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International Teaching in Romania

The vision of Avenor College (Avenor), a non-profit, bilingual international school rooted in Romanian culture, is to be a positive and progressive educational landmark for the country. The school is situated in two locations in Northern Bucharest: an elegant, historical villa in the city center, which houses the preschool, and a beautiful, custom-built, 8000-square-meter campus bordered by Baneasa Forest. Avenor believes that each member of its community is both a learner and an educator. The school says,

We are builders of future capacity, enabling our students to find their own strengths, create their own journeys, and frame their own future. Working together, we co-create the best possible future for each student, for each community member, and for all of us together, within and beyond our school.

Avenor has grown rapidly over the past twelve years, from just five students in Grade 1 to 550 students today aged 2 to 18, all of whom are Romanian. The teaching staff of 117 includes 105 Romanian educators and 10 from the U.K. Accredited by the Romanian Ministry of Education and British Schools Overseas, the school is authorized by Cambridge International Examinations to offer Checkpoint, the International General Certificate of Secondary Education, and A level examinations. Additionally, Avenor is a member of the Common Ground Collaborative, an innovative global network of leading international schools.

Inspired by Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences, the school develops and motivates students' individual values through academic, athletic, and artistic programs supported by personal, emotional, social factors. After school, Avenor offers a wide range of clubs that expand learning opportunities. The school says,

We do not aim to raise mathematicians, physicists, IT specialists, linguists, etc. We aim to develop human beings capable of adapting to an ever-changing world and using what they have accumulated where it is useful to them, regardless of the field.

Avenor students also participate in many activities (both inside and outside the school) that bring them into contact with the real world, teaching them to feel part of a community in which to behave proactively and responsibly.

Avenor uses a “cottage” system in which children from all grade levels are divided into four groups and accumulate points for joint activities and projects, school events, or volunteer activities. Home membership helps them to develop relationships with older or younger students and to join forces to work toward common goals.

Avenor is interested in hiring certified teachers of diverse profiles, including those with a non-teaching spouse, and newly-certified candidates. Teachers need not hold an academic degree in the subject they will be teaching, and there is no age limit to obtain a work visa.

Benefits include a housing allowance as well as tuition reduction based on a teacher’s specific situation and their child’s age. Avenor provides professional development and fully covers local health insurance. Due to the low cost of living in Romania, this package provides an opportunity for some savings.

To gain access to Avenor College’s full profile on the Search Associates database, including a list of any vacancies, candidates can apply for membership by clicking here. Candidates already registered can easily access the school profile directly through their dashboards.

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Senior Associate Nick Kendell has worked in Asia, Australia, and Africa as an educator and administrator.