Interim Head Teacher at Redbridge School in Portugal
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Interim Head Teacher
Redbridge School (Portugal)

Appointed - Brett Neilson
Apr 29, 2019
Jun 1, 2019




Lisbon, Portugal

Seeks an


Early Years and Primary School Headteacher

(to begin in July 2019)

Redbridge School is seeking to appoint an interim headteacher to join their school at a pivotal stage in its growth and development, filling this role until a permanent Head Teacher joins the school in September 2020.   The position description below is for the permanent Head Teacher; the interim should possess a majority of the qualifications sought in the permanent Head Teacher, with the understanding that s/he is helping pave the way for the new Head Teacher to join the school’s executive team in September 2020.


We are looking for:

  • An inspirational, successful and caring current Headteacher or Deputy Headteacher who leads by example whilst creating a model of distributed leadership;
  • A dynamic and forward thinking individual capable of driving innovation and growth to support the vision and strategic direction of the school;
  • A true commitment to excellence and continual improvement;
  • Demonstrable understanding of leading a school in a diverse culture setting;
  • An ability to work collaboratively and effectively with the management team, teachers and parents;
  • An awareness of financial planning and budget management;
  • Good ICT knowledge and skills to support pupil learning, assessment and school management;
  • A knowledge of Portuguese and/or French would be advantageous.

The successful candidate will be part of the executive team consisting of the school director, the school business director, the innovation leader and the head of pastoral and will report to the directors of the school.

The successful candidate will participate to the induction seminars in July 2019 (two first weeks of the month) and in August 2019 (last week of the month).


Redbridge School offers a warm, holistic and child-centred approach to education and aims to provide a challenging and stimulating learning environment while respecting the needs and developmental pace of each child. It recognises the cognitive and social benefits that multilingualism brings to individuals. This offer is relatively new worldwide and the school is proud to be one of a few schools at the forefront of the drive for the development of a multilingual (English/Portuguese/French) education.  


The school has high aspirations for all the children and their achievements are visible and celebrated. The broader curriculum offers a rich and stimulating learning environment in which each child can grow, develop and reach their full potential. 


The school consists currently of approximately 165 children aged from three to ten years old. Redbridge School will be growing over the next years to reach a total capacity of 400 children from three to twelve years old.

-       In the Early Years, our school follows the guidance offered by the French national curriculum whilst maintaining a strong focus on self-directed play, creativity, autonomy and the learning of social and emotional skills.

-    In our Primary School, we offer two bilingual pathways, supporting a personalized and transdisciplinary approach where children learn through inquiry and engage in 'Project-based learning'.

  • a French/English section, which follows the objectives of the French national curriculum;
  • a Portuguese/English section, which follows the objectives of the Portuguese national curriculum.

This is an exceptional opportunity for the new headteacher to continue their professional development whilst leading Redbridge School on the next stage of its journey. 



Leadership and vision

  • Contribute to the strategic development of the whole school, ensuring the school’s mission and values are at the forefront of all decisions and actions;
  • Lead by example in terms of interactions with the children, taking the responsibility for the pastoral care and wellbeing of every pupil;
  • Ensure that every child is valued as an individual, has the opportunity to identify and develop the full range of their talents and fulfils their academic potential;
  • Develop the aims and objectives of our school, in consultation with the school director and in support of the school’s vision;
  • Lead curriculum development and staff professional development;
  • Ensure a consistent approach to teaching and learning across the years and sections, prepare the pupils for a successful transition to secondary school;
  • Maintain Redbridge School as the leading independent school choice within the school’s catchment area.

Whole school leadership and management

  • Promote the school’s ethos, aims and objectives to stakeholders;
  • Contribute to the school’s operational plans and development;
  • Edit and enforce school policy, keeping policies up-to-date, accessible and relevant;
  • Share responsibility for the general management and day-to-day running of the school;
  • As a member of the executive team, contribute to discussions of whole-school matters;
  • Support whole-school events, including after-school, evening and weekend commitments;
  • Represent the school and stand in for the school director as required.


