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Thursday, March 5, 2020School Spotlights

Teach Abroad in Germany

Spetzgart Segeln, the school harbourFounded in 1920, Schule Schloss Salem (SSS) has a long tradition in Germany as a state-recognized grammar school for Grades 5–12. SSS offers places for up to 600 boarders who study for either the German Abitur or the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma. Currently, 521 students of 42 nationalities are enrolled, with more than half from Germany. The teaching staff of 130 includes 90 educators from Germany, four from North America, and 11 from the U.K., as well as teachers from other parts of the world.

SSS is centrally located in Europe—with Zurich, Stuttgart, and Munich between 75 minutes and three hours away by car and many more destinations easily accessible by train or plane. The school says you can “enjoy sailing or kayaking from the school harbor or skiing and hiking in the Austrian Alps only a short drive away!” Its rural locations in Salem and Überlingen near Lake Constance make it a beautiful place to live and work with international students.


SSS is spread across three campuses. Students in Grades 5–10 live and study at the main site in Schloss Salem, a Cistercian monastery. Grade 11 students—both IB Diploma Year 1 students and 11th grade Abitur students—reside at Schloss Spetzgart. Grade 12 students—both IB Diploma Year 2 students and 12th Grade Abitur students—enjoy the school’s modern campus in Härlen. All Diploma students move between the two Salem International College campuses for lessons and activities.

Starting in Grade 9, all students participate in one service activity per week. These range from community service in local schools and homes for the elderly to the fire brigade and water rescue. After receiving appropriate training, students are encouraged to take on leadership positions in line with School Founder Kurt Hahn's motto "Plus est en vous," There's more in you than you think."  Music, theatre, and sports play an important role at SSS as well, as evidenced by the new Arts Centre, the new sports hall and sports facilities at the main campus.

With over 40 nationalities represented, more than 95% of SSS students board. Over the past few years, many of the boarding wings have been renovated. The School and College Parliaments support a democratic approach to school life, whereby students take on a variety of responsibilities in the classroom and in the school at large. Newly-appointed staff are encouraged to contribute to boarding life: by mentoring one of the wings or service groups; leading an extra-curricular activity; assisting during study time; supervising during weekends; or participating as a leader during Outward Bound, cultural or sporting excursions, or residential trips.

SSS is interested in hiring certified singles and couples, including those with a non-teaching partner. They will also consider interns, exceptional newly-certified candidates, and those certified in non-English speaking countries. Teachers must hold their academic degree/teaching qualification in the subject they will be teaching. Certified candidates up to the age of 66 may obtain a work visa.

Children of staff attend SSS at a vastly reduced rate in line with the German tax law. However, Grades 5–7 are taught only in German, with support for non-German speakers, and in Grades 8–10, the Baden Wuerttemburg curriculum is delivered in both English and German. Grades 11–12 study for either the German Abitur or the International Baccalaureate Diploma in English. Staff children as well as all family members are entitled to subsidized meals, and staff children who are pupils at the school may participate in extra-curricular activities for free. All family members are invited to school events.

Schloss Spetzgart & Campus Härlen, together they make up Salem International CollegeThe SSS benefits packages includes a moving allowance with airfare incorporated. Housing for a reasonable, subsidized rent is available for teachers working and living in the boarding school, but assistance with finding local housing is offered to new non-residential teachers. For professional development, teachers are offered or can request courses relevant to their teaching. Additionally, in-house training/planning days for subject departments as well as for the whole school occur on a regular basis. New teachers are offered a “buddy,” and free German classes are provided for non-German speaking staff. Worldwide health insurance, including long-term disability, is fully covered, and the school matches teachers’ contributions to a retirement plan. This package allows for some savings or the chance for a family of four to live on one salary. There are local employment opportunities for a non-teaching, German-speaking, spouse.

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Many international schools start recruiting in September for the following school year.