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Head of School
Think International Schools Group (China/Hong Kong)

Appointed - Beccy Fox
Nov 22, 2017
Dec 15, 2017


Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of the TIS search committee I am pleased to announce the appointment of Beccy Fox as the new Head of school with effect from August this year.

Beccy Fox is currently Head of School at Canggu Community School, Bali, Indonesia. Previously she worked at Kinabalu International School, Malaysia and the International School Seychelles. Beccy has a Masters degree in International Education from Bath university in the UK and a BEd Honors degree in Early Childhood education from the University of London, Goldsmiths' College. 

Regards, Barry

Dr. Barry K. Drake.


HEAD OF SCHOOL – from August 2018

The Board of Directors of Think International Schools Group in Hong Kong is seeking a new Head of School to start in August 2018. The Board is looking for an accomplished and dynamic educational leader to take the school forward in a new phase of its development.

A.   The School

Think International offers an internationally recognized, co-educational kindergarten (age 3) through secondary school (up to age 18) education. We provide every child with every opportunity to achieve their potential through an innovative curriculum, excellent staff, outstanding facilities, partnership with our committed parents, and an involved community.  The student body consists of approximately 350 students from 20 nations.

The school’s vision of excellence in education and exceptional care for every child is provided through a safe and caring learning environment. THINK students are challenged to achieve academic success and personal growth to become socially responsible and active global citizens. 

Graduating students earn the IGCSE Diploma. They also have the opportunity to enroll in the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Program, which offers a rigorous curriculum and opportunities for advanced education in Year 12 and 13.  The IB is recognized globally and prepares students for success at a higher education level, including at the best universities around the world. Think is an IGCSE test center and incorporates much of this curriculum within its main educational program.

As an international school, THINK gives Modern Language study a high priority. Being the door into China, English is the medium of Instruction with 3-5 hours of Chinese as a second/First language.  Students who take Chinese as a First Language will take the Advanced Chinese course at IGCSE. In addition, Spanish and French are further languages students can opt for at  IGCSE level. The THINK library is well stocked with reading material in Chinese and English.  About 20% of the collection of about 20,000 books are in Chinese.

Community service is a very important component of the educational program for all THINK students, from Kindergarten to Year 13, and is modelled by the entire THINK community.  This service takes many forms: from cleaning litter in the students’ own classroom to helping to maintain the Discovery Bay Beach, a public beach area in Hong Kong. Our students also dedicate their time and effort locally through organized service experiences to Hong Kong charities (like Save the Children Cancer Foundation) as well as contributing to disaster relief in other countries such as China (the Szechuan Earth quake), Philippines (the Haiyan Typhoon) and Pakistan (the earth quake).

THINK’s mission is to create a better world through education, therefore we take equal pride in our academic  and service programs.  Class sizes average between 18-22 students. We believe that students should learn experientially, and so offer various student-run clubs and outdoor adventure opportunities.  Our Middle and High School students have the opportunity to travel outside Hong Kong to participate in athletics, vocal or instrumental music competitions.  High School students are also encourage to  gain international experiences from grade level curriculum-related or community service commitments, Model United Nations events, and modern language immersion trips.

An extensive After-School Activities program offers students a range of sports and other activities.  One of the advantages of being a ‘boutique school' is that students get to participate in a wide range of activities.   Every student is welcome in every activity.

The THINK teaching faculty is comprised of 50 teachers and is one of our best assets. As true professionals they are constantly reviewing their practice in the quest for excellence. In past years, IGCSEs, the Edinburgh and the After-School Care programs were introduced in addition to reviews of the marking system and timetable being carried out.   THINK is always looking to improve and aims to be at the forefront of pedagogical innovation.

At THINK we are a family. Our students, parents, teachers and staff are all partners in delivering the best possible educational experiences. Our teachers are highly motivated professionals who pride themselves on going the extra mile. There is an active Parent Teacher Association that is supportive in building a friendly nurturing environment where everybody can take pride in his or her achievements.

THINK’s campus is located over three sites, all in the middle of Kowloon Peninsula of Hong Kong within 10 minutes’ drive from each other. The Primary and Kindergarten are one street across from each other. The Kindergarten (3-4 years) is located in a separate location suitable for early years. Facilities in the secondary school include a main school building characterized by a spacious entrance foyer, a Library, a Media Centre, a 300-seat multipurpose room, well-equipped general use classrooms, science and computer labs, performing arts rooms (band, choir, and drama), specialist EAL and Learning Support rooms, one art room.

