News: Search Associates Attends the 33rd Annual Tri-Association Conference - Dec 15, 2014
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Monday, December 15, 2014General News

Search Associates Attends the 33rd Annual Tri-Association Conference

Senior Associate Bridget McNamer was pleased to attend the Annual Tri-Association Conference this October 6-10 in San Jose, Costa Rica. Sharing a conference table with veterans of the Latin America schools landscape afforded Bridget the opportunity to be introduced to many of the administrators of international schools in the region. This was significant because Search Associates is launching a new fair in Bogota, Colombia this upcoming February.

Various conversations throughout the conference was a confirmation for Bridget that Search Associates has made a good decision to add Bogota, Colombia to its roster of worldwide job fairs. Administrators were relieved that there was finally a job fair that was both in close proximity and more economical. Furthermore, having this new fair in the region allows less competition for the attention of quality candidates.

The Tri-Association is comprised of three sub-regional associations: the Association of Americans in Central America (AASCA), the Association of American Schools in Colombia-Caribbean (ACCAS), and the Association of American Schools in Mexico (ASOMEX). For the last 33 years, this non-profit organization has aimed to provide staff development opportunities for teachers and administrators from ninety schools in Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean, and Colombia. The Tri-Association also provides a means for communication and cooperation among member schools as well as cooperation with state, local and non-government agencies related to the field of international education.

Senior Associate Ralph Jahr had the privilege of working with the Tri-Association when he was Headmaster at Carol Morgan School in Santo Domingo from 1996-99. Ralph found the Tri-Association very helpful in providing professional development, communication among member schools, and networking opportunities.

Planning for the Search Bogota job fair has been in full swing since November. Interested schools are urged to register early as candidates often wait for the school roster before confirming their plans to attend. Candidate interest is strong, and Bridget anticipates over seventy-five qualified candidates with a vast range of subject expertise.

Did You Know…?

Senior associate Harry Deelman was a student under Alec Peterson ("father of the IB") in the 1960's, and was shown the DP hexagon very soon after its creation.