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Wednesday, March 28, 2018School Spotlights

International School of Morocco

Search Associates is pleased to welcome to its community of schools the International School of Morocco (ISM), a K–12 school in an ideal setting. Morocco is a beautiful, diverse country that provides opportunities for teachers to explore and interact within a diverse culture, which includes Spanish, French, Arabic, and Berber languages, traditions, rituals, and artifacts. The ability to experience ocean, mountain and desert environments–all within a day’s travel–is unique. Also enticing is Morocco’s close proximity to Europe that offers affordable and convenient travel to famous European cities. Many discount airlines fly from Morocco to numerous cities in Europe, making international travel very accessible.

The school is located in a well-established residential neighborhood of Casablanca in an area called Oasis, ten minutes from downtown, which features western restaurants as well as international stores. This area is located just 20 minutes away from the ocean and is popular with surfers!

ISM is a British-curriculum school certified by British Schools Overseas and accredited by New England Association of Schools and Colleges. A member of the Council of British International Schools, the school is currently a candidate for authorization (in 2018-2019) as an International Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Years Programme and Diploma Programme school. A small school that has outgrown its present facility, ISM plans to build a purpose-built facility in 2018-2019.

Currently enrolled are 65 K–8 students of 17 nationalities. The population is very close to a 50:50 mix of local and international students, which allows it to create a truly international community respectful of culture, religion, and global issues using the UN Global Goals as a framework. The teaching staff of 12 comprises four Moroccans and eight North Americans.

ISM is committed to providing a quality education, opportunities for leadership positions, personal growth, creative learning environments, and IB training for both teachers and students. Head of School Tony Moniz says,

“Our philosophy focuses on being child-centered, future-focused, community-service oriented, and [committed to] providing personal learning opportunities in learning spaces that are flexible, engaging and enriching.”

A well-rounded extra-curricular program includes choices for all age groups in sports, activities, and creative expression. A sampling of offerings throughout a given school year might include football (soccer), swimming, science or history clubs, sculpture, puppetry, chess, and cooking. Additional English classes are available after school for students age 4–11. The larger Casablanca community is welcome to attend as well!

ISM is interested in hiring singles, couples, and interns. All candidates must hold certification from an English-speaking country. However, the school will consider outstanding, newly certified candidates, and teachers need not possess their academic degree in the subject they will be teaching. Teachers under the age of 60 may obtain a work visa in Morocco.

The benefits package at ISM allows for some savings. Teachers receive a monthly stipend for housing, and the school provides basic furnishings. ISM covers teachers’ airfare at the beginning and end of every contract, and the school says that the tuition benefit “[depends] on the child entrance assessment result and availability.” Local health insurance, including dental and long-term disability, is fully covered. ISM adds that insurance coverage can be extended to worldwide, depending on the case. Teachers who run after-school activities receive a stipend, and school lunches are free. All teachers will attend IB training. Additionally, there are local employment opportunities for non-teaching spouses. Thanks to the benefits package and the low cost of living, a family of four can live on one salary, while enjoying local travel.

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