Hong Kong is an international Finance center and a gateway into China. As such, the city is diverse with multinationalism in both food and entertainment.  The water front is beautiful, the beaches are amongst the best in the region and hiking trails are plentiful for active people. It is also the hub of travel, north to China, Korea, Japan and Taiwan,  south to the Philippines, Singapore, and Malaysia all within 2 hours by plane. The School’s website at www.think.edu.hk provides further detailed information on many aspects of its educational program and the opportunities available for interested students and parents.

 Our current education program offers:

Year Program   Age Group  Location
Kindergarten IBPYP 3-5 years old Kowloon Tong-Lincoln Road
Primary IBPYP 5-11 years old Kowloon Tong- Boundary Street 
Middle School National Curriculum Key Stage 3 11-14 years old  Cheungshawan Kowloon
High School National Curriculum Key Stage 4 14-16 years old  Cheungshawan Kowloon
Senior School Advanced Level-Cambridge 16-18 years old Cheungshawan Kowloon










B.    The Specific Duties of the Head of School

The Head of School is the Instructional Leader and Chief Executive Officer of Think International Schools Group. The Head is accountable for the continuous improvement of the school in maximizing learning for all students. He/she is responsible for the development of the school in accordance with sound principles of organization, administration, supervision, instruction, plant management and business administration.   The Head of School reports to the Board of Directors.

He will also work with the IBDP coordinator to ensure that IBDP program is successfully authorized in 2021 and IB MYP authorization in the future. The successful implementation of the IB program will lead to a Directorship at Think International Schools Group.


Specifically, the Head of School is required to do the following:

School Operations

Attend School Board meetings.

Advise the staff and School Board on policy development and all matters pertaining to the operation and welfare of the school.

Interpret and enforce the policy directives of the School Board.

Represent the school with the general public, businesses and governmental agencies.

Keep the School Board informed about the school’s programs, practices and challenges

Be accountable to the School Board in respect of all aspects of safety at the school including the buildings, plant, equipment and grounds.

Serve as Chief Officer of the school with direct responsibility for the management, organization and supervision of all school operations.

Develop school administrative regulations and delegate authority where appropriate.

Develop long range plans for the school and implement these plans when approved by the School Board.

Ensure that all required reports are submitted.

Maintain adequate records for the school including a system of personnel, school population and scholastic records.  Maintain adequate financial accounts, business and property records, with the assistance of the Finance Manager.  Act as a custodian of such records.

Act on own discretion if action is necessary in any matter not covered by Board Policy; report such action to the School Board as soon as practical and recommend policy in order to provide governance in the future.

Maintain security accountability for all school and non-school functions.

Monitor and control use of buildings.

Undertake business trips as required, after receiving prior approval from the Board.

Establish and maintain educational standards and practices corresponding to principles mentioned in the statutes and policies.

Determine admissibility and placement of prospective students.

Maintain proper discipline within the school.

Supervise teaching personnel and other staff assigned to the school.

Supervise the scheduling of programs of study, courses and students.

Ensure effective methods of reporting to parents.

Regulate the attendance of staff and students.

Develop appropriate activities outside the regular school program to meet the needs of students.

Educational Programs

Provide for the organization, planning, evaluation and reporting needed to implement the curriculum and instructional program authorized by the School Board.

Recommend specific changes and long-range plans for instructional improvement.

Enlist the involvement of instructional personnel and non-certified staff in the development of curriculum, special programs, the selection of textbooks and the rotation and adoption of educational materials.

Recommend the establishment or alteration of the School calendar.

Keep informed of modern educational thought and practices by advanced study, visiting School systems elsewhere, attending educational conferences and other appropriate means.


Supervise the preparation and presentation of the annual budget with the assistance of the Finance Manager and recommend it for approval to the School Board.

With the assistance of the Finance Manager, establish and maintain efficient procedures and effective controls for the management of all school funds in accordance with Board Policy and sound fiscal management practice.

Provide the School Board with ongoing input regarding continuing long-range fiscal plans and strategies.

