News: Overseas Teaching Vacancies at American School Foundation of Monterrey, A.C. - Sep 17, 2018
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Monday, September 17, 2018School Spotlights

Overseas Teaching Vacancies at American School Foundation of Monterrey, A.C.

Search Associates welcomes the American School Foundation of Monterrey, A.C. (ASFM), one of the top U.S curriculum schools in Latin America, just three hours from the Texas border and in close proximity to picturesque and historic regions of central and northern Mexico. Established in 1928, ASFM educates its students in modern, state-of-the-art facilities, set on a 50-acre campus in the beautiful Huasteca Canyon.

ASFM is a private, secular, non-profit, U.S.-accredited, coeducational institution, offering a college-preparatory educational program from nursery through 12th grade to both the local and international communities. The school is committed to fostering open minds, caring hearts, and global leadership among the entire school community.


Accredited by the state educational authorities in Mexico as well as AdvancED, ASFM offers a student-centered curriculum, encouraging student curiosity, agency, and independent personalized learning. All instruction is in English, except for Spanish language classes. From kindergarten through Grade 9, the curriculum is similar to that of U.S. public schools. Two courses of study, however, are offered in grades 10–12: one leads to the Mexican Bachillerato and the other to a U.S. high school diploma. Students in the upper levels have the option of taking Advanced Placement courses. Graduates of the school attend universities and colleges in both the United States and Mexico.

ASFM employs 300 innovative, full-time teachers—U.S. citizens, host-country nationals, and third-country nationals—to bring their curriculum to life in many ways. The school incorporates the use of technology, cross-curricular projects, and problem-based learning. Best educational practices used at ASFM include the following:

  • Blended learning
  • Integrated and interdisciplinary teaching and learning
  • Problem-based learning
  • Active and authentic teaching and learning
  • Flexible and differentiated teaching and learning
  • Student voice and empowerment
  • Global citizenship
  • Environmental stewardship
  • Community service learning

Currently, over 2,400 students—113 U.S. citizens, 2,208 host-country nationals, and 97 third-country nationals—enjoy ASFM’s program, which is designed to support individual development in citizenship, academics, athletics, and the arts. All grade levels take part in curricular, extracurricular, year-round, and enrichment programs that include visual art, music, strings, band, choral and vocal performance, theatre arts, creative movement, dance, media, and culinary arts. Also inspirational and engaging are the programs, clubs, and activities offered, such as Destination Imagination and Club de Lectura for the younger students and Ambassador Program, Business Club, National Honor Society, Multicultural Club, for middle and high school students. The athletics program offers fitness and skills development along with building teams in soccer, basketball, track & field, volleyball, and gymnastics.

ASFM is interested in hiring single teachers and couples. The school will also consider exceptional and experienced, local teachers lacking certification and those certified in non-English speaking countries. Candidates must hold their academic degree in the subject they will be teaching. Certified teachers under the age of 60 may obtain a work visa. Superintendent Michael Adams, Ed. says,

“We look forward to attracting, hiring, and maintaining top teachers from around the world, with diverse backgrounds, nationalities, beliefs, preferences, and personalities. . . Over the past 90 years, ASFM has learned to take advantage of professional development opportunities for our staff to ensure lifelong learning for all. During this year’s 90th year anniversary celebration, we are focusing on all that we are proud of: “proud of where we were, proud of where we are, and proud of where we are going.”  . . . Come to ASFM and help us make a difference in the world!!”

The benefits package includes furnished housing, a settling-in and moving allowance, and annual airfare. Tuition is free for up to two children per teacher, and the school contributes to a retirement fund. Other bonuses include laptop computers, access to funds for professional development, and subsidized lunch. Fully covered worldwide health coverage includes life insurance and long-term disability. The ASFM package could result in some substantial savings.

This newly-registered Search Associates school WILL be in attendance at the Panama Fair in November! To gain access to American School Foundation of Monterrey, A.C.’s full profile on the Search Associates database, including a list of all open positions, candidates can apply for membership by clicking here. Candidates already registered can easily access the school profile directly through their dashboards.

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Did You Know…?

Senior Associate Diana Kerry was an international educator and administrator for 25 years in various countries, including Iran, France, Thailand, and Indonesia.