News: 2016 Search Associates Leadership Fair “Knocks it out of the Park” - Jan 11, 2017
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Wednesday, January 11, 2017General News

2016 Search Associates Leadership Fair “Knocks it out of the Park”

From left: Two candidates speak with Harry and Margaret DeelmanSearch Associates' sixth annual Leadership Fair kicked off the fall recruitment season in Bangkok this November 18-20th. This year, 89 candidates explored 98 administrative and 45 teaching positions offered by recruiters from 37 schools. School Coordinator Nazgol Adili, with the help of Senior Associates John Ritter, Harry Deelman, Michael Williams, Bill Turner, and Ray Sparks, made certain the event ran smoothly and that attendees received full support. Feedback has been outstanding. Tyler Sherwood, Head of School of Chatsworth International School in Singapore said,

"[I] just wanted to say Thank You for another fantastic Leadership Fair. Ray, you were in good hands! Nazgol knocked it out of the park, and the other Associates did a great job holding the fort."

Also pleased was Chris Vicari, Director of the Qingdao Amerasia International School:

"…Lily and I find you and your team a joy to work with. We find the Search Leadership Fair a pleasure to be a part of. It is organized, professional, instructions are clear, transportation is well-organized, and the hotels have been quite good at a reasonable rate--the food is great, too! We enjoyed our experience speaking with all the candidates, and we learn something new and valuable from just about everyone."

From left: Heads of School Neil McWilliam, Matthew Parr, and Dan Young lead panel discussionNIST International School, within walking distance of the Movenpick Hotel, proved to be the perfect venue. Many candidates and recruiters praised the facilities and helpfulness of the school community. Staff could always be found to help candidates and recruiters locate the various facilities and event locations around the school while ensuring that common areas were well maintained. NIST not only ran daily shuttle services between the hotel and the school, but it also provided a delicious Thai buffet each day for all attendees.

Senior Associate John Ritter

The Leadership Fair is designed for candidates pursuing administrative and leadership positions and is uniquely tailored for a high level of interaction among participants. This intimate event is especially valuable for those pursuing their first leadership or administrative position. Not only do recruiters and candidates meet for two days of interviews, but they also participate together in a series of events in calm and relaxed settings, such as professional development (PD) sessions and a panel discussion on topics related to administrators. After ample opportunity for interaction, recruiters are able to make offers or develop a "shortlist" of administrative candidates for further review. Lisa Hughes, Vice Principal and Head of Elementary at Hanoi International School, exclaimed,

"I have to say it was the best job fair I have ever been to, having been on the circuit for 17 years, as a recruiter and a candidate. Not only was it well organised, it was an opportunity for real PD, and as it was so calm, there was an opportunity to take time to talk to other people."

With encouragement like that, we are certainly primed to organize our next one. Stay tuned!

Did You Know…?

Senior Associate Harry Deelman was at various times headmaster of schools in a fascinating foursome of global cities: Buenos Aires, Rome, Dubai, and Bangkok.