News: Avenues: The World School, São Paulo – Opening August 2018 - Apr 5, 2018
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Thursday, April 5, 2018School Spotlights

Avenues: The World School, São Paulo – Opening August 2018

View of São Paulo and the Pinheiros River from the rooftop of the new Avenues campus in Cidade Jardim, Morumbí, São PauloSomething extraordinary is happening in Cidade Jardim in Brazil! The campus of Avenues: The World School, São Paulo (Avenues São Paulo) will soon be coming to life, and it has already joined Search Associates' catalog of excellent schools. Nestled among iconic landmarks and neighborhoods, Avenues São Paulo will be a haven of security, tranquility, and beauty in the midst of a bustling city. An award-winning São Paulo architecture, interior design, and landscape design firm has worked closely with Avenues: The World School designers to create a 30,000-square-meter, state-of-the-art educational facility that reflects Avenues' core principles of innovation, sustainability, and student-centered pedagogy. The result is a remarkable 15-grade school for students ages three through 18 that is both quintessentially Avenues and authentically Brazilian—a world school in the truest sense.

The iconic building of Avenues New York in the vibrant Chelsea neighborhood The story of Avenues: The World School began in the fall of 2012 when it first opened its doors to 740 children in New York City's Chelsea neighborhood. Because of its outstanding leadership team, faculty, and staff, and its innovative global curriculum, Avenues New York's enrollment doubled to nearly 1,500 students within four years. The flagship school has just announced its plan for expansion to accommodate 2,100 students. In addition to New York City and now São Paulo, Avenues is focused on opening new campuses in major cities throughout the world, including London, Shanghai, Miami, Silicon Valley, and Doha. Among their many accomplishments, members of the founding team at Avenues São Paulo have held leadership positions at some of the most prestigious schools and educational organizations in both Brazil and the U.S.

Teachers and students at Avenues form close, lasting relationships, working together on interdisciplinary, project-based learning experiences. At present, Avenues São Paulo holds candidate status with the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC). Already enrolled are 652 K–12 students, 70% of whom are Brazilian and 20% of whom are from North America and the U.K. The administration anticipates hiring a teaching staff of 70, with 40 from Brazil and 30 from North America and the U.K. The school will implement an experimental curriculum that begins with Reggio Emilia in early childhood and continues with inquiry-based learning.

Avenues São Paulo is interested in hiring "teachers who are exceptionally adaptive, curious, collaborative, and aligned with our mission and values, regardless of their marital status or dependents." Avenues São Paulo will also consider teachers credentialed in non-English speaking countries, those who are newly certified, outstanding teachers with experience who lack certification, and finally, interns. Teachers are not required to hold an academic degree in the subject they will be teaching. To obtain a work visa in Brazil, certification is not required, and there is no age limit.

Avenues offers a wide variety of sports and enrichment activities for students.Benefits include a competitive salary and housing allowance. For all teachers, tuition is free for up to two children. Worldwide health insurance, dental, long-term disability, emergency evacuation, and life insurance are fully covered. The school wishes candidates to note that "As Avenues São Paulo does not open until August 2018, some of the information in our school profile (including compensation and benefits information) is approximate and subject to changes." The school will provide free lunch and transportation to school and is also committed to providing professional development for its staff as well as a 5% contribution to each teacher's retirement plan. Committed to providing professional development, the school says,

"At Avenues São Paulo, teachers never stop growing. For students to become engaged learners and flexible thinkers, teachers must boldly lead the way. Our teachers are lifelong learners with an infectious thirst for knowledge, and who model that thirst for their students."

Avenues São Paulo campus, night viewTo gain access to Avenues: The World School, São Paulo's full profile on the Search Associates database, including a list of all open positions, candidates can apply for membership by clicking here. Candidates already registered can easily access the school profile directly through their dashboards.

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