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Saturday, August 29, 2020School Spotlights

Overseas Teaching in Ningbo

Georgia School – Ningbo (GSN) is located in the rapidly-developing Jiangbei District of Ningbo—215 kilometers south of Shanghai—across the Hangzhou Bay and nine kilometers from the city center of Ningbo. Surrounded by high-rise residential complexes and parks, the school grounds resemble the those of a university campus, full of trees and greenery.

One of China's oldest cities, and home to a number of historic Buddhist temples and monuments, Ningbo has a history that dates back to the Hemudu culture in 4,800 BC. Surrounded by green hills, Ningbo has a humid, subtropical climate with distinct seasons. An international airport, high speed rail, and subway system allow for ease of travel.

GSN’s modern campus features well-equipped computer labs, a music room, dance studio, library, art studio, meeting hall, multipurpose hall, auditorium, and covered gymnasium. Outside facilities include courts for tennis, basketball, and volleyball, modern playground equipment, and a professionally-designed, one-of-a kind, pump track skateboard park.

Fully accredited by Western Association of Schools and Colleges, GSN delivers the U.S. Common Core curriculum, WIDA, and a variety of Advanced Placement classes in the upper grades. The school is licensed by the Education Ministry of Zhejiang Province as a school for the children of foreign workers, and boarding is available for students in Grades 9–12. Currently 206 K–12 students of 20 nationalities are enrolled. Half of the student population is from North America, and 5% are from the U.K. The total teaching staff of 40 comprises 34 from North America, five from China, and one from the U.K.

The school boasts great technology and resources. Students and teachers have regulated access to a secure, whole campus wireless network, and all classrooms and science labs are equipped with interactive whiteboards. In the science labs, students utilize analog and digital microscopes, probes, sensors, voltmeters, an array of measuring devices, laboratory equipment, and materials. Those taking pre-engineering, industrial design, and information technology classes have access to 3-D printers.

GSN students are expected to choose from a range of extra-curricular activities in sports, academics, art, technology, or cultural endeavors. Students compete in events, contests, and fairs such as Model United Nations, Kids Read, and school-led tournaments. Students who study violin and cello from passionate and experienced music teachers at GSN perform at assemblies and shows throughout the school year.

GSN is proud to own and operate the first SBSX Pump Track Skatepark in China, now that skateboarding is an Olympic sport. The school offers a program to help beginner skaters progress in the sport through a series of competency levels, overseen by foreign professional skateboarders. GSN also offers students who wish to play golf access to a professional class driving range and putting green area as well as seasoned coaches contracted by the school to train them in proper form and technique.

GSN is interested in hiring certified teachers, including those with a non-teaching spouse. They will also consider exceptional newly-certified candidates and interns. Teachers need not possess an academic degree in the subject they will be teaching. Certified teachers up to the age of 60 may obtain a work visa.

The benefits package includes an allowance for moving, housing, and utilities. Tuition is free for up to two dependents. Annual airfare for individual teachers is also provided. GSN is committed to the professional development of all staff; in addition to a 1–2-week orientation period, GSN coordinates a minimum of two professional development (PD) days for all staff each year. Employees can also submit applications for external PD funding to the school’s designated committee. Local health insurance is fully covered, with the exception of maternity care. Because the cost of living in Ningbo is significantly less than that of Shanghai or Beijing, the GSN package could mean substantial savings or the opportunity for a family of four to live on one salary.

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