News: Search Associates Announces a New, Specialized, October East Asia Fair - Nov 13, 2017
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Monday, November 13, 2017General News

Search Associates Announces a New, Specialized, October East Asia Fair

In October 2018, Search Associates will launch its new East Asia Fair, in Singapore, at the Paterson Campus of International School Singapore. We are excited to present this opportunity for early hiring, focusing exclusively on the British International and IB curricula. Schools can make appointments with confidence, through a face-to-face interview process. This Fair will serve schools in the East Asia region exclusively. It is open only to teachers experienced in teaching those programs. The fair organizer will be Senior Associate Gez Hayden, who also runs the London January Fair.

Conversations with recruiters and Heads in our member schools have highlighted a trend for schools to make greater number of appointments earlier in the recruiting season, than was the case five or ten years ago. Some have indicated to us they felt the opportunity was missing in this evolving pattern for in-person face to face interviews with promising candidates for early appointments. There has also been a growing need expressed by schools for an opportunity to recruit quality candidates with IB and British curricula experience in a more focused event. Our East Asia Fair meets both needs.

To provide both integrity and quality of curriculum focus, the East Asia Fair is open only to top candidates with a minimum of two full years' international school experience, outside their home country, in teaching one or more of the International Baccalaureate (IB) Programmes, and/or the British International Curriculum - IPC, IMYC, IGCSE, International A Level. The Fair is for classroom teacher and subject department head/chair candidates only.

The East Asia Fair is open to schools from Cambodia, China (including Hong Kong), Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Laos, Malaysia, Mongolia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam.  Consistent with our curriculum focus, the Fair serves schools in those countries, offering at least two of the IB and/or British International curricula – and, of course, to candidates seeking positions in the Region.

Search Associates thanks International School Singapore (ISS) for providing a venue and material assistance to host the East Asia Fair in this regional capital. The city is a convenient and well-connected venue for an international event of this kind. Search Associates looks forward to hosting this new Fair and providing this opportunity to both our member schools and candidates.

For more details, please visit the Job Fairs section of our website.  

Did You Know…?

Senior Associate Robert Barlas is the author of the Teaching Overseas Handbook.