High School Principal at Colegio Franklin Roosevelt - The American School of Lima in Peru
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High School Principal
Colegio Franklin Roosevelt - The American School of Lima (Peru)

Appointed - No longer accepting applications
Oct 27, 2015
Nov 3, 2015

School Details

Colegio Roosevelt first opened its doors to students in 1946. Established by business persons in order to serve the needs of those in the community desiring a college-preparatory American-style curriculum, Roosevelt has truly become one of the leading international schools in South America and the world.  Roosevelt stays true to its American tradition and has changed over the years to support a population evenly represented by international and local students.

Roosevelt is a non-profit school supported by tuition and fees.  The school is accredited through AdvancED (formerly the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools) and the Peruvian Ministry of Education.

Colegio Roosevelt has recently reaffirmed the Mission and Core Values, statements that strongly guide the educational efforts and the strategic objectives of the school.

Colegio Roosevelt includes an overall student community of over 1700 students.  In 2015-16, approximately 475 of these students are in the 4 grade levels overseen by the High School Principal.

Colegio Roosevelt has become well-known as the leading international school in Peru. This reputation is earned each year through the quality of the staff members, the collaboration with parents and community members, a strong commitment to cutting-edge educational practices, outstanding assessment results, very impressive matriculation of students to the best universities in the world… and the students with their obvious enjoyment of the learning atmosphere at Roosevelt.

The High School Principal is assisted by associate principals and other learning leaders as well as a very talented staff of teachers and teacher assistants.  The school curriculum and instructional models are currently based upon the Middle Years Program (MYP) and Diploma Program (DP) of the International Baccalaureate..  The Principal leads a staff who constantly explore and seek best practices.  The current principal has experienced four very successful years at Colegio Roosevelt and led several learning initiatives including the Innovation Academy.


The school boasts one of the finest English language media centers in South America, a deep commitment to the appropriate integration of educational technology, and excellent facilities for early childhood, performing arts, swimming, physical education and outdoor education. The school has recently developed a master plan for facility improvements. The first construction project in the plan is a building called The Commons, a state of the art gathering place that will be used by both Middle School and High School students. Construction of The Commons is scheduled to begin in July 2016.
More information on Colegio Franklin Delano Roosevelt may be found on our website at www.amersol.edu.pe.

Position Qualifications

MA in Education (required)
• Administrative Certification
• At least 5 years teaching experience at the High School level
• At least 3 years administrative experience at the High School level
• Overseas experience as teacher and/or administrator in an international school
• Training and experience in IB MYP and/or DP preferred
• Experience in supervision and evaluation of teachers
• Experience in budget development and oversight


The mission of Colegio Franklin Delano Roosevelt is to empower its students to pursue their passion for learning, lead lives of integrity and create socially responsible solutions.

Core Values

We believe that:
1. embracing diversity sustains and enriches life
2. service develops the individual and builds community
3. experience is the most  profound source of learning
4. each person has the potential to contribute
5. individual integrity is fundamental to a healthy community
6. choice empowers
7. survival of humanity depends on the health of the environment

Lima and Peru

Lima is the capital city of Peru, one of the cradles of the earliest civilizations on Earth.  Lima is located on the Pacific Coast in an unusual semi-arid desert.  The climate is mild despite its tropical location.  The city was founded in 1535 by Francisco Pizarro following the Spanish conquest of the Incas.  The history and archaeology of Lima and Peru are fascinating with strong indigenous influences blending with the Spanish traditions and culture.
Today, Lima boasts approximately 13 million inhabitants and has become a bustling Latin American metropolis complete with all of the opportunities of a modern global center of business and commerce.  The arts scene is alive and well.  Museums abound.  The meteoric rise of Peruvian cuisine on the world scene makes for unlimited possibilities for dining and cooking.
Sprinkled among all of the new growth are ancient ruins from the time of the Incas and well before.  Many cultures pre-dated the Incas and their foundations are still being explored and understood by the Peruvian and outside world.
Peru can be considered among the most diverse ecologies in the world with an inordinate number of bioclimates.  The coastal desert quickly rises into the massive Andean ranges.  Atop these gigantic mountains lie fertile valleys where agricultural pursuits have formed the basis for ancient and modern societies.  Travelers descend the eastern slope of the Andes into the deep jungle that spawns the Amazon River Basin, with the richest variety of flora and fauna and fascinating villages.

How to Apply

Applicants are requested to apply directly through  http://blog.amersol.edu.pe/staffing/high-school-principal

  • Applications will be reviewed as they are received
  • Application deadline is November 3, 2015
  • Anticipated Skype interviews by committee with shortlisted candidates November 10
  • Finalists visit Lima November 21-25
  • Offer to be made by December 1


Attention: If you apply for this position, please inform the school and us (Admin@searchassociates.com) that you saw the notice on the Search Associates website. 

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