Head of School at Santiago College in Chile
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Head of School
Santiago College (Chile)

Appointed - Mr. Alan Lorenzini
Sep 26, 2023
Oct 29, 2023


Dear Search Associates Colleagues,

On behalf of the Santiago College school community, we are pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Alan Lorenzini as the new Head of School beginning in July 2024. This significant appointment was the result of an extensive global search led by Search Associates.

Mr. Lorenzini has been a devoted teacher and leader in multiple countries around the world, including his most recent appointments in The Netherlands, Indonesia, and Tanzania. Currently, Mr. Lorenzini is on a sabbatical year, spending time in Spain and the UK and preparing for his departure to Chile and his new role at Santiago College. In his most recent position, Mr. Lorenzini was a Principal at the International School of The Hague, where he helped to create a sustainable strategic plan and spearheaded the adoption of concept-based inquiry.

Mr. Lorenzini’s educational journey began at Nene College (University of Leicester, UK), where he received a Bachelor of Education (Honours). He then pursued a Master of Education in Educational Leadership from the College of New Jersey in the US. Mr. Lorenzini has continuously furthered his own education, engaging in ongoing professional development with the IB, CIS and more recently, with Professional Learning International and he is looking forward to continuing his learning journey in South America.

In her communication to the community, Ms. Catalina Cabello, the Chair of the Board of Governors, remarked: “Mr. Lorenzini’s deep knowledge of the IB Curriculum and dedication to community service, including support for families in crisis and war refugees, make him an exceptional leader. As a school, we are already in constant contact with Alan to ensure that he familiarizes himself with the different aspects of the school. We eagerly anticipate Alan's arrival in July 2024, where he will begin his induction period alongside Ms. Lorna Prado, who will continue to serve as Head of School until December of that same year.”

In accepting the position, Mr. Lorenzini stated that he is very much looking forward to joining Santiago College, and he is eager to work alongside like-minded people to help lead this ambitious learning community with both kindness and clarity. Alan supports the view that school is not simply about preparing children for the next stage of life. It is life, and as such, there is a need to support, challenge and inspire every individual authentically and joyfully.

Santiago College and Search Associates wish to thank each of the candidates who expressed interest in this important position, and everyone who contributed to the success of our extensive search process.


Diana Martelly, Senior Consultant
Paul Poore, Senior Consultant




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