administrative success is key.  The successful candidate will be offered a very competitive compensation package commensurate with experience. 



Position Title:  Head of School

Report To:  Board of Directors

Primary Function:

As the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), the Head of School is accountable to the Board for the administration of the educational system of the school and for the interpretation and fulfillment of the basic functions, primary activities, and responsibilities. As such, the Head of School is responsible for the implementation and execution of all decisions of the Board.

The Head of School (HOS) reports to the Chairman of the Board and functions as the Secretary to the Board’s meetings.

The HOS is expected to inspire, lead, guide, and direct members of the administrative, instructional, and supportive services team in setting and achieving the highest standards of excellence so that each individual student enrolled in the school is provided with a complete, valuable, meaningful and personally rewarding education.

Duties and Responsibilities:


  1. Act as a liaison between the Board and the professional staff and the parents with respect to the efficiency and advancement of education in the school.
  2. Ensure that the school is conducted in accordance with the policies of the Board.
  3. Advise the Board of any need for new or revised policy and prepare policy drafts for Board’s approval.
  4. Prepare and transmit to the Board any report that may be required by the Board.
  5. Provide leadership with respect to educational policies and practices.
  6. Advise the Board on issues relevant to the educational program.
  7. Report to the Board the needs of the school’s adopted instructional programs or curriculum needs of the teachers and students and propose changes as needed.
  8. Attend division, curriculum, budget, and other academically related meetings as necessary to remain informed of the school’s instructional and co-curriculum programs.
  9. Keep the Board informed of the school’s educational system and report the students’ academic progress as measured by relevant standardized tests.
  10. Supervise and monitor the preparation of the school’s annual calendar.
  11. Develop and recommend long-range plans consistent with population trends, cultural needs, the appropriate use of school facilities, etc.
  12. Prepare the agendas for Board meetings and any special meetings and attend all Board’s meetings.
  13. Maintain adequate records of the school.
  14. Prepare a monthly School Management Report or other regular updates at the direction of the Board of Directors Chair.


  1. Review, evaluate and coordinate budget requests in preparing a preliminary school-wide budget.
  2. Prepare the school's annual budget by not later than March 31 of each school year for Board's approval.
  3. Develop and administer an appropriate budgetary procedure so that available resources are appropriately safeguarded.
  4. Closely monitor the ongoing expenditures of the instructional budget of the school.
  5. Submit to the Board for prior approval a clear and detailed explanation of any anticipated expenditure of substantial sums not budgeted for in the annual budget.
  6. Confirm and endorse, with the prior approval of the Board, budget addendums and/or modifications.


  1. Exercise general supervision of the school and the work of the division leaders, teachers and the relevant support staff.
  2. Appoint, promote, re-assign, non-renew and terminate the services of professional personnel in the school, with appointments subject to the approval of the Board.
  3. Define duties of all personnel and delegate authority commensurate with specific responsibilities.
  4. Direct the operations and activities of administrative personnel.
  5. Assist division heads with classroom supervision and evaluations.
  6. Review, monitor, organize and implement professional development/in-service programs pertinent to both the immediate and future needs of the school.
  7. Evaluate the request for professional development opportunities and approve if the requests are relevant to the profession of the requesters in the school.


  1. Conduct regular meetings involving division leaders, teachers, students (when appropriate) and parents on an on-going basis.
  2. Be updated with the international schools’ education trends, student population enrollment trends and significant happenings of other international schools in Italy.
  3. Represent the school before the public and Italian Ministry of Education as well as all local officials, and maintain, through cooperative leadership, both within and outside the school, a program of publicity and public relations as to keep the public informed of the activities, needs and successes of the school.
  4. Establish and maintain liaison with other schools, professional organizations, business firms, embassies, expatriate Chambers of Commerce, general public, and such other organizations relevant to the educational program of the school.
  5. Attend all relevant school functions.
  6. Be responsible for the discipline and conduct of the school.


Procedure for Filing an Application

La Scuola d’Italia has appointed Search Associates to act as their consultant in the search for the new Head of School, with Barbara Powers and Thomas Schaedler serving as their senior consultants.

The deadline for applications for the position is November 18, 2022.  Candidates are asked to submit a letter of interest and the requested materials listed below as early as possible as the Search Committee reserves the right to accelerate the selection process if the right candidate is identified

Candidates should send the information listed below as a single pdf file attached to an email:

  • A letter of application, explaining your strengths as a candidate and why you are interested in the Head of School position at La Scuola d’Italia.
  • A statement describing your educational and leadership philosophy, not to exceed two pages.
  • A current résumé not to exceed two pages.
  • A one-page list of references who have served as immediate supervisors with current telephone numbers and email addresses.
  • A maximum of three letters of reference (scanned at low resolution) that may already be in your possession.

Total document size should be kept to less than four (4) MB if possible. Applications should be sent to bpowers@searchassociates.com  and tschaedler@searchassociates.com.


Interviews with shortlisted applicants will be held beginning in November.  Please note the Search Committee could make their decision earlier if an exceptional candidate applies. Finalist candidates will be identified by the Search Committee and will be interviewed in New York by the Search Committee.  Finalists will have the opportunity to meet with faculty, parents, students, and nonteaching staff.  The new Head of School will be selected soon after the conclusion of the interviews. 


La Scuola d’Italia is committed to providing a safe and happy environment for all employees and in which all students can thrive and learn.  They are committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of all employees and students. All employees are subject to background checks and appropriate vetting procedures including satisfactory criminal record checks.


Thank you for your interest in this opportunity.


Candidates wishing to learn more about La Scuola d’Italia should visit their website:


Did You Know…?

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