News: Rhonda Norris Appointed Next Superintendent of the International Schools Group - Sep 29, 2023
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Friday, September 29, 2023General News

Rhonda Norris Appointed Next Superintendent of the International Schools Group

On behalf of the Board of Trustees of the International Schools Group in Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia and the ISG Search Committee, Search Associates is pleased to announce that Ms. Rhonda Norris has been appointed Superintendent of the International Schools Group, beginning in August 2024 for the 2024-2025 academic year.

While Dr. Michael Mack will continue in the role of Superintendent for the 2023-24 school year, the ISG Board and Administration are deeply committed to a transition process that will enable Ms. Norris to be actively engaged in understanding the priorities and direction of ISG and the role of the Superintendent in our community. Rhonda says,

I am excited about the opportunity to be the next ISG Superintendent both personally and professionally because I believe that my contributions as a leader will be greatest and the most successful when there is strong alignment of my values, beliefs, and experiences as an educator, which is true with ISG. ISG is a respected, student learning-focused organization that values relationships and partnerships, and prioritizes action from learning.  ISG has taken the time to create purposeful learning for students and staff.

An educational leader and CPA with a combined total of over 36 years’ experience, Ms. Norris earned her BBA in accounting from the University of Texas in Austin, her MEd in Education from Texas State University in Austin, and her Certification in Educational Leadership from Stephen F. Austin University. Rhonda taught in the PK - Grade 12 learning environment as well as at college and graduate levels. Having been a financial professional in public accounting with KPMG, she brings to leadership extensive experience in Finance and Operations in international schools ranging in size from around 200 students to 3800 students, with staff numbers from 125 to 650 individuals. Ms. Norris also has broad and deep experience in strategic planning, re-envisioning, and re-structuring.

Rhonda currently serves as Director of the Anglo-American School in Moscow (AAS), a position she has held since 2018. She reflects on recent years:

Providing leadership in unpredictable, uncertain, and challenging circumstances at AAS in recent years has reaffirmed my beliefs that prioritizing relationships is essential, that identifying and aligning to core values and prioritized commitments ensures that our decisions are focused and aligned to our priorities. In addition, implementing approaches and strategies that have been well-researched, diverse, flexible, and balanced, as well as valuing the culture and needs of the community, have been fundamental. Embracing the reality of change in our world today and incorporating it into the learning opportunities for students is necessary for the academic and holistic success of learning.

Prior to AAS, Ms. Norris was Head of School at Carol Morgan in the Dominican Republic. Before becoming Director/Head of School, Rhonda held senior educational leadership positions as Deputy Director/Head of School, Assistant Head of School/Superintendent, and Finance and Business Operations Manager. She has provided leadership in all aspects of international school educational and business operations in Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Japan, China, the Dominican Republic, and Russia. Rhonda is excited about her next move:

Alongside meaningful experiences as ISG community members, my family welcomes the opportunity to reconnect with the Near East/Saudi Arabia region, as some of our fondest memories, experiences, and friendships were developed during our time in Saudi. In addition, the evolving and exciting future being envisioned for Saudi thrills us about this possibility of our experiences being further enriched as a part of this culture.

In her free time, Rhonda values and enjoys the opportunities to connect with family as often as possible and develop lasting friendships with those in our international school communities. This includes traveling with her family internationally and domestically. Rhonda also enjoys weekends at the lake with her extended family in her home state of Texas, and she appreciates the chance to walk in nature.

The Board of Trustees of the International Schools Group (ISG), the ISG Search Committee, and Search Associates would like to thank all candidates who expressed interest in the superintendent position, and to everyone who assisted and supported the successful search process.

Did You Know…?

Senior Associate Gary MacPhie is based in Toronto, Canada where he started his teaching career, and then spent 26 years overseas as a teacher, principal and recruiter in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.