Middle School Principal at Colegio Menor San Francisco de Quito in Ecuador
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Middle School Principal
Colegio Menor San Francisco de Quito (Ecuador)

Appointed - Amy Grieve
Nov 26, 2018
Dec 7, 2018



Colegio Menor

Quito, Ecuador

Seeks a

Middle School Principal

To begin in July 2019


About the School

Overview and Purpose

Colegio Menor is a private educational institution providing students with a high quality bilingual (English-Spanish) liberal arts education that inspires critical thinking, creativity, integrity, and leadership.   The school is committed to academic excellence and continuous organizational improvement while responsibly meeting obligations to stakeholders. 

Our Quito campus was founded in 1995, in the city of Quito, Ecuador.  (We also have a campus in Samborondon, on the coast.)  Colegio Menor is affiliated with the Universidad San Francisco de Quito and is approved and recognized by the Ecuadorian Ministry of Education and accredited by AdvancED. Colegio Menor students attend a school that draws on the best of the international and American school models while teaching students to understand, respect and celebrate the diversity of Ecuadorian culture. With more than 1600 students Colegio Menor is one of the city’s most important schools, with recent graduates accepted to prestigious universities in North America, South America and Europe.

At Colegio Menor we consider that our employees are our greatest assets; they are not only a part of Colegio Menor, they are the essence of our school. Our 320 employees are wonderful, caring, professional and talented people. The Middle School Principal will find an energetic and collaborative group of people to work with!

Foundational Principles

Goodness, Beauty and Truth are the underlying principles that inspired the founders to create a renaissance school that draws on the best of the international and American school models, while teaching students to understand, respect and celebrate the diversity of Ecuadorian culture.


Colegio Menor will become a regional leader in the field of education through innovation, the application of research-based best practices and the implementation of a long range development plan to ensure continued support for new projects. 

Language Model

Colegio Menor students attain high levels of proficiency in both English and Spanish through our especially designed bilingual model that begins with an English immersion program from playgroup to kindergarden then transitions to a bilingual program with English instruction in all core (mathematics, science and English language arts, social studies) classes and learning activities in Spanish from 1st to 12th grade.


Based on Liberal Arts, Colegio Menor’s curriculum provides students with the opportunity to complete a set of core courses, as well as developing their knowledge and skills in art, music, and a variety of elective subject areas. At the Upper School level, all courses are taught as part of a college preparatory curriculum. Colegio Menor offers Advanced Placement (AP) courses in Calculus, Statistics, English language and Literature, Spanish language and Literature, Studio Art, World History, Economics, Human Geography, Physics and Biology. 


Unique Characteristics

  • Strong music program with songwriting, sound engineering, theory, jazz ensemble, orchestra and Latin Rock electives. Award winning groups perform for the school community, as well as locally, nationally and internationally.

  • Diverse arts program with annual exhibitions, over 40 student produced murals on campus and theatre productions. 

  • Multi-disciplinary academic field trips.

  • School to School exchanges with U.S private schools.

  • Institutional community service project with neighborhood senior citizen center.

  • Innovative values based conduct and academic support programs.

  • High performing athletics program involving competitions at local, national and international levels. 

  • Laboratory school for U.S student teachers

  • Adoption of Character Counts Values Framework

  • More than twenty extra-curricular activities offered

  • An annual average of 7 million dollars in financial awards to Menor graduates for U.S. University study.


  • Bilingual / Immersion school accredited by the Ecuadorian Ministry of Education

  • Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Accreditation (AdvancED)

  • Member of Association of Colombian and Caribbean American Schools (ACCAS)

  • Member of the Association of American Schools in South America (AASSA)

About the Position


The Middle School (MS) Principal contributes to the fulfillment of the school’s Purpose, Direction, and Values by applying leadership, supervisory, and administrative skills in order to create a positive and professional culture and climate in the Middle School.  This helps to ensure the cognitive, emotional, and physical development of every student, as well as the professional development of all members of the faculty and staff.

Education/Certification: Minimum earned Master's Degree and/or recognized Certification (e.g. PTC) in Education Administration and/or Leadership.


  • Minimum of three (3) years of successful, full-time, Middle School classroom teaching experience required.

  • Minimum of three (3) years of administrative supervisory or management experience is preferred.

  • Previous International-American school experience is preferred.


  • Self-aware with a strong commitment to continuous learning.

  • Strong written and oral communication skills.

  • Commitment to the purpose, direction and values of Colegio Menor.

  • Fully bilingual in English and Spanish.

  • Proficiency in computer applications (e.g. MS Office).

  • Google certification (desirable)

  • Organization and prioritization skills.

  • Sense of humor.

Reports to: The Middle School Principal reports to, and is under the direction and supervision of, the Head of School.