With the assistance of the Finance Manager, submit to the Board a clear and detailed explanation of any proposed budget changes.

With the assistance of the Finance Manager, recommend budget adjustments and reductions in response to changes in the School’s financial status.

Monitor enrolment.

Communications/Public Relations

Represent the school before the public and maintain, through co-operative leadership both within and outside the school, such a program of publicity and public relations as may keep the public informed as to the activities, needs and successes of the school.

Establish and maintain a program of public information to facilitate a wholesome and co-operative working relationship between the School and Community groups.

Confer annually with professional and lay groups concerning the school program and transmit to the Board suggestions gained from such conferences.

Initiate and oversee marketing opportunities.

Personnel Management

Develop and implement teacher recruitment, retention and appraisal policies

Recommend staff for employment, promotion, re-assignment, non-renewal and termination.  Carry out terminations as required.

Develop and monitor the school’s employee appraisal system.

Supervise school personnel including the definition of work relationships and assignments of areas of responsibility.

Communicate Board policy decisions and actions to all staff and relay staff input to the Board.

Manage the school’s personnel policies as applicable.

Supervise faculty and non-teaching staff so that advanced professional study is pursued and available.

Inform the School Board of any personnel problems where appropriate.

Approve travel for school-related activities.

Maintain an “open door” for all staff with specific concerns.  Provide for employee confidentiality.

Maintain records of training, experience, professional growth, quality of performance and other pertinent data of the school’s employees.

Recruit teaching staff for the school

Support Services

Manage the activities of the support services such as transportation, building and grounds.

Maintain appropriate procedures to safeguard the property, buildings, vehicles and equipment of the school.

Develop long range plans for facilities.  Approve rentals and third-party use of facility.

Oversee the development of capital improvement projects.

Establish appropriate hours of work and operations.

Close school; cancel school activities or staff meetings according to his/her best judgement due to emergency conditions.


Carry out those duties as assigned by the Board in the yearly Head of School’s goals/objectives.

Address other duties as assigned by the Board.                         

C.   Person specification

Applicants must be graduates with appropriate academic qualifications and with successful school leadership experience (preferably, but not necessarily, to Head of School level), including international experience.

The successful candidate will have most or all of the following qualities and experience:

An ability to provide effective leadership in an international school community – specifically, a personal track record of excellence in academic, pastoral and extra-curricular matters and the ability to take a hands-on approach to driving forward student-centered improvements across the school.

Experience with the IGCSE and IBDP programs

Experience with bi-lingual education

Exceptional interpersonal and communication skills

Excellent planning, problem solving, time management and organizational skills

Cross-cultural openness, understanding and sensitivity

Capacity to develop a safe, secure and nurturing learning community

Knowledge and understanding of current developments in education

Commitment to ongoing self-education and staff professional development

A strong work ethic

Passionate commitment to quality education

Energetic, enthusiastic, determined and resilient

Friendly, approachable, maintaining high visibility across the school

Good sense of humor

Innovative and willing to learn

Good team player, good team builder

D.   Terms and conditions of the appointment

The contract will be for an initial term of 3 years, renewable thereafter by mutual agreement of the Head of School and the Board of Directors. The successful candidate will be offered a highly competitive employment package commensurate with his/her experience and skills.

E.    Application Procedure

Suitably qualified candidates should send to Barry Drake at Search Associates – bdrake@searchassociates.com - all the items below collated together in a single pdf as an email attachment (to arrive as soon as possible, and no later than 15th December 2017)

a letter of application (no more than one page), outlining why the candidate wishes to apply for this position and what specific skills, qualities and experience he/she can offer

a CV (no more than two pages)

a statement of educational and leadership philosophy (no more than one page)

the names and full contact details of at least three professional referees (one of which should if possible be the leader of the applicant’s current organization)

a good recent head-and-shoulders photo

Interviews are scheduled to take place during December/January

Closing date: 15th December 2017

 Applications to:  bdrake@searchassociates.com


Think International reserves the right to make an appointment before the published deadline date for applications should the right candidate be located earlier.

Did You Know…?

Search Associates is a family-owned business founded by John Magagna, former international educator. After working with her father for ten years, daughter Jessica Magagna is now CEO.