News: Beijing SMIC Private School - Nov 17, 2017
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Friday, November 17, 2017School Spotlights

Beijing SMIC Private School

Beijing SMIC Private School can be found in our registry of fine international member schools. Established in 2005, this day school is owned by the largest Silicon Foundry in China, Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation out of Taiwan, and is surrounded by other high-tech corporations.

Beijing SMIC Private School is located in Yizhuang—in the southeast suburbs of Beijing where cycling, driving, or riding the bus and subway is easier due to less congestion. Many miles of parks, lakes, rivers, and natural areas grace the region, and an international shop has all the sports equipment one would need to enjoy them! Two new shopping plazas, with Western and fast food eateries, have opened nearby. Within a short drive, volunteer opportunities abound, including New Day Foster Home and Shepherd's Field Children's Home.

Beijing SMIC Private School provides two academic tracks: an English track that uses the U.S. Common Core Curriculum with a Chinese requirement, and a Chinese track that is based on the local academic curriculum with a strong emphasis on English. The K–12 school currently enrolls 1,700 students of 16 nationalities. Most are Chinese and of elementary age, with 9% from North America. A teaching staff of 362 includes 44 teachers from North America and the U.K. along with 294 teachers from China. Beijing SMIC Private School is fully certified by the Chinese State Education Commission.

The school stresses each student’s holistic development in addition to the importance of moral and integrity in education. For example, physical education focuses on “character first.” Students not only develop their bodies, but also the traits that contribute to teamwork in addition to the ability to face difficulties and challenges. A sports art class combines cheerleading and dance, which, the school says, “combines the strength of sport with the softness of dance.” Other fascinating course offerings include energy conservation and environmental protection—based on wind and solar energy research—and Chinese medicine! Students explore the rich culture of Chinese medicine while planting a medicinal botanical garden.

Beijing SMIC Private School is interested in hiring couples, as well as single teachers not accompanied by dependents. They will also consider couples with a non-teaching spouse, outstanding newly-certified teachers, experienced teachers already in China but not yet certified, teachers certified in non-English-speaking countries, and interns. Teachers must hold an academic degree in the subject they will be teaching. All hires must be under 60 to obtain a work visa. The school also requires a health report in addition to a background check.

The benefits package allows for sizeable savings, or for a family of four to live on one salary. Beijing SMIC Private School offers salaries more than sufficient to cover the low cost of living in Yizhuang. The school says,

“Working for a growing company with $1.7 billion in annual revenue has definite benefits; you never have to worry about delayed salary payments or layoffs due to budget cuts.”

A generous one-time moving allowance and annual roundtrip airfare is provided for each family member. Also included is a monthly housing stipend. The tuition benefit ranges from a 65 to 100% discount, for up to two children, based on the employee’s income as well as the number of SMIC employees’ children enrolled at the school. Not included are fees for school activities, daily lunch, and books. Comprehensive insurance, with the employee paying a percentage, includes worldwide health, dental, life insurance, and long-term disability. With regards to teacher satisfaction, Beijing SMIC Private School says,

“Overall, we have one of the lowest rates of teacher [turnover] you will find anywhere. Our teachers are committed to their students, and enjoy deep friendships with their coworkers.  Administrators make every effort to place teachers where they can refine their teaching skills and develop professionally, with opportunities for advancement to those that desire it.”

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Students participated in an informal hockey game in the LQ Gym

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Many international schools start recruiting in September for the following school year.