Supervision: All Middle School academic and academic support personnel (e.g. teachers, teaching assistants, instructional facilitators, administrative assistants, etc.).

Accountability: The Head of School will assess the effectiveness of the Middle School Principal annually with respect to the performance of the specific responsibilities enumerated below.

Tasks and Responsibilities: Duties of the Colegio Menor Middle School Principal include, but are not limited to, the following:

1. Student Performance

  • Set and enforce rigorous standards for student achievement that are in line with the goals of Colegio Menor.

  • Ensure the academic program establishes and meets or exceeds yearly individual student outcomes.

2. Organizational Leadership

  • Develop area goals and objectives consistent with the purpose, direction and values of Colegio Menor.

  • Maintain active involvement in the school improvement planning process by providing resources for decision-making and priority setting to the Head of School.

  • Lead teachers and instructional staff in developing a healthy school culture aligned with the purpose, direction and values of the school.

  • Foster a culture of excellence, teamwork and collaboration among the staff, teachers, students and families.

  • Foster a school climate that supports both student and staff success and promotes respect and appreciation for all students, staff and parents.

  • Oversee all programs, services, and activities to ensure that program objectives are met.

  • Ensure an orderly learning environment.

  • Ensure appropriate standards of student behavior, performance, and attendance.

  • Ensure that all disciplinary issues are addressed fairly and immediately.

  • Prepare an annual report on area progress.

3. Instructional Leadership

  • Manage, evaluate and develop a team of teachers in collaboration with the Human Resources (HR) Department.

  • Work with teachers to constantly assess and improve student achievement results.

  • Ensure the use of effective, research-based teaching methodologies and practices.

  • Implement data-driven instructional practices and lead discussions about student performance.

  • Work with teachers to improve their teaching practice through coaching, professional development, modeling, and collaborative planning in collaboration with the HR Department.

  • Keep abreast of successful instructional methodologies and practices.

  • Provide high quality curricular training and resources to staff.

  • Foster culture of professionalism among teachers and staff.

  • Ensure learning environment and classroom instruction maximizes student learning.

  • Monitor the progress of all students.

  • Supervise and mentor all teachers.

4. Operational Leadership

  • In coordination with the MS leadership team, prepare the annual order of textbooks, materials, supplies and other items needed to support quality teaching and learning.

  • Oversee management of area academic records and resources as necessary.

  • Ensure compliance with Ecuadorian Ministry of Education regulations.

  • Ensure compliance with AdvancED accreditation standards and expectations.

5. Personnel

  • Assist the Head of School and the HR Department in recruiting, selecting faculty and staff.

  • Continually monitor progress on all measures of school and staff performance.

  • Ensure in collaboration with the HR Department that personnel policies and procedures are adhered to.

  • Assist the Head of School and the HR Department in the carrying out of any and all disciplinary actions related to academic faculty and staff.

  • Provide for adequate supervision, training, and evaluation of all staff and volunteers in collaboration with the HR Department.

  • Communicate clearly on a regular basis, and model daily to faculty and staff the school’s purpose, direction and values.

6. Community Relations

  • Serve as liaison between teachers, parents, and the community.

  • Exhibit a high degree of professionalism in all elements of this position, while serving as a contributing member of the Colegio Menor community and a dedicated role model for other employees.

  • Develop and maintain positive school/community relations by assisting the Head of School in the promoting/marketing of the school and its priorities to the community.

  • Communicate school information, goals, student learning and behavior expectations to the community by using effective communication techniques with students, teachers, parents and stakeholders.

Application Instructions

Colegio Menor has appointed Search Associates as consultant in the search for the new Middle School Principal for its Quito campus, with Bridget McNamer as the lead consultant.

The deadline for applications is December 7, 2018.  However, please note that the search committee reserves the right to draw the search to an early close should an outstanding candidate be identified early in the selection process.

Search Associates will receive all applications and supporting materials and will screen all candidates who express interest in the position.  Please do not contact the school directly.

Interested and qualified candidates are requested to send the information listed below as a single .pdf file attached to an email:

  • A letter of application explaining your strengths as a candidate and why you are interested in this opportunity

  • A current resume not to exceed two pages

  • A one- or two-page statement outlining your philosophy of education

  • A list of up to four referees (supervisors) with current phone numbers, email addresses, and the position they held when you worked for them.

Total size of the single, combined .pdf file should be kept to less than five (5) MB.

Applications should be sent to:  bmcnamer@searchassociates.com

Additional information about Colegio Menor can be found on the school’s website at: http://colegiomenor.edu.ec/en/home/



Did You Know…?

Senior Associate Gez Hayden led the first international school authorized to offer all three IB programs in China.