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Friday, August 6, 2021School Spotlights

International Teaching in an Island Paradise

Cayman Prep and High School (CPHS) is an independent, co-educational school, owned and operated by The United Church in Jamaica and the Cayman Islands. Students and teachers thrive in this beautiful and friendly environment through innovative and challenging lessons. CPHS’s appreciative parents engage as partners in their children’s learning. In this warm community embracing Christian values, students develop as lifelong learners with people skills and confidence.

CPHS is located on two sites, both in leafy, residential areas only 1.5 kilometers from the urban center of George Town and the warm, azure waters of the Caribbean. Both sites have an outdoor, multi-purpose surface, but the upper school campus also includes an outdoor basketball court.

Licensed by the local Ministry of Education, CPHS delivers a first-rate British-based international curriculum from Early Years Foundation Stage to Year 13, including IGCSE / GCSE and A-level qualifications. While 36% of the more than 1,000 students are from Grand Cayman, 35% are from the U.K., and 14% are from North America, and the student population represents 25 nations. The total teaching staff of 90 includes 66 from the U.K. and 16 from Grand Cayman.

Clubs are available for children in Years 1-6. Mostly after school, offerings vary from term to term and may include the following: arts and crafts, choir, chess, computer, drama, literacy boost, netball, newspaper, book club, cricket, basketball, football, school band, recorders, sailing, gymnastics, dance, card games, rugby, pottery, board games, homework club, typing, and model making. Children may also participate in some of the many inter-school sporting activities. Island-wide competitions, such as essay writing, art, spelling bee, sporting events, and the annual National Children’s Festival of the Arts, offer more opportunities for enrichment and fun. For an additional fee, students may learn a musical instrument with a specialist teacher, and there are opportunities to perform music at a variety of venues throughout the island.

The Extra-Curricular Activities Programme at the high school level provides more than 150 clubs to choose from each year. Many clubs lead to competitions against other schools or clubs on the island, and some provide an excellent opportunity to compete overseas. Steel Pan drumming, Robotics, and Model United Nations are just a few of the many offerings.

High school students participate in educational trips. In 2018, Year 12 and 13 students went to the Little Cayman Research Centre for a three-day, Marine Ecology course. In dive and snorkeling teams, the students investigated the phenomenon of phase shift – where the dominant biota of the reef changes from coral to macro-algae. Students not only impressed the resident scientists with their findings, but they also conducted a beach clean-up, made artwork out of driftwood, and watched the magnificent frigate birds “in their mating splendour” at the National Trust Nature Reserve.

A trip to Pedro St. James for Year 8 students made history more relevant. Students learned about the creation and development of empires in the region from 1500-1900 along with the places where major events took place, such as the decision to form the first elected government and the location where the proclamation for the end of slavery in the British Empire was read.

CPHS has recently launched a co-curriculum called Vertical Learning, which runs within the school’s traditional timetable. In addition to studying core subjects, students have the opportunity to deepen their learning in a range of new and exciting subjects. From a long list offered, students choose three subjects—one per term—to study throughout the year. In the one hour per week scheduled for co-curriculum learning, students are grouped by subject, rather than age range. Vertical Learning develops integration, cohesion, and friendships across the school. Students of different ages all bring something different to the learning experience.

The Child Development Group visited the nearby Little Trotters Farm and Nursery School. Students observed children at different stages as groups split to visit classes of children, ranging from 18 months to four and a half. CPHS students immersed themselves in activities that the children were doing while asking the nursery staff meaningful questions.

CPHS is interested in hiring certified single teachers and will consider teaching couples as well as newly-certified candidates. Teachers must possess an academic degree in the subject they will be teaching. Those up to the age of 65 may obtain a work visa.

Benefits include a non-taxed, competitive salary, a settling-in allowance, and airfare at the start of employment. CPHS offers a 50% reduction in tuition fee for up to two children as well as free afterschool care for primary-aged students. Additionally, the school offers an excellent allowance for professional development. Teachers are supported financially with Master’s programs and Council of British International Schools middle leadership training. Using an insurance provider, the school covers 100% of each teacher’s premium for private health insurance, including dental. The school covers 25% of the premium for dependents. There are local employment opportunities for non-teaching spouses.

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