News: Overseas Teaching at Kinglee International School, China - Sep 27, 2018
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Thursday, September 27, 2018School Spotlights

Overseas Teaching at Kinglee International School, China

Search Associates is pleased to welcome Kinglee International School, which comprises both Kinglee International High School and Hanghai International Elementary School (Kinglee). This international boarding exchange school has a student body composed of English-speaking Chinese students and exchange students from the United States.

Kinglee is located in the city of ZhengZhou, the capital of Henan province in China. Centrally located, Zhengzhou is a major transportation hub that offers convenient travel to locations in mainland China as well as international destinations. The Henan region, known as the birthplace of Chinese civilization, has over 3,000 years of recorded history. Offering great access to China’s history and culture, ZhengZhou is the home of the Shao Lin Temple—the birthplace of Kung Fu—and the nearby city of Xi’an is famous for the Terra Cotta Warriors.

At present, 1,200 K–12 day and boarding students use inquiry-based learning to follow the U.S. Common Core curriculum, for all or part of the day, depending on their level. The elementary international classes are part of a unique program that fosters growth and creativity while delivering the American curriculum for math, science, social studies, and English. Students at the secondary level may also pursue Advanced Placement courses. Kinglee is a one-to-one school that uses iPads and iBooks as academic tools, incorporating technology seamlessly into its classrooms. Throughout the year, 22 teachers and administrators from the United States, U.K., and Canada join certified teachers from China, The Philippines, and Taiwan who staff the Chinese Department to create school policies and curriculum guidelines and to cultivate a positive school climate.

Kinglee High School offers at least 20 after-school activities for two hours every Monday through Thursday. Glee club, student council, creative writing, drama club, mock trial club, newspaper, basketball, and golf club are among them. The school hosts academic events, such as a spelling bee and a science fair, as well as celebrations of Chinese and Western holidays. Field trips take students to destinations both close to home in ZhengZhou and as far-flung as the U.S. to tour college campuses!

Kinglee is interested in hiring singles and couples. They will also consider interns, outstanding newly-certified teachers, and experienced teachers lacking certification. Candidates must be certified in an English-speaking country and possess an academic degree in the subject they will be teaching. China issues work visas up to the age of 55.

The Kinglee benefits package allows an opportunity for tremendous savings. The school describes its on-campus, fully-furnished accommodation, which includes utilities: “Teachers have individual living spaces with full beds, private bathrooms, and a small living area. Common living areas include a full-sized kitchen, workout room, media/karaoke room, and a pool.” Kinglee also pays for one round-trip annual airfare home. After the first full contract year has been completed, the school contributes $3,000 per year for each teacher’s retirement plan. Additionally, the school provides professional development opportunities, including local and global educational summits. Local health insurance, including life insurance, is fully covered by the school. Other bonuses include optional Chinese language classes, lunch, and cultural excursions.

To gain access to Kinglee International School’s full profile on the Search Associates database, including a list of all open positions, candidates can apply for membership by clicking here. Candidates already registered can easily access the school profile directly through their dashboards.

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Senior Associate Nick Kendell has worked in Asia, Australia, and Africa as an educator and administrator.