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Thursday, February 27, 2020School Spotlights

International Teaching Positions in Dubai

Founded in 1998 to provide a high-quality education to the children of local Emirati families, the School of Research Science, Dubai (SRS) has since attracted non-Emirati families whose children now comprise about one-third of the school’s current 3,250 pre-K–12 students. Because of the school’s enormous success, the founder funded the new, purpose-built campus in Al Warqaa 4, Dubai, located near Mushrif and Crocodile Parks and Mirdiff City Center and featuring state-of-the-art facilities. Considerable resources are devoted to an educational experience not commonly found in a day school. The SRS parent handbook explains:

In delivering 30 guided learning hours each week for all students beyond the Foundation Stage, the school is able to blend learning in both the Arabic and British traditions in a manner that is purposeful and continuously developing. The curriculum offer is balanced in such a way as to offer exceptional social, moral, spiritual, and cultural development to children and young  . . . Additionally, the bilingual character of the school is exploited so as to allow curriculum access to students of varying ethnic origins, reinforcing and deepening learning through an emerging collaboration between teachers drawn from quite diverse backgrounds.

At the heart of the school’s unique mission is promoting the ability to broaden one’s horizons and widen understanding while retaining one’s core beliefs and values. Arabic and English language skills are valued highly, and Salat (prayer), as the second Pillar of Islam, also plays a central role in the school community. Both the girls’ and boys’ sections have their own MusaIla—an open space for prayer—and Salat Adh-Dhoh—the fourth of five daily prayers—takes place during school.

The student population of this large, pre-K–12 day school represents 45 nationalities, with 20% from Dubai and 21% from the U.K. and North America. SRS’s staff of 350 includes 215 teachers from the U.K. and eight from North America. Accredited by British Schools Overseas, the school offers the British national curriculum, the U.S. Common Core, both the General and International Certificates of General Secondary Education, and a selection of Advanced Placement courses in the upper grades.

SRS aims to support the individual learning needs of all children. The Special Educational Needs Department—committed to the vision for Dubai to become a fully inclusive city by 2020—follows educational principles as laid out in the “Dubai Inclusive Education Policy Framework.” The Gifted and Talented Program ensures that students are stretched and challenged to the best of their abilities, while receiving necessary support to work at a significantly higher level than their peers.

SRS’s Learning Without Boundaries (LWB) Program features a wide range of extra-curricular clubs in both the primary and secondary schools. To broaden their horizons and enrich their lives, the school offers students after-school clubs, an extensive sports program, over 70 camping activities annually, a number of overseas trips as well as opportunities to volunteer for charitable projects and helping the environment.

Students elected annually by their peers to the Student Council are responsible for communicating ideas, opinions, and recommendations for school development and improvement. They are trained in leadership, decision-making, advocacy, and communication skills to support the provision of an effective student voice. Appointed student prefects and digital student leaders receive training as well. Students in leadership positions also have a voice with regards to the taught curriculum.

The whole school gets involved in making campus an environmentally sustainable place, with a local or international focus day each month starting from September. Students also investigate the environmental issues of the U.A.E. and how they can, in some way, contribute to protecting the environment. Although some of these activities take place during regular class time, they are also integral to the wider LWB program.

SRS is interested in hiring certified singles and couples, including those with a non-teaching spouse. They will also consider exceptional newly-certified candidates. Teachers must hold an academic degree in the subject they will be teaching. There is no age limit for certified candidates to obtain a work visa.

The benefits package includes a non-taxed salary, fully-furnished apartments, and annual airfare home. Teachers are provided with professional development and a 75% tuition fee discount for up to two children. Local health insurance is fully covered and includes life insurance. There are local employment opportunities for non-teaching partners. The SRS package is a chance for some great savings.

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