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Wednesday, April 27, 2022School Spotlights

Overseas Teaching in Europe

Launched in 2016, Exupery International School, Latvia (EIS) is a fully authorized International Baccalaureate (IB) school located in Pinki, 15-minutes from both the capital city Riga and the beach resort city Jurmala and just 10 minutes from the Riga International Airport. Pinki is a clean, safe, and welcoming town, with many schools nestled among its manicured parks, forests, playgrounds, and sporting areas—including a premium golf course created by a top global design firm.

Accredited by the Council of International Schools, EIS currently delivers the Primary Years Programme (PYP) for preschool and primary pupils as well as the IB Diploma Programme (IBDP) in the high school. The middle school focuses on preparing students for the UK International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) examinations, which students take in 10th grade. EIS also offers A Levels. Presently enrolled are 243 pre-K-12 students, nearly half of whom are Latvian. The school offers boarding to students in Grades 9-12. The teaching staff of 65 includes 40 educators from Latvia.

EIS is equipped with everything one needs to create digital products: 3D printers, a VR- zone, 3D-monitors, iMac and, Windows- classrooms, and interactive smartboards. Opened in 2021, the school’s Senior School Building houses cutting-edge technical equipment in laboratories for physics, chemistry, biology, and digital technology as well as for computer and robotics classrooms.

School trips are an important part of the EIS experience. Pre-school students visit the Riga Zoo. Grades 2-4 have traveled to Munich where they visited, in addition to a planetarium, a series of museums: BMW, with its history of the automobile; Deutsche, the worldwide leader in science and technology; and the Sea Life Museum. The second graders explore their cultural roots and connections to other cultures by visiting the Ethnographic Open-Air Museum. Grade 4 students have visited York, UK to study how systems and technologies of the Roman, Viking, and Medieval civilizations have influenced what stands there today. Students in grades 6-7 have journeyed to Australia where they slept overnight in an aquarium and encountered other wildlife, such as kangaroos and sharks.

After school, students may choose from a variety of clubs: chess, swim, golf, football, drama and music, Hip Hop, digital media and Exupery TV, robotics, basic programming, Python Programming, Minecraft in Education, Exupery Photo Club and School Magazine.

The EIS community enjoys taking part in fundraisers for local charities. This provides a unique and rewarding opportunity for overseas teachers to become involved in the community. The Giving Tree allows families to pin promises of gifts that will be delivered to the local orphanage and Social Day Care Center. Attending the Riga Ball fundraiser, students are excited to practice their ballroom dancing! EIS has participated in the International Women's Club of Riga Christmas Charity Bazaar and hosted the Exupery Cake Charity Event to raise money for a young man with children’s cerebral palsy. That event allowed students to collaborate with Baltkom’s Green Lamp Charity program, portal, and top restaurants in Riga and Jurmala. Students have also visited the Social Care Center, with the aim to increase social awareness, sharing, and caring between different ages and social groups.

EIS can hire international teaching candidates of diverse profiles, including those with a non-teaching partner, newly-certified teachers, and experienced teachers lacking certification. They will also consider interns. Teachers must hold an academic degree in the subject they will be teaching. There is no age limit to obtain a work visa.

The overseas teaching benefits package includes moving and monthly housing allowances along with annual airfare. The tuition benefit is up to 3,000 Euros per year for all dependents. Local health insurance, including dental and life, is fully covered. Professional development will be provided. This package allows for some savings.

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