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Thursday, January 23, 2020School Spotlights

Teach Abroad in Bangkok

St. Mark's International School (St. Mark’s) is a Christian school located in the eastern part of Bangkok. Not only does this pre-K–12 school enjoy easy access to parks, the national sports stadium, a community mall and universities, it is also linked to the city center—and the airport—by the Airport Train Link, with stations located just minutes from the school.

St. Mark’s is fully accredited by the Association of Christian Schools International and the Office of National Education Standards and Quality Assessment. The school currently enrolls 150 pre-K–12 students, 60% of whom are Thai, with 17% from North America and the U.K. The teaching staff of 20 includes five from Thailand and five from North America and the U.K.

Along with a tri-lingual program of instruction in English, Mandarin, and Thai, St. Mark’s delivers an advanced Maths and Science curriculum. Taking the best of Western and Eastern education systems, the early years and primary curricula combine the Australian English and Singaporean Maths and Science programs. Following that, the International General Certificate of Secondary Education, A Levels, and International Baccalaureate Diploma Programmes provide older students with an inquiry-based, innovative, and vibrant learning environment.

The physical education program provides ample opportunities for students to discover their potential in a variety of sports, including swimming, soccer, basketball, volleyball, douceball, badminton, table tennis, taekwondo, and cup stacking.

St. Mark's believes in nurturing the musicality with which everyone is born and developing each student’s ability to create, play, and feel the joy that sharing music brings. The school’s comprehensive music education aims to develop the abilities to sing what one hears and play what one sings.

By the time St. Mark’s students finish primary school, they are skilled in playing at least one musical instrument. They can choose to study violin, piano, the ranad—in the percussion family—or the kim, a hammered dulcimer. The school believes that group lessons are the most effective way to stimulate the emotional and mental development of young children, and that playing in an ensemble with friends deepens the rich musical experience and the understanding of music. Students may join Jazz Band, Thai Music, and choir outside of regular music classes.

Beyond regular art classes, St. Mark’s offers an extra-curricular named Creative Arts, which allows primary students to apply their visual art skills to new and exciting tasks with monthly themes. They learn to turn recycled materials into paper bags, create mixed media work, make cards for cultural festivals, paint pictures of their classmates from their shadows, and try their hand at a variety of other stimulating art projects.

Secondary students enjoy meaningful and enriching activities after school, such as helping out in the community, participating in fund-raising activities, organizing bake sales and Fun Fair, and participating in field trips, scout camps, and overseas residential trips. They can also join a variety of extra-curricular offerings, including taekwondo, robotics, Thai dance, English Club, Creative Arts, badminton, swimming, Bible Club, table tennis, ball games, and soccer.

St. Mark’s is interested in hiring singles, interns, and couples, including those with a non-teaching spouse. They will also consider outstanding newly-certified candidates, seasoned teachers lacking certification, and those certified in non-English speaking countries. Teachers need not possess a degree in the subject they will be teaching. Those under the age of 65 may obtain a work visa.

The benefits package includes airfare at the start of employment. After completing two years, teachers have the option to participate in a provident fund retirement program, whereby a contribution of 2.5% from both the staff and the school are taken and managed by a professional fund management company. Tuition, book, and lunch fees are discounted at 70% for a teacher’s first child and 50% for his or her second child. The school provides an annual professional development program, wherein participants receive certificates for the completion of courses. Worldwide health coverage, including life insurance and disability, is fully covered. The low cost of living in Thailand allows for some fine savings on this benefits package or the opportunity for a family of four to live on one salary. There are also local employment opportunities for a non-teaching partner.

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