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Wednesday, June 3, 2020School Spotlights

Overseas Teaching in Chile

Since its founding by a British family 60 years ago, Craighouse School (Craighouse) has become one of Chile's leading bilingual schools, with a stunning campus, a proud identity, and strong British roots. Craighouse embraces diversity with its blend of Chileans and expatriates, tradition and innovation, and student-centered Chilean, British, and international perspectives.

Craighouse is renowned in Chile for producing academically accomplished graduates with an excellent command of English and a commitment to service and athletics. The school is unique among Chile's private schools in that it is an inclusive school, supporting all students through three International Baccalaureate (IB) programmes, no matter what their learning needs may be. The Craighouse Educational Project is based on values and seeks to develop the whole child—socially, emotionally, and intellectually. On its website, Craighouse describes The Project:

Our Educational Project is based on the values which inspired our founders and constitute the basis of school life at Craighouse School. These values are the principles that govern relationships amongst students, teachers, parents, and staff. As a school, we are committed to ensuring that all our actions are guided by the following values: respect, honesty, responsibility, effort, tolerance, loyalty, friendship, justice, and solidarity.

Craighouse’s facilities speak to its priorities for a well-rounded, enjoyable 21st-century education. The school boasts nine science labs, six music rooms, 11 mini music studios, three visual arts rooms, two technology rooms, four information technology rooms, five religion rooms, and two inquiry centers. Outside, four grass fields accommodate football (soccer), rugby, and athletics while two, state-of-the-art, synthetic fields are for hockey. The campus also includes a changing room for students and staff, an infirmary, and a quincho, equipped to bring the community together in a comfortable setting for a barbeque.

Currently enrolled are 1,750 students, the majority of whom are Chilean, with 2% from North America and the U.K. The teaching staff of 184 includes 164 Chilean educators, 12 from the U.K., and four from North America. This K–12 day school is accredited by the Chilean Ministry of Education and is a member of the Latin American Heads Conference (LAHC).

Craighouse prefers to hire single teachers and couples with a non-teaching partner. They will consider exceptional newly-certified teachers as well as those certified in non-English speaking countries. Candidates must hold their academic degree in the subject they will be teaching, and those under the age of 65 may obtain a work visa.

The benefits package includes the first month’s rent and both moving and settling-in allowances. Every two years, teachers and their dependents are provided with round-trip airfare home. Tuition is covered 100% for educators in leadership positions and subsidized for teachers. Professional development is provided for staff. Local health insurance—including dental and life insurance—is covered, with the employee paying a percentage. Craighouse explains, “Health and life insurance in Chile is complex. Clients can sign up for different levels of coverage with different combinations of plans for different prices. The school contributes to the additional health insurance plans.” This package allows from some savings for singles without dependents and teaching couples with two children. Additionally, a family of four could live modestly on one salary. There are local employment opportunities for non-teaching partners.

To gain access to Craighouse School’s full profile on the Search Associates database, including a list of any vacancies,, candidates can apply for membership by clicking here. Candidates already registered can easily access the school profile directly through their dashboards.

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