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International Teaching Vacancies in Kuwait

Gulf English School (GES) is a co-educational English-medium day school located in Salmiya, the heart of the main commercial area in Kuwait. Established 38 years ago, GES delivers a British curriculum, preparing its K–12 pupils for the IGCSE, AS, and A levels. The more than 2,200 students are mainly Kuwaiti or from surrounding countries but represent a total of 35 different nationalities. While 3% of the students are from North America and the U.K., the teaching staff of 200 includes 140 teachers from the U.K and 10 from North America.

Accredited by British Schools Overseas and British Schools Middle East, GES is also a member of The Educational Collaborative for International Schools, Association of British Schools Overseas, and The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award. The school is divided into Early Years, Primary, and Secondary Sections. As one overall educational philosophy creates continuity throughout the institution, staff members are encouraged to move between sections for curricular activities. The dedicated staff, pupils who are keen to learn, and highly supportive parents all contribute to excellent results in all sections.

Students ages 11 and up may take part in an in-class program launched by RINJAZ-Kuwait, a non-profit organization established in Kuwait in 2005, with a mission to inspire and prepare young people to succeed in a global economy. The program focuses on three core pillars: entrepreneurship, work readiness, and financial literacy. Students gain real-life experience being part of an organization that they have helped grow from the start. In the program, students develop myriad skills and talents: teamwork, time management, communication skills, presentation skills, report writing, resilience and determination, sales, design, creativity, marketing and advertising, promotion, product development, problem solving, and finance.

The music department is never quiet! Students at GES are encouraged to learn an instrument, and one in four students picks one up. The music department focuses on engaging the child in fun activities as well as performance. At the end of Reception, the students perform at a graduation ceremony, and in kindergarten they perform in a themed concert at the end of the year. An international-themed concert for all students in Years 1 and 2 help to impart cultural awareness. In Grades K–9, students learn music, following the Curriculum for England, with the music teachers linking the curriculum to general classroom topics. The school’s target is for all students to learn to read basic music notation by the end of Year 5. After that, they develop their use of harmony and start to read notated melodies when singing. All students have the opportunity to participate in the GES talent show and in a range of extra-curricular activities including choir, school band, and guitar club.

Over 70 after-school clubs await the GES students in the Primary and Secondary sections, including swimming, football, mathematics, French, science, movie club, art, and many more. The clubs run for eight weeks per term, with each term offering new choices. Students also have opportunities to engage in community service. Year 12 students have had meaningful experiences helping out at Khalifa School, a special needs school.

One of the most important forums at GES is the Student Representative Council (SRC), composed of student-elected peers that span the entire secondary school from Year 7 to Year 13. As the “voice” of the school’s student body, the SRC is respected and valued by all staff.

GES prefers to hire singles and teaching couples. However, they would consider outstanding candidates with a non-teaching partner, newly-certified teachers, veteran teachers lacking certification, those certified in non-English speaking countries, as well as interns. Candidates must possess an academic degree in the subject they will be teaching. Those up to the age of 55 may obtain a work visa.

The benefits package includes a housing stipend, 100% paid tuition for the first two dependents, and 50% paid tuition for the third child. Additionally, Kuwaiti National Medical Service—including life, dental, and long-term disability—is fully covered. Professional development is offered through GES’s association with ECIS, BSO, and BSME. This benefits package is a chance for savings, and there are local opportunities for non-teaching partners.

To gain access to Gulf English School’s full profile on the Search Associates database, including a list of all open positions, candidates can apply for membership by clicking here. Candidates already registered can easily access the school profile directly through their dashboards.

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