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Friday, December 14, 2018School Spotlights

International Teaching Opportunities in Japan

Search Associates welcomes Saint Maur International School, the oldest international school in Asia and the only Catholic co-educational international school in the Kanto Plain region of Japan. This pre-K–12 day school has been noted for its pioneering spirit, its leadership in educational excellence, and its dedicated care of its students and their families. Established in 1872, Saint Maur International School is situated in the residential historical area of Yokohama, a vibrant port city within easy commuting distance of Tokyo, the historical seaside town of Kamakura, and farther afield, the ski slopes of Nagano. The school is close to train and subway stations as well as several bus routes. The campus is occupied by modern and well-maintained buildings, including a dedicated Fine Arts and Science/Robotics Center and as well as other specialized facilities.

Accredited by both the New England Association of Schools and Colleges and the Council of International Schools, Saint Maur International School currently enrolls 495 students, 38% of whom are Japanese and 20% of whom are from North America and the U.K. Students representing 30 nationalities use inquiry-based learning throughout the curriculum, beginning with the Montessori Program and continuing with the International Primary Curriculum, the International General Certificate of Secondary Education, and, in secondary school, the choice of taking Advanced Placement courses or pursuing the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme.

Saint Maur takes great pride in its use of technology, for faculty and students. Having recognized that Robotics is a multi-disciplinary subject whereby students benefit from specialized areas of study, Saint Maur opened a state-of-the-art Science Center in 2011. A multi-faceted technological environment encourages students to learn many techniques on a variety of the most up-to-date platforms, with hardware and software offered and annually updated by Microsoft, Apple, Google, Dell, Cisco, Lego, National Instruments, and more. The school also uses software for creativity, with the instruction of robotics fundamentals beginning at Grade 3 and the introductions to computer science and graphical programming beginning at Grade 6. Technologists at Saint Maur are trained and experienced computer scientists, engineers, and network administrators. Their knowledge, diverse experiences, and love of technology are passed on to students through projects, clubs, field trips, and Saint Maur’s advanced technology curriculum. The school coordinates and hosts annual competitions around these subject areas.

Saint Maur’s offerings extend well beyond STEM fields, and the school schedules all sports and fine arts activities to take place on different days and times so that students can take maximum advantage of the opportunities available to them. Saint Maur’s Fine Arts Center is home to its acclaimed Music, Drama, and Visual Arts Departments. Its visual arts program produces numerous exhibits both on and off-campus; its drama program stages several productions each year; and its award-winning music ensembles have performed across Japan and Europe. The school’s athletic program is robust as well. Saint Maur organizes most of its athletic events and competitions through participation in the Kanto Plains Association of Secondary School Principals (KPASSP), an organization of international and U.S. military-dependent schools in the region. After-school choices for elementary age students include soccer, basketball, gymnastics, Kendo, volleyball, circuit training/fitness, floor and field hockey, handball, kickball, T-ball, and group games. Boys and girls in middle and high school continue to build teamwork, cooperation, and sportsmanship skills through activities such as cross country running, soccer, volleyball, basketball, baseball, and tennis.

Annual school-wide events include Sports Day, Science Fair, Food Fair, Christmas Bazaar, International Day, and the very special Japanese Culture Day, which features a wide range of events, from parent-led mini lessons to student-led activities and performances. Students take part in a haiku poetry contest where poems are written in French, Spanish, English, and Japanese. In past years, scholars, engineers, and performers have been invited to join the celebration and present.

Saint Maur International School is interested in hiring singles and married teachers. They will consider candidates certified in a non-English speaking country and couples with a non-teaching spouse. A minimum of three years’ full-time teaching experience in a recognized system of education conducted in the medium of English is a must, and overseas teaching experience is preferred. Additionally, teachers must hold their academic degree in the subject they will be teaching. Japan issues work visas to certified teachers up to the age of 59.

The benefits package includes a housing deposit and agent fees, moving and settling-in allowances, and a discount on economy airfare at the beginning and end of the final contract. The school contributes a percentage to a retirement plan, subject to the scheme the employee chooses as well as the number of years the employee has worked. The tuition benefit is between 80 and 90% for up to two children but is classified as taxable income. The school offers severance pay once an employee has completed four or more years of service at the school, often paid at the end of the contract. Professional development is provided, subject to approval by the Director of Curriculum and Professional Development. Employees may choose local or worldwide health insurance and are required to pay a percentage. There are local employment opportunities for non-teaching partners.

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