  • Ensure that every child is known, valued as an individual and respected by all members of staff;
  • Ensure that teachers promote and model the school’s key attitudes to learning and a personalised approach to learning;
  • Ensure that children have access to a broad, vibrant and developmentally appropriate co-curricular program;
  • Ensure that staff, children and parents are aware of the expected standards of behaviour and monitor behaviour at school;
  • Ensure that the children learn to respect and care for others;
  • Liaise with the Head of Pastoral care on matters of wellbeing and child protection issues.



  • Work with all members of the school team to achieve high quality teaching and to promote the highest standards of learning and achievement for all pupils from Early Years to Year 6;
  • Ensure that the curriculum in the two sections is vibrant, creative and engages all learners;
  • Provide an exceptional role model for pupils and staff, through interactions with all which sets a standard for other teachers to emulate;
  • Ensure the highest standards of planning, differentiation and assessment are practiced by close monitoring and offering guidance and support to staff;
  • Provide guidance to staff in marking and assessment for learning;
  • Ensure that the class teachers deliver lessons effectively by conducting regular observations in all subject areas;
  • Work with the teachers to promote the best and innovative practice to enrich the range of learning styles and multiple intelligences across the school;
  • Work in close partnership with the Early Years leaders and the Primary Years leader to ensure a progressive and consistent approach to learning and teaching;
  • Oversee parents and pupil review meetings;
  • Work collaboratively with the heads of the French and Portuguese sections to understand the expectations and objectives of the different curricula followed at the school;
  • Ensure that planning, assessment, target setting, recording and reporting systems are implemented in line with the school objectives and standards;
  • Provide feedback to teachers and disseminate examples of effective planning and teaching;
  • Organize and lead meetings with staff to ensure that continuity and progression of pupils’ learning is maintained across the phase;
  • Organize regular section meetings to ensure continuity in teaching and learning;
  • Ensure that teachers’ planning and assessment and are in line with school policies;
  • Lead the identification of pupils with individual needs (SEN, gifted and talented), and liase with the SEN Coordinator to ensure that they receive appropriate additional support.

Management of Staff

  • Lead, motivate and manage teachers, teaching assistants and support staff;
  • Binding person between staff, unifying the team, ensuring a low turn-over of staff with all members of the team feeling valued, respected and heard;
  • Enable all teachers to achieve expertise in planning and teaching through example, support and by leading or providing high quality professional development opportunities;
  • Review the performance of teachers and teaching assistants in line with the school policy;
  • Promote a culture of personal and professional development and manage the annual professional review process (PDRs) for teaching staff across the school;
  • Together with the school directors, recruit and appoint all teaching staff and teaching assistants;
  • Engage supply and cover staff as required to ensure that, where staff absences cannot be covered internally, there is minimal disruption to children’s learning and teachers’ non-contact time.

General Management

  • Ensure that the most effective use is made of all available resources;
  • Organize curriculum meetings for parents at the beginning of each academic year and ensure that all agreed information (e.g. reports) is sent out on time;
  • Coordinate / organize other school events;
  • Support events organized by the PTA for the benefit of the school;
  • Liaise closely with support staff and other professionals so that they are able to make a significant contribution to learning and teaching in the primary phase.

You will be liaising closely with:

  • School Director;
  • School Business Director;
  • Head of Pastoral Care;
  • Special Educational Needs Coordinator;
  • Early Years Leaders;
  • Primary Years Leaders.



Redbridge School has retained Search Associates to assist with this search, with Bridget McNamer serving as the lead consultant.  If you are interested in applying for this post, please send, combined in one .pdf document, the following:

  • a cover letter, not to exceed two pages, explaining your interest in this opportunity and detailing your qualifications to fill the role
  • A resume/cv, not to exceed two pages
  • A list of up to 5 references including most recent contact information


This application should be sent to Bridget McNamer at:


Application deadline for this Interim Head Teacher role is:  June 1, 2019

Did You Know…?

Senior Associate Harry Deelman was at various times headmaster of schools in a fascinating foursome of global cities: Buenos Aires, Rome, Dubai, and Bangkok.